Saturday, October 5, 2013

Odd and Even

I consider trios and quads the cutest, most handy of eyeshadows- 'I'll get plenty of use out of them'- 'the colours complement each other', 'it's so compact and travel-friendly'. And yet I could do without all of these small palettes- but they've managed to evade capture each time I have a culling session; for either sentimental or hoarding reasons.

Mirenesse Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadows in Akoya Pearls
When my brother gave this to me I was thrilled at the quality of the shadows but the shades would probably suit coloured eyes better than mine. I find red-toned eyeshadows do not flatter my eyes at all. I adore swatching them for the sake of admiring the formula and the pretty jewel tones- those dents in the palette are not from frequent wear.

Sofea Glaring 5C Eyeshadow in 01
This Chinese palette elicited happy surprise upon swatching because of the good pigmentation and the appropriately neutral colour family but the formula is way too soft. The white shattered when I jabbed it with a sponge-tip applicator (I forgot to bring eye brushes on the trip with me) and crumbling has ensued ever since. The other shades are pretty but I haven't used this palette since bringing it home 10 months ago.

Maybelline EyeStudio quad in Sapphire Siren
This baby. These eyeshadows are what I wore to my grade 12 formal. In hindsight, I'm fairely sure most girls would wish they could do some part of the night over again- my big complex is my makeup. Blindly following motherly advice, I didn't get my makeup professionally done and I now wish I had. Or, I wish I'd had the sense to look up decent beauty Youtube videos and gone the neutral route instead. It would have been less painful and there would be far less cringing when looking back at the photos. These shadows aren't the best quality- the white is a stark, harsh inclusion and the shimmery black is nowhere near pigmented enough.

Jemma Kidd Makeup School Eye Wardrobe in Metallica
These are all cream shadows, which I'd normally love but the texture is thin and the pigmentation isn't all that punchy.  The swatch in the photo is 3-4 swipes built up. The copper shade is very pretty, which is why it's still in my stash.

l-r: Jemma Kidd Gold, and Copper; Mirenesse 1st and 3rd; Sofea 2nd and 3rd; Maybelline 3rd and 2nd

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