Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Empties!

I go through products very slowly- it takes me ages to finish things up. My snail's pace of finishing products is the reason why I've never done an Empties post before, but last month I somehow managed to finish things (very happy!) and the empties suddenly accumulated so I thought I'd post about it because the mini reviews could turn out useful!

Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel
I was using this before I got the Origins Super Spot Remover, and I remember having to use a lot more of this than the Origins. The thin nozzle, and the thicker consistency, made it easier to use more product than the Origins'. The SA at Kit Cosmetics mentioned Clean & Clear products were a lot harsher on the skin, which I don't doubt. It worked, but not quite as well as the Origins, and I recently picked up a vial of Tea Tree Oil to try out too so... Repurchase? No.

Mary Kay Dual Coverage Powder Foundation
This was something my mum got a couple of years ago and I used it for semi and formal and I remember hitting pan on it last year, and have used it sparingly since because finding another powder foundation was something I wanted to put off for as long as possible. Its time has come, and I shall say goodbye quite happily as I'm welcoming the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder into my life. Repurchase? No.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara
I've used this since June, and from the smudging that was going on a couple of months ago, it looks like it's time to toss it. It's an excellent mascara- good wand, great separation, slightly lengthening, easy to use and suitably waterproof. But now that it's gross and smelling a little off, it's time to say goodbye. Repurchase? Yes, either when my current mascara's done its time or when the next sale comes around.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues
This was one of the first products I bought earlier this year, when I first started getting into makeup. They function well, though the claims are a bit dubious. I'm not sure how beneficial the tamanu oil and Community Fair Trade tea tree oil would be when you're just blotting for a couple of seconds at a time. I do like using them, and though tissues serve the same purpose, when I used these on my nose and t-zone I noticed fewer spots cropped up. Is it a coincidence? Is it the tamanu oil and Community Fair Trade tea tree oil? Who knows. But at $4.95 for 65 sheets, they're affordable and readily available, and I do think I'll buy another pack. Repurchase? Yes.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
Formerly my go-to night moisturiser, I've been put off this by the fact that it contains Isopropyl Palmitate, and as I have acne-prone skin I want to avoid using anything with that ingredient, which can clog pores and cause acne. I had a bit of this left so I used it up on dry patches and elbows and am glad to be done with it, but I don't know what to replace it with! Repurchase? No.

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo mini
I bought this on sale earlier this year and wasn't too keen on it because I wasn't used to dry shampoo. I grew up washing my hair every night and that's a habit that's hard to kick. Thankfully Brisbane's not as humid as Singapore so I'm trying (and failing) to wash my hair every second night, and this dry shampoo gets me through the days when I can't handle the feeling of unwashed hair. We'll be going to Harbin for two weeks at the end of the year, and from experiences in Switzerland, I know sometimes it can be so bitterly cold that you physically cannot bring yourself to wash your hair, so dry shampoo will come in very handy then. Repurchase? In the future, yes. At the moment I'm trying out a Klorane one, so not any time soon.

Lush Tea Tree Water
I bought this to use as a toner on my t-zone. I have combination skin so I wanted something to tone down the shiny nose. I like that it comes in a spray bottle but being a bit trigger-happy resulted in my cheeks drying out so I had to use a cotton pad and sweep it on instead, which I didn't really like doing. I don't think it did much apart from causing some redness on my cheeks. I finished it up by using it as a refreshing spray, which I find is necessary with the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. Although I could find a use for it in conjunction with the mineral powder, I recently bought the Avene Eau Thermale spray, the aerosol nozzle of which disperses a finer mist. Repurchase? No.

Hopefully I'll continue this empties kick and finish up more things! It's so satisfying to be done with a product, and to be able to move on to try new things. If only it were as easy to finish makeup products as it is skincare!


  1. Woooo, Avene Thermal Spray! :p Haha, the nozzle is amazing, it disperses such a fine mist. And I know it's just water, but I'm such a sucker for it anyway :)

    It's amazing that you used the Mary Kay up till the very last bit of powder around the edges of the pan. It's good to be done with something conveniently when you have a much superior replacement to use instead. I will await your more indepth review of the LM once you've used it for a while longer.

    I agree that Full n Soft is quite a good mascara. I used it when I was younger but just haven't returned to it. I really like it for the lower lashes. It's very well-named, I find that it leaves your lashes exactly how the product is named - fuller, softer. It's very natural looking. Kind of like buying those wispy, natural false eyelashes to put on top of your normal lashes.

    1. I love the Avene Thermal Spray's mist- I'm skeptical about the benefits of it but I was tossing up between the Avene eau thermale and MAC Fix+ to use after applying the LM and I figured there wouldn't be any harm in going for the Avene one since you literally cannot react badly to it. The 30mL Fix+ is only $15 so I can always try that one another time.
      Hahaha funny that, the Mary Kay powder actually cracked up when it was down to a fine ring round the edge of the pan, which is why it's completely gone. I'm waiting for your review! I was editing the post and thought 'ohh I was so uninspired with the photos. I wonder how Lena will go about photographing it'. I wore the LM today, and I really liked the medium-full coverage after it was spritzed, and it wore well too. The colour match turned out okay too. :D
      I really like how easy Full n Soft is. I would try L'Oreal Telescopic waterproof too but I don't want something too lengthening because I wear glasses all the time. :S I contemplated contacts but after seeing a girl trying them out at the optom I'm put off them completely. Something about makeup and contacts don't mix well imo.

  2. I love the Uriage thermal spray, I found the mist is much finer than the Avene one. The LM powder sounds interesting, I love that brand so much. I like using blotting papers that contain powder or ingredients like tea tree, they really do help keep shine and blemishes away :) I haven't tried the Body Shop ones before though, so they are going on my list!

    1. I've never heard of that one! I'm loving LM at the moment- I really want one of their Second Skin Cheek Colours! The Body Shop ones are just easy and convenient- be warned that they do have a funky smell but you can see for yourself instore. I didn't notice it for months so it didn't bother me much, but it's something to take note of. :)

  3. I love the Avene Thermal Spray, it's so calming :D the regular Full n Soft is one of my HG mascaras :) hope to see more empties in the future!

    1. I'm loving it at the moment! It's such a con, but there are some really good offers sometimes. :) I was going to get the regular formula but went for the waterproof instead because I often tear up when I yawn. Hopefully so! :) x

  4. Thanks for sharing your empties! Haha I go through products at a snail pace too, I don't understand because I'm not that stingy with the product :P I'm not a fan of repurchasing the same stuff again (unless it's absolutely amazing) because I love trying new things :)

    1. I used to be loyal, but the more good things I hear about certain products the more I want to try them! I know what you mean- I'll use a blush or a shampoo loads and wonder 'when will this run out?!' but I do like switching some things up- though some things I try to keep constant, like cleanser- I think that's the one thing that I shouldn't switch up the moment I finish a bottle!

    2. Yes I always go "when will this run out?" too! Yes some things that work shouldn't be changed, but other things can be an experient (maybe because I get bored easily!) :P

  5. the Clean&Clear spot gel work a bit on me but I find it quite harsh on my sensitive skin >_< I think I'll try the origins instead =)