Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Favourites

I adore this time of year. The jacarandas are in bloom, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous (sunny, breezy, perfect-temperature days) and exams are creeping up on me! As nervous as I am about being under-prepared, I can't wait to get them over and done with. I finish on the 14th and I'm so excited about the holidays! October was quite fun and varied product-wise, as I had fun switching things up and using different bits. Except base, that is. Base has been the usual, boring culprits: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 53 Beige Clair of course, the Laura Mercier Undercover on spots and dark circles and the Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder. Moving on, because other products are much more exciting, non?

Bourjois Pot Rouge in Rose D'Or
I have grown to love this shade! It's such a pretty pink with gold shimmer. I wish it was a tad more pigmented, but its mediocre pigmentation has its merits- it's difficult to overdo.

CoverGirl Liquiline Blast in Brown Blaze

Dabbling in eyeliner. Uncharacteristic, I know. I heard lots of good things about these pencil liners and now that I've tried it a few times, I don't know why people complain about the pencil being difficult to sharpen. It sharpens fine. :) I think these Liquiline pencil liners are the closest I'll get to the Milani Liquif'EYE metallic eyeliners and the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils- they're so creamy and pigmented, and best of all, they're readily available in Australia. I wore it on the upper waterline and it smudged the bottom lashline like crazy but I wore it on the upper lashline and it was fine. This brown is more of a brown-black though- it's not chocolate brown like other brown liners I've tried.

CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara

Full 'N Soft Waterproof has been smudging on me (maybe its time has come? It's a couple of months old...) so I started using this instead and I like it. It's a little more volumising, and although I don't like plastic brushes this doesn't clump so I don't mind it.

Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate

Love this colour. Some days, depending on the blush I'm wearing, I prefer a warmer lip colour so this is perfect. :)

Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy

I like wearing this when I'm just wearing blush. I think it's too blue-based to wear with bronzer on.

Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in In The Flesh

This gloss is so lovely and hydrating and smells like watermelon candy. It's sheer but I really like the colour.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum
I've loved using this product and I've almost finished the sample. I'm seriously considering buying the full size- okay the smaller full-size- because it's refined my skin and the texture is noticeably different. My t-zone, which gets oily exceptionally quickly, has been better too- I find I don't have to powder as much or as often because my sebaceous glands aren't going crazy. 

Origins Super Spot Remover

Along with drinking about three bottles of water a day because it's been so hot, and sleeping before midnight, I have this to thank for helping my skin out after a mild reaction to experimenting with a new cleanser. I'm not going near that again, and I'm back to using the Dove Cleanser and Toner in One quite happily. Interestingly, Origins doesn't rate very highly on Beautypedia's list as its products contain too many fragrant oils that irritate the skin, so I've become a little hesitant about jumping in headfirst into the Origins pool.

Stella by Stella McCartney EDP

Adore this purple ombre bottle of rosy goodness.

Ecotools Mineral Powder Brush

I love this brush- it's so soft, the perfect density and blends so well. I didn't touch this brush for a long while, don't know why, but starting using it for blush after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in this video. I fell in love with the original look that Lisa blogged about doing: Keira Knightley's makeup for the premiere of Anna Karenina.

N.P.P.E. RD Protein Cream
I've been running a dab of this leave-in conditioner/heat protectant through my hair every few days. I've never done more to my hair than the occasional blow-dry but the hairdresser suggested this because the ends of my hair were so neglected and the protein cream supposedly prevents and repairs any heat/air-con damage, and makes my hair soft and sleek, and the scent reminds me of the salon in Singapore that we went to (The Hair Stylist in Bedok). Memories!

Barbara from ThePersianbabe

I've really liked watching her videos this month. Especially this one. :)

I'm posting this early so that I can prep myself for SWOTVAC and not think about blogging for a while. Just concentrating on exams, in theory anyway. Hopefully next month I'll have some new beauty bits to post about- I'm so excited for those! And that's all I'll say for now! Take care and God bless! xx


  1. I have heard so much about the Korres lip butter and I so wanted to try it myself! great picks! ^_~

    1. You should definitely try the Korres lip butters! Especially if you can get them off ASOS- they're so worth the money! And thank you! :)

  2. I love your items :) good luck with your exams!

  3. I have to try the Covergirl Liquiline Blast! This is the first I'm hearing of it, so thank you! :D

    1. Hope you like it if you buy it! Let us know how it goes! :) x

  4. The covergirl lash exact was my first ever mascara :)
    I've heard great things about the Covergirl liquiline blast, have to check it out!

    1. I quite like it so far! And Liquiline Blast is nice- you should definitely have a look! :)

  5. I finish exams on the 21st and so I'm not sure how much I'm going to blog between now and then. :P Afterwards, though! I'm glad you've grown to like Rose D'Or, it's one of my go-to blushes. Barbara is a babe! I'm always excited to see a new video from her, hehe xx

    1. Good luck with your exams! I can't wait til you're back to blogging! Though your dedication to your studies is truly admirable- I'm so lazy and always put off my work til a few days before. Barbara's gorgeous! I'm incredulous as to why I didn't watch her videos til now! xx

  6. love the stuff, I really want to get that lip butter, korres pot and estee lauder cream! Best of luck with the exams!

    1. Thank you! And you should definitely look into the Korres lip butters and Estee Lauder ANR! :) x

  7. All the best for your exams! It's such a fantastic feeling when you are finally done with them :)

    I have been using the ANR as well, and I'm not sure if I can see any difference at this point, but at least my skin hasn't reacted badly or anything. I will give it a bit more time, but if the results are good, I probably will find one way or another to buy a bigger bottle :p Or I'll just lose interest ... I'm not sure how long my dabbling in skin care will last. Where are you thinking of buying a larger bottle when your sample runs out?

    I've not tried the CG eyeliner but it sounds like it's really creamy and nicely pigmented. Too bad it smudged so badly on the bottom lashline though! Have you ever tried wearing a primer there? I find sometimes if I can be bothered with UDPP under my eyes, it does help minimise smearing/smudging from eyeliner and mascara moving or flaking.

    I didn't know Lisa Eldridge would even have the Ecotools Mineral Powder brush. Now I feel better about having it in my collection lol. I don't even know where mine is ... your post reminded me I haven't used it in ages, preferring instead my RT. Must dig it out and give it another go :)

    1. Thank you! I only noticed results from ANR after about a week- mostly on my cheeks and nose. I'm not sure where else I can buy ANR from apart from the counters at Myer and DJ, if you have any idea where else to get it, please share!
      The eyeliner was odd- I lined my upper waterline and it smudged because when I blinked the liner would transfer to the bottom lashline... Unimpressed, to say the least. I wasn't wearing a primer- I didn't think of it at the time! And it's remarkable that it even reduces mascara flaking. I got quite excited when Lisa Eldrige whipped out the Ecotools brush and a Bourjois blush, though I shouldn't have been surprised at the Bourjois, as the original look was with Chanel products and the Bourjois blushes are almost identical to the baked Chanel ones. I'm so glad that video brought that brush to mind, it's such a good brush. :)

    2. StrawberryNet or Sasa are the only places that come to mind for buying ANR outside of Myer or DJs. Never ordered from Sasa though, so not sure about delivery and whatnot.

      Ah yes, I heard Bourjois and Chanel are owned by the same company or something. The blushes do seem very similar. I remember watching a video of gossmakeupartist about the two, and he said he'd much prefer to buy a few Bourjois blushes than 1 Chanel blush because they are so similar in everything but the price department. I find my Bourjois blushes do harden a lot - my Rose D'Or is unuseable at the moment because the surface yields no product when I dip my brush into it. I need to scratch it :p

    3. Mine have been sealing off awfully (especially Ambre D'Or) but I've been using a cotton bud to scrape off the top layer and as long as I use enough pressure it does a decent job. That's interesting- I haven't seen that video. I heard that the two blushes are made in the same factory, something along those lines, and looking at the formula of the baked blushes, the only differences are the price and the packaging.

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvlmmDWfMXQ

      Here's a link to the vid if you're interested!

      Scraping with a cotton bud sounds like a good idea, better than a toothpick (or worse, my nails! :p).

  8. The Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara was my first when I stepped into the make up world. It's a decent one for starters but I quickly moved on to other ones because I knew my lashes need the extra oomph :P

    I hope you did well on your exams! I just finished mine last night, so glad it's over....for now until finals haha :S

    1. Your academic terms are so different to ours! We're just coming into finals now!
      CoverGirl Lash Exact is alright, but I definitely prefer Maybelline Full 'N Soft for its separation and length. I'm not fussed about lashes, since I wear glasses 95% of the time.