Friday, November 15, 2013

Almost Halfway

I can't believe the 2013 University year is over! I'm almost halfway through my Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning and time is flying by. I sometimes reconsider my choice and whether I made the right decision. Law/journalism and hospitality were on the cards but I'm finding this field of human geography, urban planning and development extremely interesting and incredibly applicable. Whether this interest can be sustained remains to be seen.

Gluten-free brownie with sizzling chocolate ganache sauce, macadamia praline and vanilla ice cream at work. 

A Bunker kind of day

Bento lunch with Daniel after an 8am exam. I'll be sad when he leaves Town Planning for Arch.

Ate at work with Sam before heading to Uni to study. Garlic & lemon myrtle prawns on vegetarian lasagne is a weird combination.

Food-tech-extraordinaire-approved Morlife snacks to fuel the studying. Thanks Joanne!

Keen to try a different formula of the L'Oreal Hair Expertise line- I don't think I like this one as much as the EverStrong Reconstruct. Not as clean a feel, and I'm not seeing any sleeking action. In any case, at least it was 40% off.

The Day of The Doctor 50 year anniversary episode is going to be aired at 5:50am in QLD on Sunday the 24th. It's crazy to think it but I may actually get up that early to watch!

With lots of time on my hands now, I have great plans to make plans for pandan chiffon cake and 'treccia' brioche and fresh pasta. Happy holidays, lovely readers!

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