Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tag: Liebster Award

I got nominated for the Liebster blogger award by Sheri, and as it's my first blog award, it's all quite exciting!

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose 11 people and tag them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them!
5. No tag backs!

Fact about me:
1. I love sushi. Sushi Deli at Indooroopilly does a great duck maki roll and I love it.

2. I drop things all the time. I have dropped my iPod countless times, my phone, my $200 ClassPad calculator. Surprisingly they haven't broken yet. One of these days...

3. One of my first makeup memories was rhythmic gymnastics in grade 8- the older girls had all their supplies laid out, and I picked up the eyelash curler and asked "What is this?". I remember we had on bright blue eyeshadow, blush, mascara and a little heart-shaped sequin on the outer corner of either eye. That's gym makeup for you. ;)

4. I love reading. I got into reading when my mum wanted me to stop watching so much TV when I was about 6 or 7. Oh, boy. I went from one extreme to the other. I read just about every Enid Blyton book and had to get glasses from reading in poor light, eg. under the covers with a torch. I was just about the ultimate bookworm.

5. I love SPELLING. I was in Extension Spelling in grade 5. I remember the other kids couldn't spell Cyprus and Brunei, and being the proud, self-righteous know-it-all, I remember facepalming. At 10 years old.

6. I'm from Singapore. I love it there. I love my family, I love the shopping, I love the food, I love the atmosphere.

7. I'd like to be a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines one day. They're called Singapore Girls, I believe. I've had a few relatives work for Singapore Airlines. If I apply, I hope my linguistic skills can sway me into employment. You don't find many Singaporean girls speaking 'real' English (as opposed to Singlish) and Italian. Yay.

8. I have yet to try liquid foundation! It's strange. But I'm going to receive the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation through a lovely enabler in the US. Goodbye foundation virginity!

9. I work as a waitress at a bistro in Milton. It's my first job, I started in Feb/March, and I'm pretty happy with it.

10. I like a lot of different genres of music. I've had my RnB stage with Jordin Sparks, Rihanna and Chris Brown, I've had the 'emo' stage with Evanescence, the Academy Is and Panic at the Disco, my kpop stage with SNSD, Super Junior, Big Bang and 2NE1, and I've liked mainstream throughout. I'm mixing it all now, and I listen to everything.

11. I'm in my first year of my degree: Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning, and it's really different. I never imagined I'd be studying this. It's interesting though.

Alrighty so here goes.
1. Favourite song to dance to?
To be honest, I don't have a favourite. I have a lot. A few that I can name right now, are... Equilibrium by Jackie Boyz, Forever by Chris Brown, Genie by SNSD, Like This by the Wonder Girls. 
2. Do you have any pets?
I have a dog. His name is Toby and he's a moody Maltese-Shih Tzu cross and he's adorable. He just turned 7 last week. He's a cute little puffball when we let his fur grow out in winter.

3. Go up to a door. What's your first instinct: push or pull? 
I hate pulling door handles. Hate it. Part of it's the OCD side of me, part of it's the effort. I always push doors if I can. Of course, if the door says pull, well what can you do?

4. What foreign language would you like to learn that you don't already know?
I would like to learn French, Cantonese and Korean. I would like to learn French because it's gorgeous, and so widely spoken, much more so than Italian. I would like to learn Cantonese because my family speaks it (aunts, uncles, grandparents) and it would be a useful skill, for communicating with both my family, and when I travel (HK!). And Korean because I can read Korean, I taught myself inadvertently last year. I can speak Italian and basic Mandarin Chinese.

5. Would you rather move schools or move countries?
I would definitely rather move countries. Done it once, done it twice. Done it again. I was born in Singapore, moved to Darwin when I was a toddler, moved to Bangkok when I was 3, moved back to Singapore when I was 4, started school in Singapore, and migrated to Australia when I was 9.
I've done a 2-month-long student exchange to Italian-speaking Switzerland, so I find culture shock is manageable. If you have to make new friends at a new school anyway, why not go for it and enjoy a new experience with a new culture and environment? Maybe even learn a new language, if you're up for it? I love Europe and Asia. I want to live in the US, Singapore and Switzerland/Italy at some point in my life.

6. Which is more important to you: Mascara or Eyeliner?
I used to say eyeliner, but I would definitely say mascara now that I've found one that works for me. Hopefully this will spur me on to find others that work even better. Eyeliner can look more heavy than I'd like and I prefer the no-makeup makeup look for everyday, what with Uni and all. Mascara adds to the look and doesn't make it look overdone. I like the fluttery lash look, and mascara is as far as I go with it. Fake lashes are unthinkable for me. Oh, and I have uneven lids. Eyeliner is such a pain. My monolid tucks under itself and I've just about given up on eyeliner for that one. I do like this tutorial for uneven lids but it's too dramatic for me to wear out and about.
7. Concealer or foundation?
Foundation. I like both, but I don't need concealer for eye bags, as I have been blessed with a lack of dark undereye circles- if they're there, it's self-inflicted from lack of sleep. I have acne-prone, oily-combination skin and I get hyperpigmentation from acne scars very easily, so I rely on foundation to mask it.

8. Do you prefer taking photos or videos?
I wish I did videos! They look so fun. If I was going to do videos, I would need my old camera, which was stolen in China. SO, I have to say photos. Simply because I haven't tried filming. :)

9. Favourite beauty guru on youtube?
I like essiebutton, even though she doesn't adhere to the 'guru' title, and I like Jen from frmheadtotoe. They're both fun to watch and SO helpful. I think I've watched every one of Jen's videos. Except the circle lens ones. I just. I can't do circle lens ANYTHING. To me, they're about as interesting as. Huh. I can't think of anything that's as uninteresting as circle lens. Well, there you go! Essiebutton is my new favourite, having taken Jen's spot in first place. She's hilarious and her videos are really good quality, and SO MUCH FUN to watch. Oh, I love her! And she uses a lot of Body Shop and Lush and mainstream products which are really easy to get, as opposed to US-only or Asian products.

10. Best dream and worst nightmare ever?
Is this dream/nightmare that I've HAD? I can't remember a lot of my dreams. I do sometimes have vivid unpleasant dreams, I guess they're nightmares? of complex situations involving running away from antagonists. 

11. Why do you like blogging?
I LIKE THIS QUESTION! I like blogging because:
(1) It's a fun way to vent and rant and broadcast my thoughts to likeminded people. This is directly related to point number two.
(2) It's a great way of getting to know other likeminded people
(3) It's so helpful for learning tips and recommendations for new products, in the case of beauty blogs.
(3) It's good for regular writing practice and maintaining a capacity for good grammar.

I'm not sure which of my favourite bloggers have done this award tag and which haven't, so I tag anyone who's managed to plough through my mess of a response? Consider yourself nominated. ;D

If you do choose to respond to this, my questions are:

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Favourite lip product, and Why?
3. All-time favourite comfort food?
4. Book that's made the biggest impact/impression?
5. Dream migration destination?
6. If you had to colour/perm/rebond/streak your hair, what would you do?
7. Nude, Red, Greige or Bright nails?
8. What is your nostalgia-inducing makeup/skincare/fragrance product?
9. If you had to pick one high end product, what would it be?
10. Favourite blogger?
11. If you could pick another first name, what would you pick?

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
Take care and God bless! xx


  1. thanks for answering my questions!
    *highfive* Singapore!

    haha "foundation virginity" ;)

    1. Thanks for the nomination! It's so nice of you! x

  2. I'm also guilty of basically destroying my eyesight as a kid because I was reading under the covers ... though I can't remember what exactly I was reading. Probably nothing too mentally enriching lol. Flight attendants intrigue me. On one hand, their job seems so glamorous, especially in the elegant way that they carry themselves. But on the other, the job seems somewhat hellish and demanding, particularly as I generally hate flying and everything about it :p Watching beauty gurus on YouTube is such a hobby of mine. I do like Jen, especially since she has a monolid and is Asian, so her tutorials are more applicable to me, but I do love Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge as well. I haven't watched too much of Essiebutton but I'm watching the linked video right now and it is entertaining :) She's gorgeous as well.

    1. I've been flying all my life since I was 1, and I love it! The SIA flight attendant ambition didn't occur to me until maybe about 3 years ago? And I brought it up with my parents and they said "you'd probably make it through the interviews but you don't earn much and it's a lot less glamorous than you think" but I'd like to go for it once I finish my degree. I LOVE BEAUTY GURUS. I must have wasted so much of my life watching videos. Hehehe. And Essiebutton is a relatively new discovery, but I do love watching her videos, if anything, simply for the entertainment value. She's hilarious. x