Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mineral Foundation: Revisited

Mineral makeup is messy. It's expensive. It's wasteful because it flies all over the place and probably settles in your carpet. On the upside, it's easy to apply, it's lightweight, and the Laura Mercier powder is said to be 'composed completely of natural elements with 15 active amino acids to promote radiant skin, and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles'. 
One of the products I splurged on when I was in Singapore is the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF15 in the shade Natural Beige. I already have the shade Real Sand, but being gullible and not having the sense to head down to the Laura Mercier counter (I didn't know we had one at the time), I ordered a shade too light for my skin tone. When browsing in Sephora I did a quick conversion of the SGD to AUD and since the Mineral Powder was the same price as StrawberryNet ($58 SGD), into the basket it went. 

l-r: Real Sand, Natural Beige 

Natural Beige is almost a perfect match, but as it's a fraction too dark I mix it with Real Sand. I haven't changed techniques since my first post, I'm still using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply it and it's provides different levels of coverage depending on how it's applied- swept on it gives light coverage, buffed in it gives medium and packing it on certain areas gives full coverage- I have some scars from hormonal cheek acne and I packed the powder on that area and it concealed the scars completely. When used in tandem with concealer on problem areas it's (and I say this tentatively) flawless. Big claim for a small product.

Once applied, it has a luminosity suited to all seasons. In summer it looks radiant and healthy while during winter the glow is great for perking up dull skin. I don't have dull skin because I have naturally glowy (read: oily) skin so I've learnt to smooth a water-based primer over the t-zone before applying the powder. Laura Mercier makes a mineral primer geared towards use underneath its mineral powders and it's got a whole list of good things in it- the LM lady was throwing the words 'colloidal silver' around and she was getting very excited and quite pushy and wouldn't give me a sample so I left without buying anything from her. A primer or moisturiser is necessary for people with oily skin because the powder needs the barrier to sink into, because without a barrier,  the powder just moves around on the surface. People with dry skin will probably benefit from a well-moisturised base to prime the skin. I've never used any other brands of mineral makeup so I can't compare, but I won't be trying any others- when it comes to mineral foundation I've got a HG here.

For someone on casual wages this was an unnecessary splurge purchase. I definitely didn't need to get started on mineral powder. I'm not entirely sure what spurred me onto this mineral makeup madness but it was probably the rave reviews of Estée and Barbara. Laura Mercier does a pressed version of this powder but I don't find I need to blot at all with this powder when inclined to use a primer. For anyone who already uses powder foundation, wants a powder with good coverage, or is just feeling adventurous with some cash to burn, the Laura Mercier is definitely a good pick.


  1. I've never tried mineral makeup and if I were to, this would be first on my list!! It is so raved about by Estee, it's definitely made it onto my 'all time' wishlist, haha.

  2. I would love to try mineral makeup, I prefer my pressed powder because its less messy! x


  3. I don't go for mineral makeup because I feel like you sweep it on and you don't look any different. I have scars too so maybe this will cover it up?
    But yeah, I tend to avoid mineral makeup because I'm a total klutz and would probably knock it all over :P

  4. This is what I ended up doing with Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum when I bought #52 after buying #53. I think sometimes that's just what needs to happen when there's no perfect shade for you but you like the product a lot. Though it would be a lot easier to mix liquids than powders. I'm still stuck with my Real Sand which is too light for me, so I always have to spend extra time bronzing things up. I found it really hard to blend into moisturised skin last time I wore this - it kind of started to collect/cake around the area where the brush first hits and you need to work hard to spread it out, lol.

  5. ive always bought quite a few items during the mineral rave days ut eventually not using them at all as i always get distracted with a much newer raves, lolz ;)