Thursday, July 11, 2013

Winter Holidays II

Photo and caption update today. Uni holidays are coming to a close and it feels like so long a break has passed so quickly. I've decided I want to post more about the food and books that I love just as much as skincare/makeup products, so here goes. I haven't done much since my last photo post but I did venture down Burnett Lane to give Brew a try and I'm impressed. Nice coffee, good food and a cosy Melburnian-inspired setting in a converted back alley softened by curtain partitions, sofas, hipster staff and dim wall lamps. To quote Michelle, the hype be real.

louie-louie single-origin latte, salmon and potato pancakes with lime creme-fraiche and poached egg, haloumi, asparagus and poached egg on ciabatta | sorry, like I said, dim light
toby, maltese-shihtzu. domestic beast
having a crack at fresh pasta again
pappardelle with mushroom and bacon ragu - not my best but passable
priceline purchases
borrowed a Nicholas Sparks and an old faithful Matthew Reilly | daily slap: LM, Illamasqua, Maybelline and Lioele

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  1. Oh my, such yummy things! Those eggs have been poached very well and I'd love to get one of those machines to make fresh pasta!! happy holidays!