Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jemma Kidd Fix

Most people know that Jemma Kidd's makeup line has gone under and the products discontinued, but I wanted to try her products before they disappeared forever. I bought the Jemma Kidd Quick Fix Party Kit, which contains a Jemma Kidd Make Up School Eye Wardrobe Quartet in Metallica, a pair of Glamour corner lashes, a makeup bag and most notably, a Jemma Kidd Pro Skin Perfection Kit. The main motive of this purchase was to try the infamous Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme. I've never read a bad review, and I missed my chance to buy the full size so I was very excited when I saw it included in the Skin Perfection quad.

The Skin Perfection Kit came with a little booklet and Jemma Kidd's opening line says 'I believe that make-up should reveal our inner beauty, not treat the face like a blank canvas.' I like where this is going. The quad contains four cream products- two colour correctors in smaller compartments and two larger pans containing the cream highlighter Jemma Kidd became well-known for and a lip and cheek 'flush' cream.

The consistency of the Dewy Glow is different to the other three- it's a lot thicker and creamier, while the other three are very emollient and much less concentrated. While this makes the lip and cheek stain easier to use, it means the correctors are a disappointment as they aren't very effective.

I adore the Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme. Although it's the lighter, cooler shade Iced Gold and I prefer the look of the darker, warmer shade Rose Gold, it's exactly what I've been looking for. The only other highlighter I have the MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle, which I do like, but it can look very stark. I wanted something more subtle and understated for more of a glow than a highlight, which is exactly what the Dewy Glow gives. I swatched it heavily, but when applied with a light hand it appears very understated and glowy and unlike the Soft and Gentle MSF, the generic iridescent shimmer particles are not visible so it doesn't look shimmery.

The Berry Lip and Cheek Flush is pretty and easy to use. It's a dark berry-toned burgundy in the pan but applies sheerly. What I like about it is that is sets with a dewy finish, not drying down like a cream-to-powder formula. It's more suited to cheeks than lips- I don't think it would last very well on the lips, but it's a nice multi-use product that I'll use more often in the cooler months.

I don't like the colour correctors. I don't see myself using them as the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealers suit me just fine, but I can see the merits of having Citrus and Apricot colour correctors in one's kit. In theory, I know how to use these, but I've never tried to conceal with them before. 

I'm happy with my purchase, and I'm elated that the Dewy Glow lives up to the skyscraper expectations that I had. If only I'd bought the full-size when it was available, I could have spared myself the trouble of buying this whole set...


  1. Lol I'm bemused by the lamenting tone in your final sentence - the dilemma of a makeup addict! :p I'm now super glad I got in before Jemma Kidd went under. I think I would've driven myself bonkers if I never got the chance to try the All-Over Radiance Creme. The colour correctors seem interesting in theory ... might be fun to have a play around even if they don't seem to be the best texture or very effective in concealing. Glad that Iced Gold lived up to your high expectations though :) At least you have that little bit of the quad to love!

    1. The Dewy Glow is so worth the hype! I remember rushing onto BeautyBay to purchase the full size but backed out because I'd just bought the Soft and Gentle MSF. :( x

  2. wow, this look really interesting!!but I can only imagine myself using the dewy glow only..~

  3. The highlight looks nice but I don't really like the other colours :P

  4. lovely blog.