Sunday, July 29, 2012

July Favourites

This past month has been filled with buying things and trying things and blowing the budget, so that's good for a monthly favourites post and bad for my bank balance. I bought a tonne of things in June/July. Uni holidays meant working more shifts, and the extra cash meant retail therapy- not that I needed any sort of therapy with the holiday I was having. I bought things from ASOS and Sigma for the first time, and more things from iHerb and Strawberrynet. Gah. 
I haven't done a Favourites post before, but they're my favourite posts/videos to read and watch because I feel like if someone's used them consistently and it's made the monthly favourites, it's something worth looking into, especially for that time of year/ particular season. 

I haven't included any foundations in this favourites post despite wearing base remarkably often this month, because both of my newly-acquired foundations are a tad too dark for me; Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder only comes in three shades, and I'm slightly darker than Deep Natural but lighter than Darkest Brown. It's annoying. I'm not repurchasing. Tempted to bite the bullet and get MAC Studio Fix Plus powder or Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53 Beige Clair is fine when applied as a sheer layer, but if I build it up it looks a bit too dark. Grr. 
On to the favourites! 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
The absolute softest brush everr. I thought Ecotools were soft until I got this. It is so so soft and plush. Amazing for both liquid and powder foundation, doesn't shed. Everybody should go out and buy the Core Collection just for this brush. 

Maybelline EyeStudio Mono in Beige Nude
I bought it on a whim after seeing it discounted to a little over $3. Cheap whim. I've been using this all over the lid on top of a shimmery white cream shadow base, and I really like it.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Relieving Menthol
I finished my labello! Finally! So I've been reaching for this a lot more. And I like it. The mintiness can get a bit intense, but it does hydrate better than I expected without that heavy feeling, like you've got Vaseline on. 

Bourjois Blush in Coup De Foudre
Such sunny weather is undeserving of the matte Rose Ambre. I picked this up after seeing the swatch here, and have really enjoyed wearing it. It's a pretty rose-apricot with gold shimmer. I recently acquired a frightening number of these, but I'm limiting myself to using two on rotation.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
Since getting this, I haven't touched my Sleek palettes. Such a pretty colour, and so easy to use. I'm a convert- the consistency is just so good, especially since I don't really like using eyeshadow because my uneven eyelids are so problematic. Ordinarily, with powder shadows, the double eyelid is so easy, but getting the monolid looking even and symmetrical to the other eye is a real challenge. Color Tattoo- win.

Soap and Glory Hand Food 50mL
I love this. The scent has grown on me and I'm very tempted to get the 125mL full size, which only costs about $12- I like the travel size for my bag, and my Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy for my bedside table. But when my Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy runs out I'm definitely buying the full sized SAG Hand Food because it's so much better value for money. The C&E Hand Therapy costs $20 for 50mL, while SAG Hand Food only costs $6 for the same quantity. Both work really well, and I quite like the Soap and Glory signature scent. But those who don't like scented products shouldn't touch Soap and Glory with a barge pole- they are so strongly fragranced.

Dermal Korean Sheet Masks
I've been loving these. This particular brand works better than the others I've tried. Unlike some masks I've tried, these are alcohol-free. I use them once a week and my skin's really nice and nourished and happy. The brightening Vitamin one in particular helps fade acne scars. I woke up the next morning and was gawping at the mirror for a solid 10 seconds, because the hyperpigmentation had faded considerably. I buy mine from a Korean mart in Sunnybank at 10 for $6. Happy skin!

Lush Tea Tree Water toner
Disregarding the negative review, I bought this to use in the mornings, and I really like it. It sprays quite a splash though, even from an arm's length away from my face. My skin's in a relatively good place at the moment, so I don't have issues with the grapefruit  and juniper components that beautypedia frowns upon. It's very refreshing and smells just like tea tree, which I really like. It's a bit nostalgic and brings back memories of visiting the Thursday Plantation when I was little.

I'm really enjoying my buying ban so far; I'm taking it much more seriously than my previous attempts where I didn't really commit. It's really good for me to take a step back from the frivolous world of cosmetics, appreciate the things I've already got in my possession and place my money where it would make a more lasting, worthwhile impact.
Well, that's my July favourites. I'm repeatedly being let down by the post; I've still got 4 parcels due to arrive and some are taking longer than the standard two weeks. :S

Anyhow, take care and God bless! xx


  1. I really like Rose Coup De Foudre as well, it's my favourite along with Rose D'Or. With the pot blushes so discounted at Target, it's was hard to resist picking up a whole bunch. Happy to see the menthol Maybelline Baby Lips in there and 100% agreed on the RT Buffing Brush, it's my favourite :) I also picked up another Maybelline eyeshadow mono, but not in the beige colour.

    1. I picked up all the pot blushes I wanted over two trips, so I'm pretty happy with my stash of backups. :) Cannot express how much I love the Buffing Brush. It's SO soft! XD

  2. I think I must be a tad darker than you then because Bourjois Healthy Mix in 53 is a pretty good match, even when I build it up. Pity though because I suppose 52 is too light for you! I'm actually enjoying my spending ban too, I don't feel the need to peruse sales anymore now that I know I can't buy anything. :D Relaxing might be a bad word, but that's how I feel oddly enough LOL. xx

    1. I completely agree with 'relaxing'- I'm not worrying about missing any good deals or sales, whether the product I want is in stock; it's really carefree. Yay spending ban! My wallet is definitely thanking me for it. :) xx