Thursday, July 25, 2013

Glycolic Gold

I heard so many things about the life-changing product Alpha-H Liquid Gold and have wanted to try it for ages so when RY sent me a Liquid Gold product I was ecstatic. The Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream* isn't as popular than the original Liquid Gold exfoliating treatment but Ruth reports that it's similarly effective but as a cream formula it's ideal to alternate with the Liquid Gold exfoliator because it's also hydrating.

"A rich evening moisturiser ideal for skin refining, enhanced smoothness, radiance and luminosity. Best suited to mature skin, this luxurious moisturiser boasts argan stem cells to enhance and protect while Vitamin C is included to firm and brighten the skin.

Unlike the Liquid Gold chemical exfoliant which has an alcohol base, this cream is water-based with glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which are key ingredients for moisturisers. Glycolic acid, the ingredient responsible for the chemical exfoliation and the backbone of the Liquid Gold line, is fourth on the list, so you would hope that it packs a punch. I was trying to explain this to my mum: glycolic acid essentially removes the top layers of dead skin chemically, it's gentler and without friction, so that it increases the rate of cell turnover and facilitates new skin growth.
I found it yielded the best results by using it on alternate evenings- using it on consecutive nights resulted in tiny little under-the-skin bumps, which could only have been attributed to this cream. Using it every second night produced noticeable results the morning after- skin was glowing and hydrated. Only long-term use will produce noticeable reduction in scars so if I do see an improvement in hyperpigmentation I will definitely post about it.

The packaging is substantial- it has a solid, well-made feel to it and the cream comes out of the tub with a press of the white plastic part of the pump. I can see what Alpha-H was trying to achieve with a pump dispenser while maintaining the tub form but scooping the cream off the top isn't ideal either. The cream itself is mildly scented- it reminds me of La Roche-Posay in that the scent isn't particularly floral or fruity like Origins products, instead it's subtle and clean.

I've heard mixed reviews on Alpha-H Liquid Gold products, some people love them to bits, some people thought they were a waste of money without going the whole hog and incorporating more than the Liquid Gold exfoliator into their routine. I do think the glycolic acid greatly helps the skin but as with all skincare, it's very subjective and some may have more to gain from a stronger, more concentrated dose in a mask like the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask, while more sensitive skins would benefit from gentler, more frequent use of a product like Liquid Gold and its corresponding cream.

*Product sent for PR consideration.


  1. Must've been exciting to have been sent this - particularly with all the hoopla surrounding AHAs at the moment. I've been on the lookout for a night cream but this one seems like it might be a bit too much if your experience is anything to go by. The ingredients list seems nice though. I actually bought the Alpha-H Anti-Ageing set from Beauty Bay recently and have begun trialling some of the products. I've used Liquid Gold a couple of times and to be honest I haven't really experienced anything amazing from it ... except fresh paranoia at my lack of SPF in my routine :p

    1. Haha hoopla surrounding AHAs. Indeed- I even checked out the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner and I'm tempted but it's a $45 toner! Liquid Gold is something I've wanted to try for absolutely ages but I read some pretty indifferent reviews so I'm on the fence. And LOL fresh paranoia at lack of SPF- pretty much the exact same thing that happened to me when I trialled the Kate Somerville AntiBac clearing lotion!

    2. I know, that stupid Clarins toner - I was this close to buying it on multiple occasions. I'm going to do a current wishlist post soon and it will definitely make an appearance. Luckily the set I bought included one of their moisturisers with SPF50 ... though it also contains mineral oil >:( It's so confusing being a pupil of Caroline.