Friday, September 13, 2013

Shade and Illuminate

Contouring isn't something I do regularly because I rarely wear a full face of makeup and contouring would look out of place on a minimal makeup face. However, despite owning more bronzer than I care to use, I had a contour void in my collection and naturally the solution lay with Sleek.

l-r: Models Prefer Glowing, Bourjois 52, Sleek Light, NYC Sunny

l-r: MAC Soft and Gentle, Sleek Light, Jemma Kidd Iced Gold, Essence Cappucino Please!

The Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light is a product I've wanted and resisted buying for a long time, because I whittled down my Sleek shopping list to solely this and couldn't justify the ordering and waiting period to buy it when I hardly attempt contouring. In their recent 10% sale I made a joint order with Tasha and split the incredibly low shipping cost. 

The formula of the powder is not outstanding, but it's not too pigmented, nor is it lacking which makes it easy to blend- a necessity to make the contour look natural. The powder is very soft, which is why the above swatches look powdery. 

I think the shade Medium might have been a better choice, because Light isn't distinguishably darker than a regular bronzer. In the case of CHANEL's Notorious and the Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder, contour is more convincing with a darker, ashier shade to mimic the shadows of high cheekbones (and don't we all want supermodel bone structure?) so for my warm-toned light-medium skin tone I may have benefited from a darker shade. Nevertheless, I swatched it against three bronzers. The Bourjois is more golden, the NYC is cooler, and the Models Prefer is paler. When applied with an angled brush (I use an Essence blush brush, which is a steal at $5.50) it does create a contour much more easily than the other bronzers but still looks fairly natural, which is a relief.
Not many people gush about the highlighter component of the duo, but I find it's not too bad. I swatched it beside three others (though one isn't technically a cheek highlighter) and it bears some resemblance to the now-discontinued Jemma Kidd Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme in Iced Gold. Iced Gold is minutely more pink but it's not noticeable on the skin. Soft and Gentle is peachier, more metallic. Cappuccino Please! is more yellow and icier.

Packaging is sturdy, the closure is secure and the mirror is roomy and a welcome addition. Although the powders are soft, if I was travelling with the possibility of attending a dinner or event, I would happily take this contour kit and a blush (NARS Deep Throat or Rimmel Santa Rose) to cover all manner of rouging, shading and illuminating. For size reference, I've placed it next to a full-size NARS blush in the above photo. The compact is smaller than I expected but with a good amount of product, which makes it all the more travel-friendly.

Something like NYC Sunny or Stila Sun would be good to add warmth to the outer parts of the face but a contour kit like Sleek's is good for events and occasions. The low price and ease of shipping make Sleek's shopping experience pleasantly simple. The conclusive answer to 'do I need this?' is yes. 


  1. I completely agree with all of your thoughts! Though I haven't had too much of a play around yet, I think Medium would have probably been a better choice too. I'm a contouring noob though so I was scared it would be too dark and muddy. Probs better that I stayed with the safe shade! The highlight is super similar to Iced Gold! I'm glad it doesn't pull to silvery on my skin tone.

    x Tashi

    1. We did good ;) Let us know how the Pomegranate blush fares on you! x

  2. Sleek products are so amazing! I agree with you about how it seems travel friendly :)

    1. The Sleek products that I've tried have been really good! I've only tried two of their i-DIvine eyeshadow palettes in Storm and Original though.