Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Loophole That Got Me Some Napoleon Perdis

So the magazine that the lip gloss is positioned atop is probably a dead giveaway, but here's the little tale of how I acquired the gorgeous lip gloss in the photo. So if you read my blog, you'll know that I'm on a makeup diet. So that means no buying. Not buying makeup after three intense months of a rather addictive and expensive makeup hobby that was restrained only by the limits of my meagre income is a difficult yet necessary task. It's a refreshing period of putting things into perspective and seeing how blessed we are in the first world country that we live in. I've tried really hard not to buy anything, even when I spotted the Barry M lip gloss in Coral on ASOS that Tanya Burr's always ranting and raving about, I held back and didn't buy it. *proud*

However, today on my way home from work while waiting for my bus, I had a little stroll through a tiny newsagent's with a secret motive to re-evaluate the Becca Eye Tint that's currently a freebie with Madison magazine, but the more I held it in my hand the more certain I felt that it would easily be defeated by my little pot of Bad to the Bronze. So I placed Madison back on the shelf and had a cursory glance at the magazine rack adjacent, where I spotted Marie Claire- some discounted July editions, to which were tacked freebie Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lip Glosses 'valued at $25'. For five dollars, how could I not?

(Excuse the nails. Doing the dishes an awful lot more often is wreaking havoc with my hands.)

I'm more of a lip balm girl. I love it; not quite as much as Essiebutton does, but if I had to pick one lip product, it would be balm (preferably Korres lip butters). I don't mind lipstick, but it's a bit too high maintenance for me. My pet peeve lip product, however, is lip gloss. Gloss means hair sticking to lips. Gloss brings back memories of tacky novelty packaging (e.g little cupcakes) and juicy tubes. I don't hold gloss in high regard. This gloss, however, is an exception and has changed my mind.

This 'Luxe Lip Gloss' is in the shade Perfect Peach and like the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, is too close to my natural lip colour for the gloss to have much effect on pigmentation. And it's not really a peach. It's more of a coral pink watermelon colour. I'm sorry- with every post, I get closer to the self-realisation that I cannot describe things. But the photos are clear enough and the lighting's okay so it's pretty accurate and true-to-real-life. But I like the gold and silver flake-shaped shimmer particles (note: shimmer, not glitter like Peach Parfait), it's balmy and comfortable to wear, does something along the lines of hydration, and it doesn't transfer after settling in. It's a bit sticky, but you can't have it all, right? And it doesn't do the faux-collagen plumping thing that some lipglosses boast, which I absolutely hate because my already-full lips have earned me some bizarre comments over the years, including a Chinese friend telling me I look Eurasian. I took it as a compliment (superior Eurasian genes: best of both worlds?!), but I look Chinese. I do, I know it. 

To me, Perfect Peach smells like watermelon candy or the Body Shop's Strawberry Born Lippy lip balm, which brings back memories. Good times. It's flavourless, which I appreciate because I like to think I've outgrown licking off my gloss (Lip Smacker rollerball memories, anyone?).
The packaging is, for lack of a better word, tasteful. The plastic tube is remarkably sturdy, and I like the ('brilliant cut'- the gemstone geek in me interjects) multi-faceted handle of the wand, and the fact that it comes with a soft brush applicator instead of a harsh plastic-bristle brush like Bourjois glosses or the generic doe-footed sponge applicator. It's the little things, you know?

I was wanting the Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Peony, and this is kindaaa similar, AND it's from Napoleon, AND it was technically free with a $5 magazine. That's undeniably spectacular. I'm increasingly being drawn towards investment shopping and the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is on my wishlist, but to get a high end gloss and a magazine (which did have a few nice features: hello 'Best Beauty Buys' ;)) at a fifth of the value of the gloss, this purchase made sense to both my inner shopper and the rational conscience that's been telling me to stop buying cheap drugstore brands, all without breaking my make up diet spending ban! Who doesn't love quality freebies?

Thanks for reading, take care and God bless! xx


  1. I was contemplating picking this one up when it was being sold, but I managed to refrain (thank goodness), rationalising to myself that I'd probably be in a funk of self-hatred if I gave in and bought another lip product. But this colour looks really pretty and it's Napoleon for $5! Plus you finally managed to get some more lip products without breaking your spending ban :p I was once contemplating buying a Napoleon Lip Veil in some nude colour but I ended up not taking it home. I wonder if I should though, the formula was so smooth and moisturising. But it reminded me a lot of the Revlon SuperLustrous glosses - do you have any of those? They're really excellent quality.

    1. Good work refraining from buying it ;) although I don't share the same issue because I don't own many lip products :D I still love tinted balms the best. I remember reading about that in your Napoleon Contour palette post? And I don't own any of the SuperLustrous glosses (though the packaging is so pretty and so similar to Chanel's)- I've seen them so many times, but always overlooked them in favour of the lipsticks!