Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not Quite Naked

When a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Palette was first brought to my attention, I brushed it off, thinking I'd buy the real thing sooner or later and I didn't want to waste my money on a cheaper copy. However, after spending $80SGD on the Naked2 at Sephora for the sake of a select few shades that I wanted badly, I decided to settle for the original Naked's dupe as I currently don't wear eyeshadow often enough to warrant having both Urban Decay Naked palettes.

The Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Eyeshadow Collection palette is slightly smaller in size than the Urban Decay palettes, and is much flimsier. The line-up of the shades is very very similar to the original Naked palette- the most persuasive post I found was Amanda's, as she took the time to swatch and compare each shade, brand for brand.

The quality of the shadows is poorer, with weaker pigmentation and a more powdery texture than the Urban Decay formula. The fiercely shimmery quality of the Urban Decay formula has not been copied but the softer, satin finish isn't bad either. 

l-r: Chi Chi's Virgin copy, UD Bootycall, Chi Chi's Sin copy

l-r: Chi Chi's Half Baked copy, UD Half Baked

l-r: UD YDK, Chi Chi's Toasted copy

These are the closest dupes I found- naturally because they're supposed to be complementary palettes, there won't be many dupes. 
Chi Chi's Virgin copy is very close to UD's Bootycall, though Bootycall is slightly warmer. Chi Chi's Sin copy is more pink.
The Half Baked copy is less saturated than the real Half Baked, but the colour is very close. Because of the insane pigmentation, the UD Half Baked looks more orange. 
UD YDK is one of the shadows that drew me to the Naked2 palette despite its being on the cooler end of the spectrum and its having shades like Pistol and Chopper which I didn't see myself using at all. Again, the Chi Chi shadow has a more satin finish than the shimmery YDK, but the colour is similar.
Chi Chi's done a wide range of these palettes- this was the only notable dupe but there are some lovely lighter shades in the Bases palette, and a good choice for beginners is the Classics. There are lots of brights and bolds in the coloured palettes but I'm very much a neutral girl.

I'm glad to have both the Chi Chi Nudes and Urban Decay Naked2, because for someone who rarely wears eyeshadow, the two are more than enough. Most beauty girls already own one or the other, but the Chi Chi is a great alternative for people on a budget, or if you just hate waiting for online shopping orders to arrive. I bought mine for just under $15 on sale, though its RRP is $19.95 and it's available at Myer and Target.


  1. Love it! Good and cheap option for the Urban Decay ones :)


  2. Wow, it really does look like a complete set of dupes for the Naked palette! I'm someone who has the MUA Undressed which seems to be a dupe of the naked from the ladies who have both so now I'm keen on the naked 2 and lorac pro for nude palettes! I'm glad you like it and will be using it! That's a steal!

    1. I want the LORAC Pro too! I just don't want to go down the eBay route in case it's fake. I much prefer blog sales or secure online sellers like BeautyBay.

  3. Thanks for the review and swatches! I'm contemplating the Naked 1 but I already have the Naked 2 and I probably won't use both too much either.
    I don't even wear eyeshadow that often :P

    1. Hahaha when I bought Naked2 I knew I should have gone with my first choice, the original Naked, instead, but I just really wanted Tease and Suspect and YDK. I'm getting into eyeliner but it seems all of them smudge on me!

  4. wow, the price is definitely way cheaper than naked, will def try this out ;)

  5. hi! may i know which website did you order it from? im from singapore too! thank you:)

  6. hi! may i know which website did you order it from? im from singapore too! thank you! :)