Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet As Candy

I'd heard so much about the L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows but was never inclined to try them for myself because I could never find a shade I was truly captivated by. I thought Bronzed Taupe and Amber Rush, shades exclusive to the US, were the only ones worth getting but I'm steering clear of online shopping as much as possible so those were out of the question.
Out of the shades available locally, Hourglass Beige and Sahara Treasure weren't bad but I couldn't see myself using them often. As pretty as Hourglass Beige is, it's too light to use as a lid colour for me, and I have better inner corner highlight shadows. Sahara Treasure was a very pretty vintage gold, but not nearly flattering enough to warrant the purchase. Often the L'Oreal stands have been raided and only the brown/navy/black/pink/coral shades are left (from my experience). However, some idle browsing of the L'Oreal stand revealed some new shades released in a new collection called Miss Candy- there were some colours like Naughty Strawberry and Sassy Chamallo (though I'm almost certain the ones in the store were called Sassy Marshmallow) but the only colour I could see myself wearing was Tender Caramel

I've wanted to try the texture of the shadows for some time now, so finding a shade that I can see myself using regularly was the push I needed. They're halfway between a pressed and a loose eyeshadow, as they're a loose eyeshadow that's been partially compressed, and is kept that way using the plastic stamper thingy. It applies smoothly and is easy to blend out.

Tender Caramel is a metallic cool taupe with flecks of bronze pigment in the pan. The colour reminded me of my favourite eyeshadow product, the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. I'm not really big on eyeshadow but I love Bad to the Bronze's metallic taupe-brown. Upon swatching them side by side, they aren't nearly as similar as I thought they were. I actually don't have any dupes for it. Tender Caramel is cooler and more taupe than Bad to the Bronze, which is warmer and more brown. The bronze shade in Sleek's Original i-Divine palette also bore some resemblance to Tender Caramel but it's warmer and closer to a copper when swatched. Another potential dupe is Urban Decay's Sidecar, but as I don't own it, I can't say. I'm sure there are dupes for it out there, as it's not a particularly unique shade, but as I don't own a crazy amount of eyeshadow I don't have much in way of dupes. 

 L-R: Sleek bronze, L'Oreal Tender Caramel, Maybelline BTTB

I don't know why it's not showing up true to colour, but in person it's got some lovely purplish tones. No major colour, just a hint. :)

My only gripe with these Color Infallible shadows is that they claim 24 hours of 'hold'. Even primer won't get these to stay on for 16 hours, let alone 24. They don't seem to crease, but they do fade. I'd rather have a product state the honest shorter wear time- something reasonable like 8-12 hours- than falsely advertise 24 hour hold, which is unrealistic. They're also a little pricey (retailing for $20) but I've resigned myself to the high prices of Australian drugstore makeup. I bought this at Big W (the only place I found this shade) for a little over $18- I couldn't be bothered waiting for a sale. I have a feeling it'll go on sale sometime soon and I'll kick myself for being impulsive.

I think I'll mostly wear Tender Caramel over Bad to the Bronze, because the staying power of the Maybelline Color Tattoos is unrivalled. It's still pretty by itself, or with a darker colour in the outer corner. :) If you can find this shade in stores near you, it's worth checking out, if anything, just to add to your collection. It's so wearable, and the texture of the shadows makes them such a joy to use. If L'Oreal keep releasing new shades, I might find myself amassing a little collection! :)


  1. Glad to hear you finally picked one up, they do have a very interesting quality. Smooth, pigmented and a metallic finish I love. We don't have that shade here at the moment! It's so lovely, I like how its cooler toned. I've picked up three myself and don't intend for anymore. A dark brown, purple and deep navy :)

    1. It's a pity Singapore doesn't have it yet! I really like the unique texture of the shadows (well, unique to drugstore products, as the Armani ETK are supposed to be similar)! :)

  2. I'm not a major eyeshadow wearer so I haven't picked one of these up, but this shade is gorgeous. Definitely something I would pick out for myself. On another note, I hope Maybelline release more colours of their Colour Tattoos soon! xx

    1. Yes! I'm hoping for Barely Beige from the Autumn collection. :) xx

  3. Well, thats eyeshadows looks really pigmented and metallic i want try! :)

    Thanks for this review!


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  4. I wanted to get Tender Caramel as well, but from your swatch it looks sooooo similar to Bronzed Taupe that I probably don't need it. But I've been hearing a lot about Amber Rush lately, so now I'm really kicking myself for not buying it when I was in the US :p I don't wear these Infallible shades very much, I find them super fiddly and a little tricky to apply. I like Bronzed Taupe over BTTB, but to be honest the effect isn't really pronounced and it's relatively subtle. I prefer the bronze in the Storm palette to darken up BTTB. Looks like the bronze in the Original palette is really similar to BTTB!