Monday, June 11, 2012

Face of Australia Winter Eyes Kit

As much as I love my Essence gel liner, I've quickly gotten tired of cleaning the brush every time I used it. I even bought a new brush because the first died of overhandling from cleaning. R.I.P, Brush. It was such a pain that I decided I would try liquid eyeliners just because they wouldn't mean cleaning the brush. I tried Essence's eyeliner pen, but that's not what I'm talking about in this post so we'll leave that for another time. No, this post is about Face of Australia's liquid eyeliner. 

I denied myself FOA's liquid liner just the day before, but when I spotted the Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons next to this set, I talked myself buying it. Horrible, I know. Especially when I don't need another mascara.

This set is called the Winter Eyes Kit. On the back, it says 
Create sultry, bold and dramatic looks this winter with this kit. Or something to that effect.
I was unaware that winter meant eyeliner and mascara. I honestly thought that eyeliner and mascara were worn throughout the year. When I was really into kpop, I observed that the artists' makeup varied greatly to the Western world's take on it. Contrary to the Western world's conception of makeup, where smokey eyes and statement lips reign, Koreans lean more towards 'natural' face makeup, valuing milky fair skin, natural pink lips ,and dramatic eyeliner, with little to no visible eyeshadow most of the time, as shown below in a handy little collage.
However, apparently to the rest of the first world, eyeliner and mascara only really shine in winter. Hence FOA's dedicated Winter Eyes kit.

It includes an Eye Definer, Impact-full volumising mascara and Liquid Eyeliner, all in Black. The cincher is that the mascara is a free gift. The gimmick is, basically if you buy the liquid eyeliner and the eye pencil, you get the mascara free. They just place the whole shebang in a box so that you get marketed into thinking that it's a much better deal. Although I would much rather try the Impact-Curl mascara than this one, I just went with it because it's still a $12 mascara AND a $8.50 liquid eyeliner and a $7.50 eye pencil for $16.90. I could always, I don't know, throw the mascara into a giveaway or something. Harhar aren't I original. Either way, I'm not cracking it open because I have 2 mascaras to finish. And they're going nowhere fast. I use up products at the slowest pace. Though my BB cream ran out the other day and I was just staring at it disbelievingly thinking "how on earth did that run out so fast?" That's the only negative point about Skin79 BB creams- you can't see or feel how much is left and I'm going to start buying backups of things now because I didn't like that feeling of having no more BB cream. I ran out of Aveeno moisturiser too but I had a backup and my initial reaction was joy at finishing a product. I'd bought some Manicare jars and depotted (de-tubed?) my Aveeno into the jar and it was satisfying to finish. Though I discarded the tube when I depotted (again, de-tubed?) the Aveeno so I don't have anything for an Empties post but the Skin79 canister. Anyhow. I digress.

I was looking into eye pencils recently because my Estee Lauder Softsmudge wouldn't last forever (sadly) and I didn't use any other pencils for the upper lid. Essence kajal pencil liners don't quite cut it- they just don't work as well for some reason. I looked at CoverGirl LiquiLine and kicked myself for not getting anything during CoverGirl's 50% off sale a couple of weeks ago, not even realising FOA had a pencil range (though what kind of respectable cosmetics company wouldn't have one?) so it's handy that a pencil was included in this set. I like that it has a black pencil part. It looks classier. It's pretty average- the pigmentation of my Estee Lauder pencil is better and it has a sponge smudger on the other end as well, but it also costs a lot more money. This glides on easily and you can't go wrong with pencil liners so for the price, I do like this.

FOA eye definer on the left, liquid liner on the right.

I tried out the liquid liner on my lashline last night and it kind of stung. I didn't expect it to sting! My eyes aren't sensitive and neither is my skin- both can take any products I've used before. After Michelle's touting this liner post after post after post, I had very high expectations of it. Disappointing. But I will try it again. As a complete novice without the steady hands required for smooth application of the liner, I'm going to need some practice at liquid liner before I get it right. Even though it wasn't the best experience, I'm not going to rule it out just yet. After all, I did buy the whole kit mostly for this liner so I feel like I should at least prove its unworthiness fully before canning it. The liner itself is promising. It has a very fine tip and it's pretty pigmented and black. I wouldn't say it's easy to apply but hey, practice makes perfect.

Bottom line, if you need to fill some gaps in your collection (like I did), I recommend trying this out. They're not amazing enough to warrant the purchase if you've already got liquid liners or pencil liners that work for you. And the deal's not super great value that you've got to run out and buy it straightaway. But they're solid products so if you need these products, I do recommend them.

Thanks for reading, take care and God bless! xx


  1. It stung? o_O that's weird
    I've never seen this FOA set before :O

    1. I think it's very new- there's $3 off FOA this week though- try it out if you like! x

  2. Ooh, this is awfully tempting. I've been seriously eyeing the liquid eyeliner, even searching for it in my local Kmart. Not to be found. :( Still on the hunt for it though, I've been hearing the same rave reviews and I need a new liquid eyeliner!

    I remember when I first tried liquid eyeliner and not only was it a mess, it took me AGES. Practice makes perfect for sure when it comes to liquid eyeliner! :) Prefer it over gel eyeliner (but that is because I'm inexperienced when it comes to gel...)

    I just recently purchased the Skin 79 hot pink BB cream. I'm loving it so far (expect a post on my blog about it after my exams, me thinks :D). I think it'll be used up pretty quickly compared to foundations, but that's because you apply far more BB cream than foundation (well in my experience anyway). Don't buy too many back ups (if any at all)! I did that mistake when I first started buying makeup... Not only does it take me outrageously long to finish up a product, but by the time I finished one I really wanted to try something new... I have a few 'back ups' in my stash that haven't seen the light of day purely because cosmetic companies keep on bringing out new, shiny things I want to use instead! Moral of the story: I don't buy backups anymore.

    Have a lovely day! :) xx

    1. Well $3 off FOA this week is great incentive to try it! I'm ordering the Skin79 hot pink BB cream- expect a post in about 2 weeks. ;) I haven't tried foundations - shock horror gasp- I had no idea BB cream required more product! And I'm on the fence about liquid liners- I found gel surprisingly easy to apply. Liquid takes such a steady hand and I'm impatient. And lazy, as shown by my can't-be-bothered-to-wash-the-brush. :(
      That's handy advice- thank you! Okay then, no backups. x

  3. The black of the liquid liner looks quite pigmented and opaque from the pictures. I have wanted to try FOA liquid liner, but I'm not sold on the brush. I much prefer felt tip eyeliners (currently loving Bourjois Liner Feutre) because I find they're easier and quicker to use. That's too bad it stings when you apply it :S I have experienced that with other liquid liners I've tried (Savvy by DB and Rimmel come to mind), but not the felt tip liners I've tried. Maybe it's something about the formulation and the inkiness of liquid liners? I know what you mean about being tired of cleaning the gel eyeliner brush, one of the reasons I don't use the Essence as much (as well as the fact it's totally impossible to get off :p). Another reason why I prefer pens lol.

    1. It's pretty impressive but I do prefer the Essence pen liner in terms of ease in application- I agree that the felt tip gives more control. I checked out the Bourjois liner but it's way more than I'm willing to pay for something to experiment with. I'm currently sticking to pencil liners for everyday use- I don't want to risk messing up and wasting time with others that I'm less familiar with. They're for playing with. ;)
      I'll try it again. It didn't sting on my double eyelid but it did on my monolid. So maybe it's just me. :/ x