Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Favourites

My November was tumultuous, blessed and almost devoid of makeup. It allowed me some time and space to gain perspective, entrench myself in real life and appreciate other things. Since my last monthly favourites post I've endured exams, picked up reading again and begun my journey to a healthier lifestyle. So much has happened in the past few weeks that it feels like the year's longest month yet. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream
I've had this for months and I posted about it before but it's only recently been put to good use. It's been something of a saviour when stress, sleep deprivation and insufficient fiber intake amounted to a few weeks of bad skin. The glycolic acid content may only be 5% but it takes effect after a few uses and it gently clears up the cysts of cheek breakouts and helps to lift the hyperpigmentation from the scars. The results are satisfyingly startling and I've noticed my skin tone has lightened by a fraction of a shade because of the boosted rate of cell turnover.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer in 53 Dark Radiance

This has become my go-to base product whenever I leave the house, because I had a couple of hormonal breakouts and those tend to scar deeply so I've used this at least three times a week (I don't leave the house for half the week so three times is a lot when you put it in perspective). For a while I neglected this in favour of the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer but since then I've found the Fit Me shade match to be way off- it was a tad too orange- and came running back to Bourjois. Depending on how much sun I've been getting, there are times of the year when I've found this to be too dark but now it's a perfect match. My base makeup routine has been to blend it over blemishes with a fingertip and buff Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder over the top.

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Lush Nectarine

I welcomed this little blush into my collection exactly a year ago and it's one of my favourites, albeit one that I don't wear during the winter months. Lush Nectarine is a beautiful, summery coral pink with the tiniest amount of gold shimmer shot through it that livens up the face. I adore the formula of the Second Skin Cheek Colour blushes; they beat NARS by a long shot. The silky smooth texture doesn't seal off the way NARS powder blushes do and it's so pigmented that their having a smaller pan doesn't matter one bit.

Dove Summer Glow

I don't mind being untanned but I've wanted to try this for ages so I gave in when Priceline had a sale and went for the normal-to-darker-skin bottle. The effect is subtle but with a few uses it begins to show through. I normally neglect body moisturiser due to laziness but this isn't unpleasant to use, it sinks in easily and doesn't smell funky. 

Versace Bright Crystal EDT
I'm including this in November's monthly favourites despite its feature in the Most Worn Spring Things tag because I've genuinely loved using it for the past couple of weeks. It smells pretty and fresh, which makes it perfect for the last spring month of the year.

One product which didn't make the cut but has impressed lately is the Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Spray, which helped my makeup last for 14 hours on a sweltering 35-degree day which was spent wandering around West End and the Cultural Centre followed by 5 hours at work. With summer cranking up the heat, we might just see the Final Seal setting spray in next month's Favourites. Thankfully with exams over and results released, I can finally enjoy a break from study and oh boy, enjoy it I will.


  1. Yay for hard-earned freedom! Hope you enjoy your free time :)

    I should really adopt a healthier lifestyle too ... and start reading more. Alas. My laziness trumps everything.

    You're really making me want to try a Laura Mercier blush but I don't know which shade I'd pick. The one you have seems too similar to NARS Orgasm/Deep Throat for me to justify another purchase though the texture sounds lovely :) I hate that NARS blushes seal - so annoying having to take a toothpick over the surface to release some pigment every time I need to swatch one :p

    1. I keep passing up the opportunity to get the NARS blush palettes because I only really want to try Laguna and Douceur. I'm the same with the LM SSCC now- they're $35, so not too bad for a splurge but I can't decide on a shade. They're all so similar, and none too distinctively appealing!

  2. The Dove Summer Glow moisturizer looks lovely! :)

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