Monday, October 7, 2013

Mid-Sem Unwind

Happy Labour Day?! I'm going to post a personal today- some food, some friends, some getaway. I had a good mid-sem break; I made apple pancakes, worked some, read some. 


The first cookbook I bought for myself. Pulled it out this holidays and reminded myself to cook out of it. For birthday cake with choc chip icing and pandan chiffon cakes? Heck yeah.

Packed a bag before running off to Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast for a weekend of down time with church friends. The weekend was great- canoeing, card games, fun times with friends. I'm liking this Caudalie bag. It makes things easy to find.

Picnic at Roma Street Park with high school girlies- I hadn't seen some of them in almost 2 years and we ate lots of chicken kebabs and played mafia on the grass. 

My brother's girlfriend came over and we made the custard of a creme caramel but instead of doing the usual caramel toffee at the bottom of the ramekin my brother wanted to brulee some sugar over the top because he thinks the caramel getting stuck at the bottom of the pot is a huge waste. Threw some frozen blueberries into the custard before they went into the oven and it worked out really nicely, though I learnt that my blowtorch and ramekins will require a lot of practice to master the technique of browning the sugar evenly. 

We've grown mulberries on a tree in the yard since I was in primary school and this year the tree was so fruitful that we had so much that we had to figure out what to do with the boxes and boxes of berries. My sister and I ended up making a compote with it and using the compote to make tarts and a freeform pie. I was afraid the filling in the pie wouldn't set but thankfully when it was cut the filling held and didn't flood the plate. Yay!

Oh look, mint nail polish. Apparently all of these look the same, but oh how different they really are. 

Dad brought back some Bourke Street Bakery pastries for us- and 'buy $15 worth, get a free sausage roll' didn't hurt either. My favourites were the strawberry mousse meringue tart and the ginger creme brulee tart. 

The Father's Day cake with which I spammed my Instagram- a sour cream chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting. I followed this recipe but left off the mirror glaze because I wanted to keep it minimal (read: I was lazy) but I honestly thought it would be overkill. I'll definitely make the cake again but maybe I'll try it with a different flavour combination. I'd never made sour cream cake before and it was so easy (one bowl = less washing up) and the texture was lovely and it was tasty and not too sugary. I did mix a tablespoon of coffee granules into the water component and it added some depth but I can't fault the recipe- it was a perfect chocolate peanut butter cake.

The leftover cream cheese peanut butter frosting in a bowl with leftover cake (from cutting off the top to level it) and Reese's miniature peanut butter cups was delicious and extremely junky. It reminds me of the Gelato Messina instagram photos.

Back to school. The next few weeks are going to go by so quickly- there's too much catching up on schoolwork to do, not enough time in the final term (a semester divvied into a 10-week and a 2-week term is ridiculous). Time to wind back up.

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