Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winter Holidays III

My new favourite place to eat in the city, Brew. I must restrain myself and my gushing of praise, for I went twice within the week of my first visit.

Haloumi, asparagus, poached egg on ciabatta

Salty, spicy potatoes bravos: chat potatoes, chorizo and poached egg with chipotle and rocket

The bar and kitchen near the entrance

Brew on Burnett Lane in the city once had an air of a well-kept-secret about it, but like all good things, the word gets out and the times I've been there (around 8-11am) it's been bustling and very merry. It's located at the bottom of an alleyway off Queen St Mall but fortunately in this case, looks can be deceiving because beyond the dumpster, low passageways and fairy lights lies a cosy cafe with old wine bottles holding single-stemmed blooms on the tables, framed photographs for sale on the walls and long red drapes which open up to reveal another dining area to accommodate the midday crowds. Seating options include sofas, tables and low benches with stools. I just love the vibe. I brought my friend Stamatia and I quote her "I'm not dressed indie enough for this place". We will be back (in less mainstream attire, no doubt).
The food is good- we've only been for breakfast (until 11am) and tried the haloumi, the potatoes bravos and the salmon and potato pancakes. The poached eggs can be slightly overcooked but apart from that everything was good. The coffee upholds the name- tried both house blend and their single origin and they don't disappoint, though there is (naturally) variation between the standard of coffees each visit. Usually due to the barista on shift, so next time I'll be a huge snob and only order coffee when the barista whose coffee I prefer is working. Big fan of Brew, have been and will be back with friends in tow. It's not expensive, and it's not the cheapest either. When I've gone the bill usually works out to $20 each and for delicious food, good coffee and the quirky, hushed ambience it's well worth it.



Dough tastes better than the cookies it makes

 Dark chocolate and cranberry cookies. I usually make them larger and flatter but I tried out Mrs Fields'-style this time and I don't like them this way.

Quiche Lorraine, cheating with frozen pastry

Got pitched-at enough that I bought Lush things

Bought pink edition Bronte novel and L'Oreal Riviera Lavender from Target, Pump dispenser from Daiso

Was planning to take photos of my lemon meringue pie but GABO says as GABO does and the recipe from the Greatest Australian Bake-Off website wasn't the wisest choice I've made. Just like the contestants' pies, mine proved to be a failure too. The lemon curd wouldn't set so cutting out the first slice was like opening the floodgates. No photos. I console myself in the fact that at the very least, my failure wasn't aired on national television.
Holidays are coming to a close and sign-on's all but done so back to Uni we all go.


  1. Wow Brew sounds like such an awesome place - never been (as usual, I'm an uncultured swine haha). Maybe I'll go next time I'm in the city!

    1. You should try it! It's an individual culture down that alley.

  2. Haha, my mum and I both love watching GABO. Better than Masterchef, which has become stale in my opinion. That Brew place seems quite cheap. I think food in Perth is quite expensive; a lot of similar meals go for $20+ alone! x

    1. That IS expensive- $20+ for a meal like that is slightly above average in Brisbane but still reasonable given rates and the high minimum wage. GABO is proving interesting- my boss knows Nancy so it's funny seeing the contrasting TV image and hearing anecdotes about what she's really like. Masterchef hasn't got any really captivating personalities this year. I really liked Poh from season 1. :)