Monday, June 3, 2013

Trivial Ten

Since my days are currently filled with exam preparation, say hello to scheduled blog posts! Here's ten facts about me to shake up the beauty focus of the blog. Ten facts + pictures from Europe (Switzerland, Italy, Germany) and Uluru.

clockwise from top left: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II from the end near La Scala | Sunset from a trenino (little train) car window | Lugano City | Nara ski park chair lift | the 'Little Italy' quarter at Europa Park in Germany | Walking next to Lago Lugano (Lugano Lake)

Uluru l-r: sunrise, sunset

clockwise: Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay (CBD and Fullerton Hotel), Nanjing Massacre Memorial

2. I learnt Italian for 4.5 years in high school (long live that sturdy old State High!) and although I learnt Chinese for around 10 years my Italian is better than my Chinese. Chinese comes more naturally but my Italian vocab is better.

3. I'm addicted to green tea. I have at least one mug of organic green tea every day.

4. I have a huge sweet tooth. It wreaks havoc with my skin but I can't control it. I've been known to eat an entire block of chocolate in one day. I share it around but I end up eating most of it.

5. I'm Singaporean-Chinese and almost all of my family is still living in Singapore. I lived in Darwin, Thailand and Singapore before moving to Brisbane. I've lived in Brisbane for 10 years now. I love travelling- I love flying, I love seeing new places, hearing different languages and taking lots of photos like the tourist I am.

6. I stayed in Switzerland for two months on Italian language exchange and it was so much fun- I highly recommend studying abroad. While my exchange student was spending her two months in Brisbane we flew to Uluru for a short holiday. Uluru is one of the most memorable sights I've ever seen- a best-seen-in-person experience. We didn't climb it but we did the 10km walk around it and it was great.

7. I like making cookies, cakes and Italian food. Homemade pasta and chocolate chip cookies are inward triumphs of mine. Well worth the effort.

8. I waste far too much money on drinks- Zarraffa's or Easyway/Chatime bubble tea. I always order a White Chocolate Fusion at Zarraffa's, but at bubble tea places I can't stand milk tea so I always order flavoured green tea or a sorbet with jelly or pearls.

9. I had a side fringe for years but have grown mine out for the past year and won't cut a fringe again. Tricky business, side fringes.

10. I constantly say I'll give up sugar or dairy and lose five kilos and get fit and healthy and it's always something I'll 'start tomorrow'. 

A pensive quote that I gleaned from my ENVM2200 lecture catch-ups:
Here is quote from the “No Impact Man” (by Colin Beavan)
“....I see that when I get what I want, my want does not go away, it just turns to the next thing. In some ways it’s incorrect to say, “I want this” or “I want that.” It’s more correct to just say, “I want,” in the same way as we say, “I ache.”... I wonder if, understanding that wanting is at the base of human experience and that it is not alleviated by fulfilling the capricious desire of the day, I might perhaps allow myself to get off the hamster wheel.”

I thought 50 facts was too much especially when it's not video-blogged so ten was neater. If you blog, do share ten facts about you- it's always nice to get to know the personality behind the blog!


  1. That last quote seems appropriate for our makeup obsessions, hah! Reminds me of a Game of Thrones quote about wanting that has a similar sentiment. When will we ever just be happy with what we have, or is yearning for something else/more just human nature? That's so fascinating you know Italian - I am hopeless at languages and my parents/family/society at large often judge me for not being able to speak Chinese despite being born there.

    1. I neglected the Chinese classes my parents sent me to for years- they were clearly in vain, as my knowledge of the language is limited to the two years of primary school in Singapore I had before moving to Australia. Going on China camp always starts off with 'hope we can make friends with people who are fluent- how are we going to cope without them?!'. The quote caught my eye in my lecture revision and it struck so true.

  2. Uluru! Went on a Central Australia trip when I was 15 - so much fun. Uluru was beautiful! Couldn't believe how big it was! Haha number 10 is so me as well.

    1. I was 16 when I went- it was incredible!