Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Favourites

It has seriously felt like the longest month ever. The entire first half of November was exam season. That was awful, but now that's gone and we're on holidays, and the seniors of 2012 have graduated! And results came out today and I didn't fail everything! Yay! 
This month's favourites round off the spring-ish makeup, as it'll be summer in a few days time.

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15
I'm still loving this. :) Even if my shade Real Sand is a tiny bit too light, it's so weightless with decent coverage, and it's better for my skin than liquid foundation. 

BYS Blusher in Coral
I only use this blush with the Real Techniques Blush Brush, as it is so pigmented that it can be problematic. It's such a pretty colour when blended out- a really summery, feel-good kind of healthy glow. I'm currently reading Jane Austen's Emma and in it is a heated discussion about the importance of the glow of fine health and I immediately thought of this blush. Ohh the signs of makeup junkieness. I like this coral shade but I want to branch into pinkish peachy high end blushes: I'm thinking of MAC Springsheen, Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine, Benefit Coralista or NARS Orgasm.

Australis Creme Colour for Lips and Cheeks in Flirtatious Pink
I've been using this with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and while I hated using it before, once I started using it with the RT brush the effect was wholly different. Very natural and healthy-looking. :)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
Such a pretty peachy champagne- I love that each MSF pattern is unique- I've been using it as an inner corner highlight as well as on the tops of the cheekbones. 

Essence Gel Eyeliner
I was feeling adventurous and decided to do gel eyeliner for work this month, and I'm so glad I didn't throw this out in my past few clean out sessions. :) Even after one crazy six hour-long shift, the liner did not smudge on my oily lids. It's earned its place in my collection. :)

I love that Carmex comes in a tube. It doesn't taste or smell good but it's a great balm. :)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm
I bought the RJBKBS in Charm after hearing about it (ViviannaDoesMakeup, sleep and water) and I'm not disappointed. I find Charm only looks good after lip balm and exfoliating, which is quite a process but it's pretty.

Napoleon Perdis Luxe Lip Gloss in Perfect Peach
I love this colour, and the texture of Napoleon glosses is so nourishing and comfortable to wear. Napoleon doesn't sell this line of gloss anymore, but I have tried their current Luminous Lip Veil gloss, which is also really nice. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

A new favourite. This is great for thicker foundations like Skin79 BB Cream and powder and cream blush.

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
I dare say Tea Tree Oil works just as well as the Origins Super Spot Remover, even though it's definitely something for resistant skin. If you have very sensitive skin, I think it might burn :S but it's so effective at clearing up spots! It's just as effective than the Origins Super Spot Remover and so much cheaper too. 

I've been using Bio-Oil on my cheeks and it's made such a difference. I used to have redness on my cheeks, and that's gone now, and my skin isn't as dry when it doesn't have anything on.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
This has been great for an odd breakout on my cheek near my jawline and redness. I heard so much about it and when it arrived from iHerb I was so excited to try it out because I was recovering from stress-related skin issues. It really helped and I'm very glad I bought it. Pity we can't get it in Australia.

Phew! I had a surprising number of favourites this month. I'll be away in freezing Harbin, China, for half of next month, so expect to see 'travel makeup bag'-type posts soon! Meanwhile, happy holidays, all you Uni kiddies! Let's try to be productive these next couple of months! :p Take care and God bless! xxx


  1. Nice favourites Cherie :)
    I really want to try more Revlon KBS!

    1. Thanks! You should take advantage of the BOGOF then! :p

  2. I picked up my first revlon lip balm stain today and its awesome! I got the hot pink one, they just came into singapore! I think i must go back and get more...they're on sale now at 20% off their normal (in singapore) $18.90!

    1. I want to get the hot pink one too! Sweetheart is soo pretty. Oh wow they're almost the same price here! We've got a BOGOF offer going on atm- I'm very tempted. :)

  3. So many favourites this month! I agree, BYS blush in Coral tends to be on the bad side of pigmented, but it's so pretty if applied properly. I love my RT stippling brush for pigmented + cream blushes too. :D

    I was realllly considering buying Origin's Super Spot Remover but since it's similar to Tea Tree Oil, I might as well spend $15 more and try an Origin's mask since they look so good.

    ALSO, I have both MAC Springsheen and NARS Orgasm and I think a prefer the latter :D xx

    1. And YAY, I love it when one of your new posts come up on my dashboard ^__^

    2. Haha yesss I was so shocked that there were so many! But it did feel like an insanely long month. I still really like the Super Spot Remover! Don't get me wrong- it's still really good, and Tea Tree Oil may not agree with everyone- I think some people are allergic, or too sensitive! I'm sooo tempted to get an Origins mask too- which one were you eyeing? Hehe POST ABOUT YOUR NARS JOIE DE VIVRE! :D Aw... that's so sweet! Thanks! xxx

  4. You hit pan on your Essence eyeliner? Wow, I can't even imagine that :p I have completely neglected mine, I just find gel eyeliners in a pot so much more fiddly than a felt tip eyeliner which I can do in 5 seconds. But I agree, the Essence does. not. come. off.

    I have to say that Charm is probably my favourite lip stain as well, though Sweetheart is the clear winner in the longevity stakes :p I'm glad you're warming up to the Australis blush and you've found a way to make it work with the RT stippling brush. I still don't know if BYS Coral would ever work for me, but the moral seems to be lightly does it! Have you considered NARS Deep Throat over Orgasm? :)

    1. Deep Throat was my initial pick but after seeing Amarixe and Temptalia's posts about it, I think it's much too pale and pink for my liking- I want something darker and peachy. :) I actually really like Charm's stain- it reminds me of MAC Costa Chic, which I would buy if it wasn't so darn expensive. Hitting pan on eyeliner is cheating though, as you just dip in the same spot each time and hit pan after a few uses. :p

    2. Really? I find Deep Throat to be more pigmented than the sheerer Orgasm. The colours are similar, but Deep Throat is a bit peachier, Orgasm is slightly pinker. The main difference is the shimmer in Orgasm. Darker and peachy seems like Luster? Maybe? What happened to getting that? :p