Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Most Used | Blush

My stash has seen more blush than anything else- I border on 'addict' status. I've thrown out or given away the ones that I don't use, because apparently that's how I like to waste my money, so these lucky few have made the cut. I don't know why I like blusher, because I have a tendency to flush easily so in all honesty I don't really need blush unless I've got a full face of makeup on and you all know I don't do that often. But clearly I love the stuff, because I've only got two bronzers and three foundations compared to this pretty little collezione.

Sorry about the weird lighting- couldn't get it right! The swatches below are more accurate.

MAC Peaches
6g, $44 AUD RRP
I bought this from Jen's blog sale- I was tossing up between Melba and Peaches for a natural-looking matte peachy blush and when I saw it pop up in her blog sale, my decision was made. Peaches has a Sheertone formula- I don't know what exactly that means besides it being sheer, and matte. At the moment it's my least favourite of these five, just because I like the others more. It's a matte orange-coral that can emphasise redness unless applied on a good canvas of foundation. It's photogenic and I think I've seen it in a wedding makeup tutorial or two. A very spring-appropriate blush.

Rimmel Santa Rose
4g, $10 AUD RRP
By far my favourite 'drugstore'/ highstreet blush, Santa Rose is my go-to no-makeup blush. This light pinkish peach is perfect for those au-naturel, 'I didn't try today' moods. It's not too pink, it's not too orange, it's just a nice, natural 'nude' peachy blush. It's of the understated, polished sort that goes with everything and doesn't clash with anything. Tanya Burr was the reason I purchased this blush (see her using it here and here) and it's readily available and inexpensive. The formula isn't the best- it's a tiny bit chalkier than the others but it's nothing worth complaining about. I'm fairly sure Rimmel are repackaging these because I've seen a couple of new shades in a rectangular pan with a Union Jack design.

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Zygomatic
4g, $28 AUD RRP
An ideal autumn-winter blush. The formula is amazing- so pigmented yet easy to blend, and the shade is a subtle neutral brown-based pink and looks so natural and flattering. It's the only cream blush included in this post, because I just find powder so much easier to use.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine
3.6g, $35 AUD RRP
A coral similar to MAC Peaches, this has a tiny bit more pink but still runs fairly peachy coral with a bit of gold shimmer. It doesn't appear shimmery on the cheek, instead the shimmer translates to a flattering glow. I think if I had to pick one summer blush, it would be this one. I was at the Laura Mercier counter at DJs and these cost $35- which is less than I thought they'd charge. I won't be buying any more from StrawberryNet when I could pay $5 more to purchase it in-store. You can fit them into one of the Laura Mercier customisable palettes and the packaging is so luxurious. The formula is the best I've tried and it's so pretty on the skin. I want more of these!

NARS Deep Throat
4.8g, $45 AUD RRP
I purchased this when I'd just come back from a holiday in a bid to keep the holiday high going. Sadly, all it accomplished was a considerable dent in my bank balance, though taking home the shiny, sleek Mecca Cosmetica shopping bag did pep me up a little. I like it, and for a beginner (with the cash to splash out) it's an excellent everyday peachy pink blush with very flattering golden shimmer, but it's not a particularly unique shade. Admittedly it has an iridescence that cheaper dupes lack, but it's really up to you whether or not you'd be willing to spend that much on a single item, especially when there are so many similar colours out there that cost far less. Note: the swatch in the first picture is more true to colour than the swatch in the second. It's not coral-leaning at all.

In cool daylight
from l-r: MAC Peaches, Rimmel Santa Rose, Illamasqua Zygomatic, LM Lush Nectarine, NARS DT

Another product I love is the Lioele Pop Orange Tint- almost exactly the same as Benefit Cha Cha Tint- but I wanted to keep this to five. The tint is equally good on both cheeks and lips- which is rare, because brands tend to pitch cream blush (Illamasqua) or lip and cheek products (Stila) that supposedly do both which don't always live up to the claims.
I've posted about Bourjois blushes before, but they're no longer favourites. I've depotted Rose Ambre and Rose D'Or and put them in a magnetic tin-cum-palette and gave away Rose Coup de Foudre (too similar to Deep Throat to keep both around). The baked powder is very dense and hard and it's difficult to get any pigment on the brush without giving the domed powder a quick once-over with a cotton bud. The colours are beautiful and wearable and the shade range is huge but the formula (which was devised in the 19th century) needs some updating. Normally excellent brands like Revlon, Maybelline and L'Oreal are a little lacking in their blush ranges.

I'm happy with these 5- they cover all manner of blush bases and I feel like I have a blush for every occasion. To the average eye one is sufficient, two would be an indulgence and five would be madness, but let's not talk about that...


  1. Beautiful blushes! The creaminess of the Illamasqua cream blush makes me want to swirl my fingers in it! So many raves about the modest Rimmel blush Santa Rose, and being accessible and affordable, I think I may need to give it a go. I haven't yet had the heart to splurge on a NARS blush yet, but I'm nearly there. And I agree with you with paying just $5 more, but being able to buy it instore is better (the product is instantly in my hands AND nothing better than carrying a nice shopping bag too).

    1. Definitely- buying it instore is so much better than ordering it online. I hope Santa Rose doesn't disappoint- it's great but no miracle worker by any means! NARS is good but definitely overpriced- I do seem to like DT more and more though!

  2. They all look so pretty :') I find I don't get a lot of wear out of cream blushes because I always forget to apply them.
    I like the look of MAC peaches!

    1. You should definitely give cream blushers a chance! They look so natural and are easy to blend.

  3. Peaches is one of my favorite blushes :)

    1. It's very pretty- and it would look so good on your skin tone!