Thursday, July 12, 2012

NOW I Need To Stop Spending

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
Dove Essential Nutrients Alcohol-Free Clarifying Toner
I've been wanting to try this toner since I tried and liked the Dove cleanser I'm using now, and I shall try this when my skin clears up.

Ulta3 polishes in Scarlet and Earl Grey
I was so excited to see an Ulta3 stand at Target- I've rummaged half-heartedly through a couple of Ulta3 bins in the past, but I've only ever seen the same purple and black shades. I picked up Earl Grey, which I've been keeping an eye out for, and Scarlet, which is the 'perfect red polish' that I've been wanting for a while. I was hesitant about buying an Essence red polish because the bottles are TINY and I'd want to have lots of 'the perfect red polish', so I'm glad I found this one.

Kit Cosmetics at Myer
Soap and Glory Hand Food
I've heard so much about Soap and Glory and bought this hand cream purely because everyone raved about the scent- 'like Miss Dior Cherie' and YES I do want to try a fragrance on the grounds of sharing a name. Honestly I'm a little underwhelmed with how this smells. I thought the scent would be stronger and sweeter. But I was already in Myer, and it was only $6 so I bought it anyway. And you can always use another hand cream, right? It's lovely and non-greasy, and I think I like the scent better than Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Hand Therapy.

CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara
Skin79 Super+ Triple Functions BB Cream
These are wayyy overdue. My friend ordered them for me months ago and I only met up with her today. But I know and trust in Skin79 BB creams and the seller I bought it from- I played with it today with my Buffing brush but it's a teeny bit too thick to buff in properly- I think I'll stick to fingers with the Skin79 BB cream. 
I bought the CoverGirl mascara because Jen from frmheadtotoe loves it so much (a HG!) and used it since in her earliest videos when she didn't wear double eyelid tape in her tutorials and she didn't know about Urban Decay Cannonball mascara, which we can't get here.

My Beauty Spot (That dodgy-looking stall in Myer Centre outside Myer)
OPI Bubble Bath
I got this to bridge the sheer milkiness of Essence Rose Glam from the French Glam collection, and my outright pink polishes, which in my opinion, would be the perfect wearable colour for me. 
There's been a big uproar about OPI Bubble Bath and the fact that there are two versions- an older white version and the newer 'pink' version. Let's get it out of the way: it's not pink. It's a sheer milky colour with dirty peach tones. But it's still appealing, and definitely one of the more attractive shades from the selection at the stall- they had My Private Jet too, which looked gorgeous but I passed on that, and I do like OPI's formula and brush and the fact that there are 15mL in a bottle- though that means you've really got to choose wisely. So Bubble Bath it was.

On a bit of a nail polish kick. The OPI Bubble Bath cost $9.99, which is suspiciously cheap, so when I came home I compared it to a genuine OPI which cost $22.00 and there's no difference, so this is either a really good fake, or that dodgy stall isn't as dodgy as I thought- they even accepted EFTPOS, which is unusual for such stands. 
I just did a couple of nails with the OPI Bubble Bath and the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, and I think I'm doing something wrong with the top coat because it's not working much better than the Essence top coat. I followed the directions- 2 mins for the colour to dry and 30 seconds for the top coat to dry- what am I doing wrong?! But I bought this top coat because:
(a) Sally Hansen's on sale at Priceline;
(b) Been wanting a decent one for a while;
(c) Mum asked me to do her nails before she flies back to Singapore for her 30 year RGS high school reunion!

As my family generally disapproves of the superficiality of a makeup habit and the hundreds of dollars said habit costs, Mum asking me to do her nails was a bit of a surprise. So that's exciting. It's still Uni holidays, but I will be crushed when semester two begins and I have to stress again. :(

I think I've bought almost everything which has been on my feasible wishlist, which means I have no reason to buy anything else until I've finished a decent amount of products. NO MORE SPENDING FOR ME. Woot. Let's try to stick with it this time. Jiayou!

Hope that was an enjoyable read! Take care, and God bless! xx


  1. Hehe nice haul!
    oooh SKIN79!!

    omg ur mum went to RGS? I went to RGPS! hehehe

    1. Yay Skin79! And YES my mum went to RGS- the community's pretty close- even after 30 years :P x

  2. Lovely haul! Good find on the OPI too :)

  3. Hopefully you manage to stick to your no spending resolution! And be able to enjoy the products you've managed to acquire from your wishlist :) That OPI polish looks really pretty and I think it's genuine. As for the Sally Hansen, how many coats are you doing for the base colour? And are they thick or thin coats? I think two minutes is just a kind of guide if you did a pretty thin coat of an opaque polish. I just wait until my polish is about 70% dry (and sometimes I do very thick, multiple coats - which realistically might even take 1-2 hours to completely dry) and then after I put the Sally Hansen, I try to wait as long as possible (anywhere between 5-15 minutes) until I can touch them and they feel solid/dry. Maybe your Essence top coat was really just amazing :p My parents also disapprove of my makeup habit, I just ignore them anyway :p

    1. The photos don't do it justice- it's much lighter than the dirty peach in the photo. And I've been trial-and-error-ing the Sally Hansen top coat for the past couple of hours, experimenting with drying time for the colour, between coats and the top coat- I've done two coats of OPI polish and left a good 15mins in between for the first coat to completely dry and the top coat over the two. Looking at them now, the top coat's decently dry after about an hour- kind of disappointing that it takes an average time to dry. But I remembered my aunt having a pedicure and leaving about 3-4 hours to let it dry completely, so I think I'm just ridiculously impatient. And NO the Essence top coat was atrocious- but maybe I should give it another go. I'm trying to tone down the online shopping simply because my parents get ticked off whenever I get orders. :/ xx

  4. looove the nail polish colours you got. nice haul! :)

  5. haha i don't know why but when i first read "hand food" i read it as "halal food" lol...//fail

    ugh, tell me about it! these days i feel like i've been spending money like water T_T glad you found the perfect red polish! every girl needs one of those :D

    wait wow, OPI costs 22$?! 9$? :O they sell OPI nail polish here for about 8$ in Sephora. but the colors are great :D

    alex @

    1. I know how you feel! In desperate need for some self-control. And I bought the $22 OPI at Singapore Airport- I think it's $19.95 RRP here in Australia, but you can find it for less and they mark down the less popular shades. The cosmetic markup in Australia is truly insane. x