Saturday, May 20, 2017

Always a Good Time

If you live in Brisbane, aren't you just loving this cool, sunny weather?! We have great weather most of the time, except flood season, and these sunny days are my favourite. Since my last post, I've just been working, getting back into reading, sorting out expired makeup which would add up to a painstaking amount of my University student job earnings and trying not to get so wound up about problems I can't fix. This is a personal catch-up post which is heavy on the food. Enjoy!

Paid a visit to Morning After in West End, which I'd heard about a fair few times but hadn't ventured out to because I usually avoid weekend brunch rush at pricey places. I had a day off and decided to have a wander around town. I brought a book to read, I put on extra sunscreen, and I set off for the day.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Twenty Three

My birthday has well and truly become birthday week, if not birthday fortnight. I spent the last couple of weeks with family and friends- got on a horse for the first time, turned 23, and had lots of quality time and food with family and friends.

My birthday cake this year was a gelato cake from Gelato Messina! I ordered the Juliette and it had strawberry gelato, vanilla semifreddo, strawberry sorbet and meringue. LOVE.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

This is Home

Referring of course, to Singapore, my home turf. Each trip back to my birthplace is different because I've been visiting at 2-3 year intervals since we emigrated in 2003 and find I'm a slightly changed person each time I go back. This January I traveled to Singapore for 18 days with my sister and had a great time - shopped a little, ate some and spent a lot of time with beloved relatives by cramming so much into our days. Reconnecting with family is always the highlight (all of my extended family is still in Singapore) but this trip also had some quality attractions and memorable meals. Get a cup of tea, it's going to be a long scroll!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Favourites

Hellooo! Can you believe March has come, and autumn is here?! I can't! It's still really hot out but let's look past that. This post is all about the things I've been loving in our shortest month yet!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Heat Wave

I've neglected to fill my blog in on what's been happening since the end of 2016 - Brisbane is experiencing some extreme hot weather, I've gotten back into baking and calligraphy, I've caught up with a few lovely friends and have travelled 12,300 km to Singapore and back, and in doing so, rang in the lunar New Year many times over many meals. I rounded up recent photos and thought 'wow they're almost all photos of food' but hey what else is new?

Had breakfast at Cafe Brisbane with Daphne - the pancakes, fried eggs, bacon and coffee were a great combination to ring in returning to work for the new year.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Melbourne | Days 4, 5 & 6

Continuing on with my Melbourne travel diaries series, I'm smashing out the last leg of the trip, as Days 4, 5 and 6 were based in the Mornington Peninsula and we spent more time at fewer places. I loved how scenic it was and how cool and chilly the weather was - it was an amazing reprieve from Brisbane's 35-degree summer heat.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016 | Moments

2016 has been a big year for me- marking a period of transition from University student to full-time work, one of lots of family bonding time, quality time with loved ones and appreciating what I've been blessed with. As always, NYE is a time to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year ahead. God willing, 2017 has some big shoes to fill!