Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sleek: Double Whammy

Hello gorgeous new Sleek baby palettes! Meet Original on the left, and Storm on the right.

I'm sorry about the awful photos in this post- I got these about an hour ago and I really wanted to get these photos in before the sun set, because if not, I would have to use artificial light or wait another day to take the pictures and make the post. To make it worse, my camera was running out of battery and it was low lighting and when it's low lighting the camera doesn't focus properly, urgh. Anyhow. Onwards, to the post!

I heard about Sleek for the first time EVER from Michelle at, and she spoke about the i-Divine palettes, and I kind of shelved that thought, but Sleek kept coming up in beauty blogs and Youtube videos, sleep and water posted about it, and Tezza at myteefine talked about how she was content with her Sleek Storm palette standing in for the Naked palette and after reading her posts, I decided I wanted to try some for myself. You can't get these at a brick-and-mortar shop in Australia, it's only available online: I've seen it on Crush Cosmetics, on the Sleek website, and eBay.  I hopped onto eBay and whizzed a search for Sleek palettes and a UK seller came up. Since it was the only listing, and the price was okay, I decided I would get the Storm palette. After some pondering I thought, hey, why not get the Original palette too, since it had some colours I was wanting and was looking at in the NYX Single eyeshadows. So I ordered both, and they've arrived!

The Sleek website says they've updated the packaging and that the shadows now come pressed flat, as opposed to the waffle print in the photos. But wait, what's this?

Waffle print? What is this?! If you noticed in the top photo, or if you look at the photo below, you'll see that the two palettes are from two different eras. Reign of the old packaging and shadow embossing on the left, and reign of the new packaging and shadow embossing on the right. I guess this seller's turnover of the Original is slower than the Storm turnover.
 I'm happy to report that the shadows held up through the postage from the UK, and that the seller packaged them quite well. Always room for improvement with the padding and bubble wrapping, but these held up okay.

This is the Original palette. It has a matte black, a purple, two blues (one very dark, one turquoise), a teal, two greens (one forest, one olive), a bronze, a copper, two pinks (one pink champagne, one shell pink) and a yellow that's sadly too shimmery to be a highlight. There's a good mix of satins and shimmers in this palette, and its size and thinness is both travel friendly and easy to store. Despite the palettes being rather small, the shadows are reasonable and it's affordable for repurchasing. I love this palette already. I particularly like the bronze in the bottom row, second from the right, the two greens on the right and the purple. I was looking at a similar purple by NYX, and I was happy enough with the swatches online to purchase this instead. Realistically, this purple is so bright that you would not be able to finish an entire NYX single eyeshadow pan, so this palette is much more reasonable.

Here's Storm. This clearly has more neutrals, but with a couple more mattes than the Original. The colours in this are much more wearable than the Original palette above, and this is bears some resemblance to the original Urban Decay Naked palette, with the two matte browns, the shimmery beiges and the two on the left kind of duping Half Baked and Smog. Like the Naked palette, it has two matte browns, and like the Original palette above, it has the same matte black. For those on a budget like me, this is a much more ideal substitute for the Naked palette because not everybody can afford to, or needs to, fork out $60+ for the Naked palette. Especially when Uni doesn't necessitate eyeshadow, as lovely as the Naked palettes look, I would rather pay $30+ for these two babies and be content with them for now.

I'm not swatching these, partly because there are so many good swatches already available up online, and partly because I was running out of daylight time and my camera battery was running out. A noteworthy post + swatches is by Lena at sleep and water, who did a great post about the Storm palette here. (Her swatches were very persuasive.)

I prefer the old packaging to the newer packaging, personally. I think the bigger font makes more of an impression, but the newer one certainly has class. I'm really happy I have both to see the difference. :) The waffle print makes touching the shadows less evident- you don't see the fingerprints like you do in the flat press shadows. It also makes the bright colours even more interesting to look at, while the neutrals in the Storm palette aren't enhanced by the flat press. 

Both palettes are travel-friendly, as evidenced by their enduring both the flight here, and my mum's rough handling. I treat this babies as though they're going to break with the slightest touch, but hey, they're not Wet 'N Wild Colour Icon palettes, so they'll hold up in a holiday makeup bag okay. They're pretty small and thin, but have substantial mirrors, and no doubt the matte black shade will be welcome when you don't want to carry an additional liner pencil.
I'm very very happy with these Sleek palettes, apart from the fact that they say on the back "produced in China". I know a very very large percentage of items are manufactured in China but if I'm putting this on my face, particularly near my eyes, I would better faith in Sleek cosmetics as a UK brand, or any other cosmetics company for that matter, if they were manufactured in a more trustworthy place with more reliable quality control and healthy and safety standards.

Thanks for reading, take care and God bless! xx


  1. I just checked my 2 Sleek palettes and didn't even notice that one of them (Bad Girl) had the waffle thing and Storm doesn't! I knew there was something different about the two of them :p They both have the enlarged "Sleek" cursive on the front though.

    You've now really made me want to get Original, I love the look of some of the colours in there. It might not be as wearable as the shades in Storm, but it seems like the ideal palette to have if you want to branch out into colour every now and then, or just play around with the eyeshadows for fun. I have my eye on Oh So Special, Au Naturel and Me, Myself and Eye. I just think that these palettes are excellent value (despite the fact they have to be ordered online), wonderfully pigmented and there's some gorgeous colours.

    I know what you mean about feeling slightly iffy about them being made in China, but I guess so are a lot of things and you'd think a UK company would at least impose some safeguards or standards on the products they sell.

    I've been loving the bronze (the first shade in the bottom row) in Storm. I used the fourth one in the bottom row, the blue, for my birthday dinner earlier this year and I thought the shade was really pretty as well :) Have fun playing around with your new eyeshadows!

    1. Wow, I didn't know there was such variation in the i-Divine palettes manufacturing!
      I had a good look at Oh So Special and Au Naturel, but I honestly doubted I'd use that many shadows. :/ But they truly are value for money, when you take the pigmentation and colours into consideration, especially with Australia's cosmetic mark-up. Grr. That mark-up.
      My mother was the main instigator of the "made in China" issue- and the online shopping issue. Her main point was that if the Chinese, being dodgy underpaid Chinese factory workers, substituted cheaper crappy materials during the manufacturing process and I had some sort of reaction to it, it's not as easy to pursue legal matters. Ah, the result of watching Today Tonight and A Current Affair...
      Some of the Storm colours look great, but to be honest, I like looking at Original better! Ooh, pretty colours... That blue is gorgeous though.
      Hehehe I will! xx