Friday, August 3, 2012

New Ecotools!

In the holidays, I impulsively ordered all the brushes I'd been wanting from iHerb! I'm still waiting for the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, which are alarmingly late, seeing as I placed that order before ordering these brushes. 
Ecotools are probably the best low-end brushes on the market. They don't shed, they're inexpensive, cruelty-free and worth much more than they cost. Of course, if purchased from Priceline they'll cost a small fortune in comparison to the prices on iHerb. At Priceline, the eye brush set costs $20.99 full price, while the bronzer brush costs $18.99 full price. I bought the eye brush set for $7.22 and the bronzer brush for $8.50. Yay for iHerb!

I ordered the 6 piece eye brush set, which includes 5 synthetic, cruelty-free bamboo brushes and a flimsy cotton case. This post factored largely in my decision to purchase this set, and I thoroughly agree with what Lena said about the brushes' uses. Their names are complete misnomers- use them however you want. 

Large Eye Brush 
I would use this for browbone highlight or a sweep of champagne or beige powder shadow all over the lid. It's massive, but if using a light-coloured eyeshadow, I personally wouldn't mind using a larger brush because there's less room for error.
Angled Crease Brush 
I like the notion of using this for blending out darker colour in the outer 'v' or using it for browbone highlight. Not that I highlight my browbone very often because I prefer to spend more time on my face makeup than my eye makeup, but this brush isn't dense enough for packing on base colour.
Highlighting Brush
This is a blending brush. There's no doubt about it. I already own an Ecotools blending brush (which was called an 'eye shading brush' on the tin) and it performs exceptionally well.
Petite Eye Shading Brush
This is tiny. I cannot imagine anybody uses this as a shader brush- I would use it for inner corner and tear duct highlight.
Smudge Brush
Personally I wouldn't use this very often, because I keep my eye makeup to a minimum, but this is the one brush where I completely agree with what it says on the tin; smudging out shadow or liner on the lower lashline. 

The other item I bought in this order is the Bronzer Brush, which is massive. I was getting tired of using my Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush and Baby Kabuki for powder- they're too small and a little scratchy for buffing in powder to set face makeup. I wanted the Real Techniques Powder Brush but I disliked the longer bristles because powder would fly all over the place; what I wanted was essentially a kabuki on a handle, and I'm so happy to say that this was exactly what I was looking for. It is so so soft and dense. The thick handle is a little clunky, but on the other hand it's not a pain to use like I feared it might be. It's chunky but not difficult to manage. Very happy with this purchase.

I'm really happy with these- and I have iHerb to thank for stocking Ecotools at standard American prices! Oh, if purchasing from iHerb for the first time, make sure you look up a discount code. BUY123 was the one that I used for $5 off. 

Take care, and God bless! xx


  1. The bronzer brush looks so dense and huge! At least it's soft as well. It definitely would be much more generously sized than the mineral powder brush or the baby kabuki. Love the blending (highlight) brush from the eye set. Hopefully your Real Techniques and the mask arrives soon ... that's too bad it's taken so long to get to you :(

    1. It's a monster of a brush, but so soft and plush. :D I'm beginning to share your sentiments about internet shopping- and I've never had a problem with it before! :S Sigma brushes should be arriving soon but I don't have high hopes for those.