Monday, July 23, 2012

Blogging for Uni Assessment?

That's campus. Pretty, isn't it? Somebody should photoshop that bin out. But it shows we're litter-conscious, I suppose. Well, after a glorious 4 week break, Uni has recommenced, and I hate it. I have to force myself to get onto the bus and get to campus. Unfortunately, today that didn't work and I got on the bus, got to the bus interchange/shopping centre, did some grocery shopping, and decided against going to my lectures. Fortunately though, I can catch up on it online. Yay technology. 

I get an elective this semester, and I've chosen to do a course about the Introduction to Journalism and Communication. For assessment, we have to blog! I've just watched the lecture online and it seems very interesting. I was going to do Law/Journalism at QUT but didn't want to because QUT law degrees aren't recognised in Singapore and I didn't want to put five years into a degree if I can't practise in Singapore. I want the freedom to work there if I so choose.

My other courses aren't as interesting. [GEOS Environment and Society: Sustainability] is practical and informative, but judging from the slides alone, it doesn't captivate me like the Journalism course does. Unfortunately, that's what Town Planning is based on though. I'm contemplating changing courses. If I'm not passionate about town planning, I don't mind wasting a year on it just so I can use it as a springboard to catapult on to bigger and better things. 

I have three lectures for one of my courses. Intense! Last semester I had one lecture for each course. 10 contact hours a week. It was such a breeze. This semester, I imagine it's going to take a lot of willpower to go to all my lectures/tutorials/pracs. D:
I can't wait to be done with this semester. And it's only the first day. :/

Anyhow, that's my life at the moment. Thought I'd pop up a non-beauty-related post. My life's very non-social- I don't like to be on campus for long, even if my friends are there. Campus is 40mins away from home, even longer if public transport's being a pain like it was today. And I've got work, bible study, church and parcels arriving to look forward to. Yay. Take care, and God bless! xx


  1. Hey... My uni campus sort of looks like your uni campus! It's unfortunate that you don't feel the same sort of captivation about your units other than the journalism one. Uni as a whole experience is a learning curve and sometimes finding your passion and what you want to do in life doesn't begin with the commencement of uni (which is to be expected). The great thing about it though is that you can change courses if you so desire to - but I guess it's the knowing decisively what you want to do that can be the problem. I'm sure through time and prayer He'll lead you on the right path. :)

    Oh, and I totally get the transport thing - it's also 40 minutes from my house to uni. I'm so sick of it!

    1. Public transport is so tiresome- glad you can relate! And knowing which career path to take determines the next 40 years of your life: it's such a big task to undertake as a 17-yo. Yes- thankfully you can change courses, but the commitment required is consistent throughout. :/ Finding a career path that meets job stability, financial stability and personal interest is no easy feat.

  2. Uni is a boring and hard slog but it's best when you're really engaged with a topic. I hope you find out what it is that really interests you and that you want to pursue professionally. I studied law but decided to not really do anything with it, which on one hand is a tremendous waste, but on another hand, I'm grateful to have received the education I did (and we tend to call it a "glorified Arts degree" anyway). I guess the point is, I didn't know (and still don't) what I wanted to do, so law was just something I studied almost by default, because I could and it was something that has some level of prestige attached to it (which is principally attractive to Asian parents).

    It's really useful that you can tune into lectures that you miss through recordings and slides that they release online. Always nifty for situations when you simply can't bring yourself to attend that lecture :p Hope you manage to get through this semester smoothly, I know you will prevail in the end :)

    1. The prestige associated with a law degree is certainly attractive, but my parents' premise for law is that 'it's broad', but not as general as an Arts degree. It's fortunate that you still value the education you gained, instead of lamenting the career you could have had. I might do law post-grad, so I don't waste this year's study. I'm nothing special in the planning course- there are other kids with a real passion for sustainability, which is something I had no interest in until commencement of the course.

      Hehe yay for going to Uni without going to Uni. And I hope so too! Thank you! x