Thursday, July 19, 2012

Depotting Adventures

I was looking at small Z-Palettes online, just to store my eyeshadow monos in, and I was about to let myself be conned into buying a pricey piece of magnetic cardboard, when I realised I had a perfectly-sized tin I could use instead. I haven't depotted anything before, but I had some cheapie single eyeshadows that I wouldn't mind busting up in an amateur attempt at depotting. So off I went.

I really love this tin- the French lettering (because anything French is immediately placed on a pedestal of intrigue), the Peynet Lovers illustration and the roses in the corners- it was a gift when I was 11 and I've just been storing jewellery bits and bobs in it since then. It's just as good as a Z-Palette imo, in terms of functioning as a magnetised holder of eyeshadow pans and protecting them. So I don't have to shell out $14 (or $20 on Crush Cosmetics) for the same thing! Yay!

I'd seen some tutorials before, both with and without heat, and I would infinitely prefer to do it senza caldo but I didn't have any rubbing alcohol, so I had to opt for another method. I did try prying it out using the tip of a knife but the glue didn't give like I thought it would despite the shadow being a few years old. I don't own a flat iron (and even if I did, using a $300 ghd to melt plastic doesn't make sense to me), and I couldn't be bothered finding a candle, so I tried a stove lighter- one with a flame, not just a spark, and just held the flame a couple of centimetres under the bottom of the pot. It helped, and the pan allowed itself be pried away relatively easily.

Oddly enough, my practice cheapie Rimmel shadow pan (the square one) was fine. This shadow is soft, but not at all pigmented. It's more a subtle browbone highlight than a real usable colour.
But poverino Silken Taupe. Warning to those with Maybelline eyeshadow mono's- they are so so soft. I accidentally dug into the corner with the knife, but patched it up and continued to tease the pan out, but something happened (I literally don't remember, it was such a shock) and a considerable amount crumbled and fell to the floor. D: 
I did get the pan out, but had a bit of a wail about the broken shadow. I'm not using it as much as I thought I would, oddly enough. I've been opting for the bronze and pale gold colours in my stash instead. I don't have a dark colour to pair Silken Taupe with- if I did, I think I would get more wear out of it. 

Thought I'd include a photo of the carnage that is the aftermath of the heat. The Rimmel shadow pan is purple, and the colour bled into the sticker, which is entirely in Jap, so I don't know what the name of the shade is apart from 022. The Maybelline shadow pot in particular has an entire plug of glue to anchor the pan down. So it's stubborn. And it doesn't depot nicely. Sigh.

Quite an experience, depotting. I have no doubt that I'll be doing it a bit more in the future, but I really do need to find a way of doing it that doesn't involve raking up half the shadow in the pan. I'll have to purchase some magnet sheets from Riot or some other craft store to adhere to the backs of the pans, but I'm quite happy with it overall. Just so glad I don't have to buy a Z-Palette after all. Or a Unii palette. As pretty as those look, they're not worth the money when I have more mini palettes than single shadows in my collection. This tin has enough space for now. :)

I was expecting some parcels to arrive in the mail today, but they haven't! I'm jittery and constantly checking for the postman, and after he goes I check the mailbox but there's only ever letters. Disappointing. I do hope they arrive tomorrow, otherwise I'll have to wait the entire weekend. With each passing day I'm reminded that holidays are about to end and I'm so reluctant to return to classes! I want to be on holidays forever!

Anyhow, take care, and God bless! xx


  1. I've never particularly had the urge to try depotting, but this was fascinating to read. Too bad the Maybelline was quite stubborn and you lost a bit of the Silken Taupe shadow. I actually like the individual packaging and keeping my shadows separate, especially after I bought my storage unit and can better see everything I have. But it'd be fun to venture into depotting just for the experience :) Hope your parcels arrive soon! That's the part I absolutely hate about Internet shopping - the waiting and anticipation and anxiety about the parcels arriving.

    1. I never thought I'd do it either, but as I watched more videos with Z palettes and I bought a few single shadows, I wanted to try depotting some of the cheaper, less significant ones, just for the experience. I didn't really care for the Rimmel shadow, so that was good for practice. I figure if I have my single shadows in one place, I might wear them more often. And I do hate this too- oh, the anticipation! D:

  2. I haven't depotted anything but I really want to depot all of my Sleek palettes into one big thing! Sounds like blasphemy but I want to re-order the colours in the Sleek palettes. :P The only thing that has been stopping me tbh is the price of Z-palettes and alike :( xx

    1. DO IT! The ultimate Sleek palette! It would be mind-blowing. And very powdery. The fall-out would be horrendous, but a completely colour-coordinated, organised palette of Sleek eyeshadows would be incredible. And Z-palettes are ridiculous- a mini one's teeny and costs $14, not to mention the Pro ones cost so much, and they're nothing special, really! Find an alternative, and make it, and post about it and include lots of photos. :D xx