Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ecotools 5 Piece Brush Set

When I was browsing the Ecotools range, I zeroed in on the 6 piece brush set for the blush brush, and dismissed this 5 piece set because the brushes sounded a little flippant - I remember thinking 'Why would you use that for mineral powder? Who would use that concealer brush?'. Boy I was wrong. Bloggers, Lena in particular (:P) sang its praises so much so that I wound up ordering this 5 piece set and the standalone blush brush instead of the 6 piece brush set. And I love this set- I use every single brush- a quality which would be remiss if I'd gotten the 6 piece set, because I don't need another lash and brow groomer or an iffy eye shading brush. 

From L-R.
01 Baby Kabuki: I love this. It's just a tiny bit too small for my liking, but it's still soft and fluffy and perfect for powder, and also cream blush. 

02 Eye Shading Brush: is a misnomer. This is a blending brush. And a great one at that. A definite eye makeup basic.

03 Concealer brush: This brush comes last, because I don't wear enough undereye concealer to warrant using it on a daily basis like the others. But when I do wear undereye concealer, I like to use this brush. 

04 Mineral Powder Brush: I can't imagine using this paddle-style brush for mineral powder because I own the Real Techniques Buffing brush and that brush is PERFECT for buffing in foundation. But this brush is really really good for sweeping powder to set base makeup. Fantastic for powder. I use it for both pressed and loose powder and it's soft and lovely and small enough to carry around in a makeup bag for touch-ups.

05 Pouch: I use this! I do- I use it to carry my Body Shop blotting tissues, Maybelline Dream Matte powder and that Mineral Powder Brush when I can remember to put it back in the pouch.

So for a beginner, this is just about the BEST brush starter kit in my opinion. You've got some multipurpose brushes which you can use for powder and blush, an eye blending brush and a concealer brush. For liquid foundation, I would recommend Real Techniques (being original, like every other beauty enthusiast out there), and I think that Ecotools complement Real Techniques really well to complete a brush collection. :)

Oh, and both brands are available from iHerb really affordably, especially in comparison to the prices at Priceline, which can be triple the amount for the same product.

That's an idea for brushes for beginners (like me): 

  • Ecotools blush brush; and 
  • this 5 piece set, 
  • Ecotools bronzer brush if you're into bronzer, 
  • Real Techniques Core Collection; 
  • Real Techniques Stippling or Powder Brush, depending on your needs, though if you have the Ecotools Bronzer brush you probably won't need the RT Powder brush as well;
  • Basic eyeshadow shader brushes- generic or branded, doesn't matter as long as it does the job.
Everyone raves about the RT blush brush but the Ecotools blush brush more than suffices as a fluffy blush brush, in my opinion. I want to get the Sigma E25 and E30 because what I really want are the MAC 217 and 219 but I don't want to spend that much on brushes so I'll opt for the Sigma versions instead. And imho, I think that would be all the brushes you would need!

I think something like this would be helpful for people just starting to buy/collect makeup because Lena helped me out and advised when I was browsing brushes and she was just SO helpful! So thank you Lena!

Hope that was helpful, take care and God bless! xx


  1. Nice post!
    I have the ecotools 6pce brush set and I use each one :)
    I use the concealer brush as an eyeshadow brush lol

    1. I was *this* close to getting the 6 piece set, but I'm glad I got what I did- everything worked out and I still got the blush brush. :) x

  2. OOH, I totally dismissed this brush set too... Now it's back on my radar. Thanks Cherie (my wallet says otherwise)! I can see every brush in this set being useful (which is a first). I have the Ecotools blush brush and love it too :D I bought it separately (but I remember I paid the marked up price for it in Priceline, boo).

    You'd think those are the only brushes you'd need... But then you'll want more in the future. D: (Happens with me all the time. :P But really, I'm never going to buy an eyeshadow again because I have all that I need. Except I really want a Maybelline Colour Tattoo). :P xx

    1. Isn't the Ecotools blush brush amazing?! I think I paid $6 for mine yay iHerb. And ohmygoodness I know I will want others, but telling myself I don't need anymore helps me have a little self-control! It's been working for blush 'No, don't buy Sleek Rose Gold. You don't need another blush. Delete it from the shopping cart. Do it!' I just ordered the RT Stippling brush and the Queen Helene Mint Julep masque from iHerb and the Bourjois chocolate bronzer from ASOS though, so it's not quite helping with the self-control in that respect. :/ Consequentially, to dodge another hit to my bank balance, I'm refraining from placing the Sigma order in the hope of another free shipping promo coming along sometime :D xx

  3. Awww, it was a pleasure to help you in any little way :) I'm glad it seems that you're pretty much covered when it comes to brushes for now! Self control and trying to be happy with what you have is the eternal battle of a beauty addict, I think the trick is just to eliminate temptation (which is difficult since we read so many blogs and watch so many beauty-related YouTube vids, lol).

    I want to try some more Sigma eye brushes but the shipping from Sigma really turned me off (it took ages and it was pretty expensive). I think I'm done with face brushes for now, but my eye brush collection seems a bit ... lacking :p I do want to try the MAC 217, only because it's such a cult product. I do use this 5 piece Ecotools set quite a lot and even though I bought it at inflated Priceline prices, it was a good purchase. I use the concealer brush from the set for cream eyeshadow and it does the job pretty well as it's flat and firm. I use the Mineral Powder brush mainly for blush (occasionally bronzer for my hopeless attempt at contouring) and the RT powder brush for powder.

    I think your suggestions for people trying to build a brush set are really helpful. Most of my brush collection consists of Ecotools and RT and though I don't have any higher end brushes, I'm really happy with them and I'm glad it seems like you are too :)

    1. You were so helpful! And that's an idea- I've been applying cream shadows with my fingers, but the concealer brush would really be ideal for that!
      I've almost ordered the two Sigma eye brushes about 4 times this weekend, only to stop myself at the last stage of checkout, just so that my bank balance takes two hits (ASOS, iHerb) instead of three. I really like the look of the Sigma E25 as an alternative to the 217- it's no dupe, I think the length of the bristles differs, but the shape is almost identical, as is the purpose, and it's so much cheaper! Even if I order the 217 off allcosmeticswholesale, I can get both the Sigma E25 and E30 for less, shipping included. I'm no hurry though, because all the Sigma affiliates post the monthly 10% off codes, so I'm going to get myself in the habit of applying eye makeup before I place the order for the eye brushes. If I get the brushes and don't apply eyeshadow regularly, that's a bit redundant. So yay for putting it off! It's not quite as good as refraining completely, but nonetheless! Baby steps. :) xx