Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Napoleon Perdis x InStyle GWP

Remember last year when the magazines went a little wild throwing Becca Eye Tints and Napoleon glosses up for grabs? Well they're at it again! The November issue of InStyle Australia has a Napoleon Perdis three piece gift with purchase valued at $82 happening- I heard about it yesterday, and I bought it first thing today. InStyle isn't usually my choice of magazine- when I'm in the mood for light superficial reading material I gravitate towards ELLE and Glamour UK, but this issue isn't bad. I thought the beauty section might have included an advertorial about the products but they've posted it online instead. 

From the way the cream blush looked in the pan I perceived it to be a dusky rose like NARS Dolce Vita but it's a nameless pink with subtle peach undertones when swatched. Silicone-based, which explains the silky, fast-drying non-powdery formula. The pigmentation is average because of the thin, almost watery texture- on the cheeks it may need to be built up to two or three layers. I really like the packaging- it's small and compact, clear plastic and has a uselessly small mirror fastened to the back of the golden sticker on the front. No clasp- assuming it doesn't need airtight packaging to maintain the creamy texture.

l-r: Australis Creme Colour 'Flirtatious Pink'; Napoleon Cream Blush; Illamasqua 'Zygomatic'

The 'Lashes to Lashes' Black Mascara
I don't have much to say about this- I'm happy with the mascaras I'm currently using and I avoid non-waterproof mascaras so although I photographed the brush I won't be using it. It'll go to more loving home in the possession of a friend or family member. 

The Lip Gloss
A peachy nude gloss in pretty packaging. Again, no shade name but the formula is very similar to the Luminous Lip Veils that Napoleon stocks at the moment. I find Napoleon glosses are plush, the slightest bit sticky and decently pigmented- visible but not opaque. It wears well- staying on through light snacking but not a full meal. I'm not sure well this pale peach suits me but it pairs well with a similarly peachy lipstick, for instance Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude. The tube is awfully made- I wouldn't be happy paying full price for something that doesn't have a mechanism to stop the entire length of the wand coating itself in the gloss and pulling all the product out. The other GWP gloss (the Perfect Peach shade) has a similar problem but not to this extent. The gloss seeps up the wand, through the thread of the twist closure and out, causing leaky, sticky damage. I foresee the same thing happening with this one if it's not carefully closed and cleaned up with each use. Honestly, too high maintenance for me.

top-bottom: InStyle lip gloss; Luminous Lip Veil In the Flesh; Luxurious Lip Gloss in Perfect Peach

I already owned two Napoleon lip glosses- one from a previous magazine GWP and one from a shopping centre mass giveaway but this one is different. The doe foot applicator differs to the usual brush that Napoleon typically includes in their lip glosses. It smells sweet and fruity like the Perfect Peach shade which was also created for a magazine freebie. It may not just be Napoleon- other companies may do the same- but they seem to like creating products specifically for magazine promotions. Last year the Becca Eye Tints were legitimate products which retailed at Becca counters but Napoleon seem to have a different idea about free products.

l-r: InStyle's; In the Flesh; Perfect Peach


  1. I saw this on a few people's instagrams and if I see it around I'll probably grab it, if only for the cream blush. For three full size products, the price is pretty dang decent!

    1. As long as it's a decent brand and I'd actually use the product I think magazine freebies are so good- when I don't get it (like the Becca Eye Tints) I regret it so badly! If it's like Ella Bache self tanner or ModelCo mascara I'll pass but this is craaazy good.

  2. I also thought it was SERIOUSLY odd that these products seem to have been tailor-made for this magazine promotion. It would've made them more desirable if they were just ordinary products from their line, but I guess that would've been too expensive for them? Or they just didn't want to offer those products because people who paid full price for them might feel ripped off, or it might dilute their perceived exclusivity to be so freely given away in a magazine. That's so weird about your lip gloss - I don't think mine has similar issues. Reminds me of my dud tube of Hydraluron - it leaks and doesn't stop leaking and I basically hate it :p Interesting that the cream blush looks like a combination of the Australis and Zygomatic from your swatch!

    1. I realise now- the first time I took it out and put the wand back into the tube, it had some resistance and popped out because of the vacuum effect and the viscosity of the gloss so I just shoved it in and twisted it shut so when I opened it up again the wand was almost dripping with product along the entire length up to the handle but I wiped it off and it's coming out cleanly (like the other two NP glosses) now. :) Mm I think the fact that it's Napoleon branded is apparently sufficient for a magazine freebie, they don't feel the need to use actual Napoleon stock. Probably because of the value factor and the 'prestige' that comes from a high end brand.
      And yeah the blush does look like a mix of the two! Odd- the lighting was funny; usually the Australis is peachy pastel and Zygomatic is rosy brown.