Friday, July 20, 2012

Glints Of Sunshine

Cheekbones. Mine aren't visible, as such. No, they are shrouded in a protective layer of chubbies, giving me a round face, and cheeks akin to those of a chipmunk. Only I can't store an entire winter's worth of food in mine.

I don't wear bronzer, but I wanted to buy a relatively inexpensive one (Sleek Contour Kit, why so inaccessible?) to try my hand at contouring after watching Lisa Eldridge's Contour and Highlight video. So my inexpensive, well-praised bronzer of choice is the Bourjois Délice de Poudre bronzer, better known as the 'chocolate' bronzer. This has been discontinued, and replaced by Délice de Soleil. In this pixi2woo video, Tanya says they're basically the same product, just with different packaging. Poudre comes in a cardboard box with a magnetic closure while Soleil comes in a sturdier plastic case with a huge swivelling mirror. Both bronzers were on ASOS at the time, but I went with Délice de Poudre because I couldn't pass on the adorable chocolate concept, and because it's been discontinued, I wanted to get it while I could. I think this was $11, but I got it for 10% off with a discount code.

I want to quote what the box says, because I think it's hilarious.

Give in to your craving... and enhance your beauty!
The glints of sunshine in powder Délice de Poudre give an immediate boost to your complexion, and your morale!
Its delicious perfume and ultra-soft texture will make you melt with pleasure.
Apply with the brush over your face and chest for an even finish and skin that looks good enough to eat.

So there isn't a brush included, like "Apply with the brush" implies. And I find the "boost to your complexion, and your morale!" statement hilarious. Below is a photo of a "glint of sunshine".

See that little speck of gold? A couple of others nearby? Glint of sunshine indeed. (They're hard to capture on camera.)

Mine's in the shade 52 Peaux mates / hâlées, which translates to Darker/Tanned Skin. It's not very pigmented. Which is nice, especially for people new to bronzer. Don't want to go all Oompa Loompa at the slightest touch. I find the Real Techniques Contour Brush to pick up colour better than my fingers. Afterthought: Initial swipes weren't very pigmented, but maybe it was just the sealed powder on the surface. It's not crazy pigmented either way- s'all good.

It's a matte brown, with the 'glints of sunshine' gold sparkles that don't show on the skin. It comes out a little orangey, but I don't mind. A cool-toned alternative in my stash would be Bobbi Brown Mahogany, but that's super pigmented and can look a little dirty. 

Love the chocolate bar concept. But it doesn't smell like chocolate. It smells like coconut- not dissimilar to the Batiste Tropical dry shampoo.

So that's my first bronzer. Hopefully I'll get some use out of it. I really don't care for bronzing and fake tanning and whatnot, because I'm mostly happy with my yellow Asian-ness, but I thought it'd be nice to have a bronzer around for contouring experimentation.  Take care, and God bless! xx


  1. Yay, it arrived! I've heard so many good things about Bourjois bronzer, including from the Pixiwoo sisters. I would pick this up but currently I'm using the matte bronzer from my Napoleon Highlight & Contour palette, which I'm liking a lot. Have fun experimenting with contouring :)

    1. Yay! And your Napoleon palette looks divine! It's like the ultimate in cheek palettes. If the Australis Faceaholic palette were still available, I'd probably have bought that instead, but I haven't seen it anywhere. But I'm quite happy with this- gotta love anything Bourjois! :) xx

  2. I have chubby cheeks though, my friend said I looked like a chipmunk -.- but I actually don't mind them too much. I have a physicians formula bronzer but it doesn't do much for me.

    omg it looks so yummy! *sudden chocolate craving* wish it smelt like chocolate too!

    1. I don't mind having chubby cheeks- it means I'll look more youthful! I didn't own a bronzer prior to this one though, so I thought it'd be a nice addition to my collection. And it didn't cost too much, considering it's Bourjois! It definitely looks better than it smells- I'm not a huge fan of the coconut scent. x

  3. I have chubby cheeks too. :P I've always wanted this bronzer but never got around to buying it - $11 is a really cheap price for it though considering it used to RRP for > $30 in Australia! Have fun contouring :P xx

    1. Yay ASOS for stocking Bourjois at the UK prices! :) xx

    2. Exactly! I did check out Target the other week though and all of the Bourjois blushes there were only $4.83! :O Idk if it was a scanning mistake though :P

      I didn't get the balm stains from an eBay seller - I'm very lucky to have a beauty-obsessed friend in the US who sent them to me. I don't think you could go wrong though if you bought from an eBay seller with good feedback! xx

    3. I bought a couple today! (Bourjois blushes, that is) I got Rose Coup de Foudre and Rose Frisson. I scanned them, and wanted to grab all of them, but considering how long they take to use up, I didn't want to go overboard. Though I have quite the blush stash now.
      Lucky you, to have a friend like that! xx

    4. OMGSH, why do we have the same taste in everything makeup wise?! Aha, it's actually pretty cool. I already have a few Bourjois blushes and didn't want to go overboard so I was deciding between Rose Frisson and Rose Coup de Foudre and ended up with Rose Coup de Foudre. Very lucky xx