Sunday, June 3, 2012

Going Balmy for Balms. Sort of.

Some products which claim to be/ should inherently be moisturising and therefore fit for winter. Some have also been strategically named so they sound delicious. 

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Anti-Oxidant Berry and Relieving Menthol

Maybelline's claim:
"The next generation of lip balm is born, from Maybelline New York.
Adult strength care for baby soft lips.
Instant 8h moisture. Shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth and cushioned lips all day long.
In one week, rejuvenated lips. It's proven: centella essence increases cell turnover to literally transform your lips:
-fine lines reduced
-elasticity increased
-supplesness increased"

I bought Anti-Oxidant Berry because my sister raved about how amazing it smelled and how her friends loved it. After cracking it open and taking a big whiff, I find that it smells like cereal. More precisely, Weet-Bix Wild Berry Bite cereal, from my experience. Probably any kind of cereal with berry bits in it. I don't find it unpleasant, but I would prefer to smell something other than breakfast when I apply lip balm.

Relieving Menthol smells like primary school to me. It reminds me of the little 40c packets of eucalyptyus drops candy that we used to buy at the tuckshop. The mintiness is pleasant. The smell is mild but I don't like it much better than Anti-Oxidant Berry.

As shown, both balms are untinted, and they're unflavoured. I don't mind them, but I didn't find them moisturising on first application and since I have Korres lip butters and a current stick of lip balm, both of which show immediate results in hydrating and moisturising, I won't be using these anytime soon.

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lip Gloss in 06 Berry Me! 

"Colourful lip gloss for glossy lips"

I wasn't expecting much from this because it was about $2 from Target. The hourglass-shaped applicator is a nice change to the usual doe-footed applicator, as it fits the curve of the lip shape. The colour payoff is decent but it's more sticky than I would like. The smell bugs me though. It has a cloying, sweet, fruity smell that I find to be a touch too artificial to be properly pleasant. As a lip gloss, it's inherently moisturising, but I won't use it often because the colour is similar to Korres Wild Rose lip butter, which doesn't cause my hair to stick to my lips.

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ Moisturising Lipstick with shea butter & jojoba oil in Urban Spice

Face of Australia's claim:

"Hydrates and moisturises with Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Lanolin"

This is a browny-red-dark pink. Pretty natural. It's a my-lips-but-darker look, which suits me just fine.
Gleaning what I could from the name, this could smell like cinnamon or something akin to the spice family. Instead, it smells nothing like spice. Or food in general. It smells like what I would typically associate with lipstick. Vague, I know. Michelle said that Lychee Crush from the same FOA line smelled like sunscreen. That is less vague. The sunscreen smell, attributed to the relatively high SPF, is a small price to pay for the sun protection. I don't use lip balms with SPF, so the SPF in this is handy, in a way. I don't find it moisturising. When I use this, I find I have to apply lip balm over and under the lipstick. I've changed it up with lip balm under and Peach Parfait over for a bit of sparkle. Oh, aren't I just so very daring.

This needs no introduction.

Peach Parfait. Doesn't, however, smell like peaches. Does, however, smell like vanilla. Mildly. I like it.

Essence Berry Me!, FOA Urban Spice, Revlon Peach Parfait.

I really feel like Violet Crumble right now. I've always preferred it to Cadbury's Crunchie. Violet Crumble is just delicious. You know what else is delicious? Korres Lip Butters.
Yes, that was my segway.
Korres Lip Butters are pretty life-changing in the tinted-lip-balm aspect, and I've been going crazy reapplying for the past two days since I received my order of three of them.
Click here for the full post.

Korres' claim:
"A buttery lip balm that melts on the lips and offers a shiny, tinted finish. The combination of shea butter and rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. Ideal for chapped lips."

I neglected to include swatches in my post of these amazing little Greek pots of organic goodness, so here are the three that I own. 

Korres Lip Butters in Jasmine, Pomegranate and Wild Rose.

I also neglected to talk about the smells.
Jasmine smells amazing. I was disappointed to find that it doesn't smell like the Jasmine flower (or the Jasmine tea), which I love, but I do like the scent that is a bit of a misnomer. Michelle described it accurately as "crisp spun sugar and velvety flower petals". It definitely has a warm, sugary smell that reminds me of the toffee crust on creme brulee, and there's a hint of floral too. Very mild floral though. The balm may be sheer and have no impact on my lip colour, but I will reach for this often on account of the smell alone (that is, if I'm not sick from winter [you know how it is in winter] and can't smell anything anyway). 

Pomegranate, in my opinion, is the least scented. I cannot seem to get the juicy pomegranate aroma, but it does smell fruity and rather pleasant. I've tried fresh pomegranate and I've also doused it in dark chocolate to sweeten and counter the acidity but I don't remember a distinct smell. But I'm pretty happy with the fruitiness of the Pomegranate lip butter.

Wild Rose is interesting, and is seductively reminiscent of rose petals and Turkish Delight. It's not cloying like Turkish Delight is- it's delightful. I love.

Whew. Comprehensive. I didn't mean for it to be so review-like, but hey, it's more informative this way. (:

Thanks for reading! Take care and God bless! xx


  1. Naw, I would be all over Korres lip butters if they came in tube form... There's just something about pots I don't like! Definitely agree with you on the Maybelline Babylips. It's my current lipbalm and it's very average - hoping to finish it soon. I actually really like that Essence lip gloss (the lip glosses I own tend to be around this stickiness), partly because it leaves a nice stain on my lips. And just quietly, I think it suits me. :P

    OH, and the Dove cleanser was actually so cheap! $6.50. I'm a bit of a skincare novice, but so far, so good. :) It's heavily scented though so I wouldn't say it's suitable for sensitive skin. xx

    1. I have a cleanser I've been using for years, but it's not guaranteeing me anything so I'm interested in the Dove cleansers- both because it's Dove and because it's so cheap.
      I do wish the Korres lip butters were easier and more hygienic to apply, but I love them anyway! Hehehe I'm the same with the lipgloss- I like to think it suits me. xx

  2. Essence gloss are very great ! Love yah !
    Turtle <3

  3. The smell of the FOA lipstick really turned me off when I first took it home ... it does have that lipstick smell, but I just find it more potent. Still, I'm willing to overlook that because the formula is so moisturising and they make some seriously pretty shades :) I've been meaning to take a closer look at Essence products beyond what I've already tried and own. I've heard good things about their Stay With Me lip glosses though I'm not the biggest lip gloss fan (the hair sticking to my lips really bugs me as well!) :p

    1. I totally agree- some of the FOA lipsticks are just so pretty... I don't really like lip gloss and I mostly avoid it- I'm so glad someone shared this sentiment and made tinted lip balms! x

  4. I just checked out your blog.. Cute one.. I like it! I'm already your follower,. I've also wanted to have the Maybelline Baby Lips, but I already had my Nivea Soft Rose. You should try it. You can wear it at night and when you wake up in the morning, your lips will definitely feel soft.. ;))

    follow me and inspire other people..
    just click the I BELIEVE movement on the pages at the right side. ;))

    1. Thanks for following! I love Nivea lip balms- I'll check it out next time I need one! xx

  5. I love baby lips and revlon lip butters :D

    1. I'm not a fan of Baby Lips, unfortunately. I do like the lip butters though! But now that I have Korres lip butters, I find I'm wearing my (one! :O) lip butter less and less. I highly recommend you try them! xx

  6. I just found your blog, and I must say - you are a brilliant blogger! I'm going to have to spend the rest of my day reading over your old posts!

    1. I can't say I agree with 'brilliant', but thank you! Hahaha hope you find them interesting! x