Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haulage: Late, as usual

I know I'm a tad late to the party, but I finally got my brushes from iHerb! Precious Ecotools! I put an order into iHerb a fortnight ago and when they didn't arrive last week I got a bit worried, because most people said their iHerb orders came after about a week. But they arrived yesterday, and I am stoked to try them out.
I got the Ecotools Blush brush and the 5 piece Mineral Makeup set. I love them. The blush brush is bigger than I expected, and it's so soft. And it hasn't shed yet! Always a good sign.  The 5 piece set was satisfactorily travel-sized, but still usable. The baby kabuki is tiiiiiinyy. I do like the softness of the bristles. Ohhh, how soft they are. I was sitting in front of some essiebutton videos last night sweeping the (clean) brushes across my (clean) palm, marvelling at the softness. Altogether, very happy. Will be content with these until I decide I need the Real Techniques. I'm under a bit of a no make-up spell at the moment since I ran out of BB cream, if anything, I'm settling for my Mary Kay Dual Coverage Powder Foundation which I apply with a sponge and I'm not needing much in way of brushes, so I'll put off ordering more until I do need them.
I think the Blush brush was $6 and the set was just over $9. Delivery was $6 but I found a code for $5 off so that was basically covered. 
Oh, and they issued me a code to give to all of you lucky ones who haven't ordered from iHerb for the first time: OVO135. Although I don't get any more $5 off codes because I've already ordered from them once, I will definitely order from iHerb again, for the Real Techniques blush brush, the Core Collection or the Expert Face brush, I haven't decided, and the 6 piece Ecotools set. I really only want the 6 piece Ecotools set for the angled eyeliner brush, the travel sized blush brush and the case thingy. I think the travel sized blush brush is slightly smaller than the standalone blush brush, and I would then use the full sized one for powder or something. I want the brush roll case thing because I was browsing the cosmetic cases at Sportsgirl and realised that I'd be happy with something simple since everything I own gets battered up anyway. I know it's odd because a lot of people would just throw the complimentary cases aside and not give them a second thought, but, well let's face it, I'm Asian. And I like boxes and ribbons and gift bags and if it's functional and I can score it for free, why not? Wow. I sound old. I'm only 18! Why do I sound like a hoarding cat lady?!

AND THIS WEEK IS FOA AND AUSTRALIS $3 OFF! At Kmart. Yay! So I bought the following:

Face of Australia
-Face Base Primer - $8-
-Translucent Loose Powder - $9-
-Concealer in Neutral - $6-
-Barbados Nail Enamels in: You Blue Me Away and Another Daiquiri Please - $1.75 each-

I wanted the Let's Go Scuba Diving nail polish too but they didn't have any left. I also spotted a stray Molten Metallics polish in Verdigris which reminded me of both the Chanel Peridot polish, and an oil spill. Have a look at the FOA website. After much scrutinising, it didn't have the gold flash that Peridot has and it wasn't green enough for my liking. So I gave that one a miss.
There were plenty of Sheer Gloss Lip Crayon sets left and the Winter Eyes kits too, so I'm not happy that I bought those two full priced last week.
More tardiness: I'm doing the catch-up-on-basics thing again, and bought my first face primer and translucent loose powder. I thought I would suit the concealer shade Warm, but that proved too pink, so I got neutral instead. Surprise surprise, it's appropriately neutral. It's my first stick concealer, so I'm not used to the fact that it's not emollient, in fact it's quite the opposite and kind of waxy, so I guess that's better for blemishes because when you conceal pimples you don't want the concealer shifting. It reminds me of the Revlon Photoready Concealer except that one costs $25 while this one costs 6, and the Revlon's a little bit creamier and easier to blend. I didn't intend to pick up the nail polishes because unlike the others, I hadn't been wanting them for a long time, but they're limited edition! I don't know if I'm alone in this, but when something is limited edition, I get anxious, and there's a sense of urgency and I have to scramble and get my piece of the pie. The figurative pie. Also, when I saw they were that cheap, the only thing I had to think about were which colours to get. I ended up going with You Blue Me Away and Another Daiquiri Please. I don't usually wear blue polish, or glitter polish, for that matter. I feel so adventurous! The Kmart I was at didn't have some of the shades I liked better, but come on. Come on. These are cheaper than Essence and its measly 5mL bottles, and they're even cheaper than Ulta3 and N.Y.C. How can you not? I'll see how they go with application.

I was going to get the Australis eyeshadow palette in Snap Attack because the Kmart I was at had boxed sets of the palettes in Snap Attack or Frock and Roll with a free Australis eyeshadow primer. Naturally, I leaped for it. However, I had to stop myself several times. I felt like I had split personality disorder. 
*picks up box*
"Cherie. Cherie. YOU DON'T USE EYESHADOW. You have two Sleek palettes at home that you haven't touched. You're not buying anymore."
"But, free primer!"
"You bought the Essence eye base, and you got the Revlon creme shadow palette just this week."
"But $3 off!"
"They have these sales all the time."
"But they're preeeettyyy. And the Sleek palettes aren't pearlescent."
"You don't wear eyeshadow."
And that was that. 

One more thing! I wandered into Target on my way home and decided to try my hand at finding my colour match for Bourjois Healthy Mix. Another wishlist item. I haven't tried any foundations (the shock! the horror! the obligatory gasp!) but I was able to swatch sufficiently to find that I suit shade 53 Beige Clair the best. Yay. I'll keep that in mind for when I next run out of face makeup. I've got the Skin79 hot pink BB cream on the way over from Korea, and that'll keep me supplied for about 2-3 months, I think, guessing from the time it took me to use up the gold one. But after that, maybe I'll try Healthy Mix?! It's definitely pricier. I resolve to buy only if there's a fantastic sale like 40% off, etc.

Anyway, thanks for reading, take care and God bless! xx


  1. The ecotools blush brush that comes in the 6pce set is certainly smaller than the one u have! Except I use it for powder anyway lol! I like the angled eyeliner brush.
    The case thing is convenient... but kinda scratchy and "ratty" if thats a word. Well it's like made out of something natural so I guess that's why :P

    1. I really want to see what the brush roll case is about! That is almost the sole reason for me wanting the set. x

  2. Lol I like your reasoning! The voice of sanity vs. the impulse of beauty addiction. I probably would've caved and bought that Australis eyeshadow palette - I've been eyeing them for a while. When I went to my local Kmart last weekend I didn't see any such deal though. But in all honesty, I don't need it. I have way too many eyeshadows and enough eye primer already :\ Interested to hear your opinion/experience with the FOA primer because I bought it having read multiple raves online, and I wasn't that sold on it when I tried it. I just didn't notice any material difference and I'm a tad paranoid it broke me out as well. Yay for the iHerb order finally arriving! :)

    1. Yay iHerb. I'm really wanting the Australis shadows! I swatched them - wouldn't be the first time, nor the last- and they're such gorgeous neutrals and so so pigmented. I'll see how the FOA primer goes, I'm not sure how well it'll work with the hot pink Skin79 BB cream that I'm getting. I'm also wanting Bourjois Healthy Mix quite badly. I had a bit of a play with it today and it seemed to look and wear really well. If I'm going to break into the world of foundations, an undoubted occurrence in due time, I'd pick Bourjois Healthy Mix. :) x

    2. I haven't tried the original Healthy Mix though currently I'm using Healthy Mix Serum (also in 53). I quite like it, I have tried the Healthy Mix tester and it seemed thicker and more coverage, the Healthy Mix Serum is lighter and sheerer. The only thing I dislike about it is that it's a fraction too dark and quite yellow-leaning. I alternate between that and Missha Signature BB Cream in #23. I'm actually really liking Healthy Mix Serum though, it's less coverage so your skin still looks like skin and it doesn't feel like foundation is clogging up your pores, but it just evens the complexion out. Hopefully a good Bourjois sale comes around soon!

    3. I do think 53's a bit dark and yellow but the one up (52 Vanille) is too light and too pink. :( I'll pick dark and yellow over light and pink any day. Ooh I should check out Healthy Mix serum when I next visit Target.

  3. I love those eco tools brushes ^^ Im looking at all the other products you bought and I realize that I cant get them here in canada :( Thanks for sharing thought! :) maybe we can follow each other ?

    1. Followed! Sure thing- follow me back! Well, YES the brand is Face of Australia and it's exclusively Australian. It's only recently established, but their products are pretty solid and consistent. You get products in Canada that we can't get here- lots, actually, so it balances out, kinda. :/