Thursday, October 24, 2013

October Favourites

How is it almost the end of October? Where has the whole year gone?! I feel like I've been left behind in August- mainly because that's when I felt like I was up to date with my studies- and the rest of time is just racing ahead. October was just okay for me, not great. It hasn't been the best month- my clean eating resolve has jumped out the window, I've had way too many bowls of tom yum instant noodles and Tim Tams, been stressing out over Uni assessment and the green tea is not having any Zen effect. I did enjoy going ice-skating and a short lull where I slacked off a bit before plugging into study mode for final exams (watched plenty of the Black List, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Who *happy dance*). So this month's favourites post is going up a week early because I plan on being a veg-munching study zombie for the next 4 weeks.

Lucky Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush
I was in Watsons in Singapore shopping around the Asian beauty section when I remembered to look for this and it's one of the better decisions I made while I was back home. It's been great to use with my cleanser- I ran out of Antipodes Juliet and started back on Dove Cleanser and Toner in One but have since repurchased the Antipodes because the Dove left a weird residual feeling- and this little scrubby brush is what I have to thank for getting rid of the pore build-up that normally only clears up with the harsh Biore pore strips.

Swisse Argan Face Oil
I spoke about this in the summer edit and I've been using it with the Antipodes Apostle serum and it's been working to smooth over dry patches and unevenness. I think I may prefer it to the Sukin Rosehip Oil because it absorbs better and when I wake up the next day it leaves my skin with a more even tone. The oil is colourless and smells like lemon sweets, which isn't bad, but I can't stand the packaging. The pump is odd and it can just twist loose, which it often does and the oil leaks out. It says it's certified organic argan oil but there are a couple of other ingredients in the bottle as well so it's not 100% pure.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Expert Face Brush
I've had this for a while and loved it, then I overlooked it in favour of the Buffing Brush, but I've been using this to apply my BB cream and the length of the bristles makes it perfect for liquid products. The stroke motion is a little more awkward than the circular buffing motion of the Buffing Brush but the bristles make the slightest difference. They're interchangeable but I've been reaching for this one for the past month.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 53 Light Beige
I own three of the Healthy products from Bourjois and this powder is just a really good powder. I can't say I considered buying the CHANEL Les Beiges powder after getting this because I just didn't see the appeal. A powder is a powder and this one is fine. Admittedly it may oxidise when used over liquid concealer or foundation but I carry it around with me and swirl it on the skin at shiny times. It's a good one to tote around because of the sizeable mirror.

NARS Deep Throat blush
I posted about this in my Most Used series, but I put it away during the cooler months along with all the corals and peaches. Picked this up again after neglecting it in favour of Illamasqua Zygomatic and it's so pretty! KarlaSugar's swatch made me want it because it looked like the perfect pink blush with flattering golden shimmer and it's so wearable and seasonal. For a time I thought it was too pink for my liking but I'm discovering it's exactly what I wanted in a peachy pink blush. 

l-r: Light Beige 53; Sweetheart; Charm; Deep Throat

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains in Charm and Sweetheart
These shades are beautiful in their own right(s) but I wear Sweetheart in a different way to Charm. They definitely need to go onto prepped lips but I like to wear Sweetheart blended into the centre of the lips in the same way Koreans do ombre lipstick. Charm is less work- I wear it like a normal lipstick but the staying powder isn't as good as Sweetheart. I'm surprised at how much I've gotten through- hopefully by the end of summer I'll have finished this one up!
The swatches aren't exactly true to colour, especially the one of Charm. It's less orange, more beige/coral.

Person Of Interest
Such a cool show. It's smarter than the run-of-the-mill mystery show with a crime-of-the-week and the predictable sexual tension between the male and female leads. (I still love you Bones and Castle!) It's along the lines of White Collar but more complex and darker (because there's no Matt Bomer).


  1. Great post - I have the RT expert face brush too and I love it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. That Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush has me intrigued - I don't think I've seen anything like it. Do you just use it with foaming cleanser and it kind of does the job your hands ordinarily would? Kind of like a manual battery-operated/rechargeable cleansing brush? I'm liking particularly what you say it does for pore build up - that must be so satisfying :p I keep forgetting about all my Revlon JBKBS - but the idea of using Sweetheart for ombre lips is clever! Good to hear you're still getting decent use out of Deep Throat - I remember when you first splurged on it and forked out Australian retail - hopefully by now it's paid off :p

    1. Mm I put my cleanser on the brush and hold it between two fingers to use it to cleanse normally but the circular motion does a more thorough cleanse than fingers. I don't know how similar the Olay or Clarisonic would be, but I think it wouldn't be able to do as good a job around the nose because it's not as nimble/flexible. And concentrating on the nose for too long can't be good for the skin around that area. Maybe it's also using it in conjunction with the Antipodes cleanser- the fruit enzymes could be kicking in.
      Hahaha I'm really glad I bought Deep Throat because I think I'd have bought about 5 similar, lesser blushes by now if I had done otherwise. :)

    2. I have that cleansing pad, but in pink! I like it but I prefer scrubs better, I'm just used to using scrubs I guess :)

    3. Scrubs can be a bit too abrasive for me, though Rae Morris' bicarb soda scrub tip works pretty well. The cleansing pad helps with the little white-coloured blackheads (I say that because whiteheads are completely different) that come out of the pores with facials, steaming or Biore pore strips. I don't think I could be without it.

  3. At first I thought you used the cleansing pad as a tool to help wash your makeup brushes! Hahaha it might work... :) I really want to try the Expert Face brush as I heard it is better for applying liquid foundation than the Buffing brush just because of its more rounded shape, but I absolutely love the buffing brush so I might not venture down the other path... yet. I would love to own a NARS blush too, but still haven't been able to justify the price for something I wouldn't wear all the time (my cheeks are naturally flushed all the time haha!)

    1. I always thought the same of blush but I think they're one of the prettiest products! The right shades are so sweet. Oh, the Buffing Brush has a more rounded shape than the Expert Face- the EF is cinched to create an oblong shape. It requires more of a paddle-stroke to apply. The Buffing Brush is definitely easier to use. I've seen the cleansing pad in Daiso before, but it's not as streamlined. And I have tried it to clean my brushes! After seeing all the hubbub about the Sigma glove I had a go but it doesn't help thaaat much. I fear it might damage the brush fibres so I just tried it that one time and stopped after.