Sunday, August 12, 2012

Adorable 'Little Pot Blushes'

Bourjois blushes are by far my favourite blushes to date- leaving even my YSL cream blush in the dust. The little pots are adorable and the French names are enchanting. Unlike the rude, sexual names of NARS blushers, the names of Bourjois blushes are positively delightful for example, Lilas D'Or and Rose Coup de Foudre. The only thing which could spoil these blushes would be the clumsy, utterly unsophisticated manner in which I butcher the pronunciation.

I own 5 of these 'little pot blushes' and they haven't disappointed me yet. I'm using three on rotation, don't wear one often (Rose D'Or), and am saving the last one (Rose Frisson) for a giveaway or a present, because I'm happy with the ones I'm using, and they'll last me quite a while. The four I've tried are Rose Ambre, Ambre D'Or, Rose Coup de Foudre and Rose D'Or. 


Rose Ambre

Ambre D'Or

Rose Coup de Foudre

Rose D'Or

Rose Ambre's a matte, plummy rose pink. Ambre D'Or is a true representation of rose gold (the same can't be said for Sleek's Rose Gold), with lots of gold shimmer. Rose Coup de Foudre is a apricot/peach pink with a silver sheen. Rose D'Or is a cool pink with lots and lots of gold shimmer. Out of the four, I've worn Rose Ambre, Ambre D'Or and Rose Coup de Foudre a lot more than Rose D'Or. Not being a fan of doll cheeks or cool pinks, I'm happily neglecting Rose D'Or in favour of the other three. I can't really choose a favourite out of the three that I do use- Rose Ambre's such a pretty colour and the only matte blush I have, Rose Coup De Foudre is a perfect apricot-pink and not too sparkly, which I love, and Ambre D'Or is the prettiest rose gold hue and I like using it on days I'm not wearing particularly girlish outfits because it's not outright pink.

They're paraben-free (huge thumbs up), and strongly scented, and the rosy, powdery fragrance is probably a deal-breaker for some people, but I personally really like it. The pigmentation is good, nothing extreme (e.g Sleek blushes), and using the right brush (my brush of choice is the Ecotools blush brush, but I hear the Real Techniques ones are fantastic too ;D) makes the job a little easier. I have to confess that I'm a little lost when applying blush sometimes, wondering if both sides are even, if the blush suits the rest of the makeup I've got on, if I'm using the right technique to apply...

The little pots have a small mirror on the inside of the lid, but I never use it because it's too small. A round curved brush (to fit the curvature of the baked blush and the small round pot) is enclosed, but it's too small and thin to apply the powder with. The pots' closures can vary- some are latches, some are magnetic. I find the magnetic ones a delight to use, and a vast improvement from the latches.

The ONE negative I can think of is that the nature of the 'Bourjois baked technology' powder sometimes results in the surface sealing off. I've had this trouble with both the Bourjois blush and bronzer, but if you scratch a teeny bit off the top layer, it works out fine.

Swatched 2-3x each
L-R: Rose Ambre, Ambre D'Or, Rose Coup de Foudre and Rose D'Or

They're on the pricey side of pharmacy/drugstore/highstreet cosmetics, and retail for $20.00 apiece, but recently Target had a mass discount on them and they were all $4.83 (odd number), which is a bit of a miracle and too good to resist, non? I bought Rose Ambre on sale previously, but picked up the other four (greedy, I know :S ) for under $5 in the sale. If you're quick, you might still find some!

Thanks for reading, take care, and God bless! xx


  1. I have quite a few of these but don't wear them very often, I do like the scent of them though :)

  2. They're so cute! I might pick one up :)

  3. Totally still want Rose Ambre and Ambre D'Or :p But I really like the other 2 you have. And though you don't use Rose D'Or as much as the others, that one is probably my favourite. I don't think it looks too cool on me. Gotta love Target for their inexplicably discounted Bourjois blush pots :D

    1. Thank you Target! You and Michelle seem to adore Rose D'Or, so I bought it to see why you two love it so much! If the weather here got a bit more gloomy, I'd probably appreciate the cool tones a bit more, but Brisbane's so sunny that Ambre D'Or is wearable. :) x

  4. So pretty! I'm very tempted to purchase these blushes but they are so expensive in my area and they never seem to go on sale sigh. Oh well, I think one of these days I'll be making a splurge for a good reason after my finals as retail therapy LOL :P I think I like Ambre D'Or and Rose Coup de Foudre the best, the other colours look great as well. Apparently these are extremely similar to Chanel blushes, if not the same (because the brands are owned by the same company) so I think these are a very good steal for us! :)

    1. I love the look of the Chanel blushes, but when they look so similar to the Bourjois ones, they're a little less tempting! And Bourjois definitely prices their products much higher than the other brands, but I like what I've tried so far! x

  5. I have four Bourjois blushes and they're all the ones you've posted about! My favourite is Ambre D'Or; I looove the colour in the Summer time. :) xx

    1. You're the one who introduced me to Bourjois blushes with your post on them! They're all amazing, though I think Rose Coup De Foudre is less pigmented than the others. Ambre D'Or is sooo pretty! :) xx