Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Switzerland got it right with the neutral standing- you can't go wrong with golden bronze flecked with metallic frost. 

The MaxFactor Wild Shadow Pencil 2-in-1 Gel Shadow + Liner in 05 Caramel Rage is something I purchased with my upcoming trip to China in mind. I like the idea of cream eyeshadow sticks and though I've tried and liked the Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks I wanted something in a shade I am likelier to wear. Though truthfully I bought it for no reason other than the fact that it was on sale. I don't think it suits me all that much; it's probably best paired with a warmer shade, the way Lena did.

The L'Oreal Colour Infallible shadow in 021 Sahara Treasure is a product that I've persistently refused to buy for almost a year now, but when I saw it in Target for $4 I was sold. I have one Colour Infallible shadow in Tender Caramel and I rate the formula very highly- it's fiercely metallic, pigmented, smooth and just a little bit spongy to touch. Unfortunately I don't think this shade wholly agrees with my skin tone either. These two products are an underwhelming pair.

l-r: the two layered over one another, Caramel Rage, Sahara Treasure

Caramel Rage is a taupe with hints of bronze but is unremarkable in finish. The finish is soft and satin but mostly dull. Sahara Treasure is a light gold that's unusually devoid of warmth. It's paler and cooler than Urban Decay Suspect, which is far more flattering. I layered them over one another out of curiosity, not because I think they're well-suited. They'll probably be gifted to friends who'll appreciate them more, or remain unused until I find a product to enhance one or the other.


  1. $4 for Sahara Treasure is a good find! I loved the shade so much from swatches but it really is unflattering on the lid - it looks kind of yellow gray and way too frosty. I don't wear Caramel Rage by itself but I do like pairing it with Auburn Rage - it's actually one of my favourite combinations :)

    1. I agree- not ideal and much too cool. I might try pairing Caramel Rage with the Sofea peachy shadow or UD Chopper for something similar to Auburn Rage- I thought about getting it but I have similar shades with far superior formulas. And a favourite combination is highly regarded indeed! :P

    2. Lol - just realised it's Auburn Envy. So many weird/angry names. UD Chopper might give similar effect, though the UD is so much more metallic and amazing (perhaps to a fault, maybe it'll override the base pencil - or just needs to be applied lightly). Hopefully you'll like it :)