Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 2012

I realise that on the blog I've neglected to talk about anything other than makeup and skincare, so I thought I'd incorporate another interest of mine into a post: FOOD. I went out a couple of times during September (what a thrill-seeker, hey?) and I'm the type of weirdo who likes to take photos of their food, so here are a couple of shots. I wasn't exactly preparing to use the photos for anything, so the photos are sub-par in terms of composition/quality, and I used my phone and not the Canon because the Canon we got is somewhere between a standard point-and-shoot and a DSLR so it's bulky and I don't take it anywhere.


Chocolateria San Churro
San Churro came to Brisbane earlier this year, and it was a welcome addition to the Grey St foodie precinct at Southbank, especially for those who were tiring of Max Brenner's offerings. I've been there twice, and so far we've tried the Fondue for Two, Strawberry Bizcocho and Choc Banana Sundae, as well as the Crema de Fresa and the Choc Hazelnut drinks. I must say the first time we went, we were overambitious and couldn't finish half the food we ordered. It was pathetic. The second time was slightly better as we finished the desserts but we couldn't finish the drinks. I've ordered the Crema de Fresa (strawberry and white chocolate drink) both times- I rate it highly. The Choc Hazelnut drink was a bit too much. I don't recommend the Choc Banana Sundae, but the Strawberry Bizcocho is definitely worth it. It's not too expensive- it's around average Southbank prices. Overall the experiences have been good, but the service is still shaky. Also, when I went it wasn't crowded at all so it's not raging loud like it is at Max Brenner.

I tagged along with my brother for lunch with friends after church and we went to this little Japanese restaurant in suburban Sunnybank. I ordered the tonkatsu meal with rice. Everything was good apart from the rice so I gave up on that and had some of my brother's udon instead. Decent, and not expensive. I like 7-8. 

The juice bar in Myer Centre food court that's the first thing you see when you walk in from Queen St Mall
I decided to go the city in a break between classes and tried the mango and original mixed 'Italian frozen yogurt'. I'm dubious about how Italian it is, but it was so good, and so cheap, and I've bought it every time I've been in the city since, because it's just like the Yoguru that my sister and I were crazy about during our stay in Singapore.

I'm in over my head with schoolwork. Sigh. Must stop putting it off and pretending the assignments don't exist. 


  1. oh, the SA is super nice and generous to provide samples unlike our SA here TT____TT Sometime I urge to ask for samples because I didn't want to splurge on something that I'm not sure of but still the SA would not provide any..>_<

    1. Aw, that's unfortunate. The samples are cute, but the sales assistant did warn me that samples probably wouldn't have anything to show for them because you have to use products like serums for a few weeks to see results. x

  2. I wonder why I haven't seen this post until now! I am wondering about Advanced Night Repair - I wanted to buy this 15mL bottle from Cosmo Cosmetics in the city for $24.95, but it looked a bit dubious, so I passed. In the States, I was contemplating buying a bottle, but I couldn't find the size I wanted ... and in the end when I was about to shop duty-free, the only size they had available was this absolutely massive 100mL for $160 or something :S Like, no thanks.

    I love food as well (I mean, who doesn't?), so any pictures and reviews of yummy things are most welcome :) There's a San Churro at one of the big shopping centres near where I live but I've only been there a couple of times over the past few years, and haven't really sampled anything beyond the churros and hot chocolate. Might have a closer look at their other treats next time I'm there based on your recommendations :)

    1. I've really liked Advanced Night Repair so far- I'm seriously thinking of investing in the full size... all $150 of it. :S That sucks that you couldn't find the right size- did you want the 30mL? Oh well, you certainly bought enough lol. I first tried San Churro in Sydney on a family holiday a few years ago but it wasn't in a shopping centre- it was off the street, and we had churros but I wasn't wowed. I've had better churros at markets, but the other desserts are pretty good. The drinks are especially expensive but that's the price to pay for trendy dessert cafes I guess. :P