Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rosapene By Day, By Night

I've never ventured into Trilogy territory, and I've always dismissed it as a brand in the vein of Sukin, but its comparatively pricier offerings never enticed me. It wasn't until I ran out of rose hip oil a couple of months ago that I decided to try their version. When I saw the Limited Edition Rosapene Day & Night Collection which costs $35.95, but is supposedly valued at $69.95. First impressions: I like the packaging. A lot.

I ignorantly purchased it without reading the product information closely, and felt a teeny bit gypped when I opened it up and saw how small the moisturisers were. Serves me right for whisking it to the counter too swiftly but I was appeased when I realised just how handy these would be for my two-week China trip in wintry December-January. 

The only full-sized product is the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, which is 30mL and unlike the 100% pure certified organic rosehip oil I previously used, this is a blend of seed oils which Trilogy have trademarked as Rosapene: rosehip seed oil, tomato seed oil, cranberry seed oil, acai fruit oil and oat kernal extract. The bottle is dark frosted amber glass, and rightly so because the formula would corrupt the integrity of the antioxidants in any form of packaging which allows contact with light. No doubt it will soon appear in a skincare post or monthly favourites- my skin hasn't been its best since I found myself without a bottle of rosehip oil. It usually retails for $29.99 on its own so the two moisturisers in this set are more or less gifts with purchase. 

The Vital Moisturising Cream is in a cute 20mL tube, with sweet almond oil, evening primrose seed oil, jojoba seed oil, rosehip seed oil, lycopene, marula seed oil, aloe leaf extract, vitamin E, carrot seed oil, chamomile flower extract, bitter orange flower oil and rosemary leaf extract. The full size comes in a 50mL tube and retails for $40.99 so this is worth $16.40.

The Rosapene Night Recovery Cream is in a 25mL screw-cap jar and contains the trademarked Rosepene blend of oils on which Trilogy prides itself as well as sweet almond oil, aloe leaf extract, manuka honey, goji berry extract and avocado oil. Its cocoa butter content is low but cocoa butter is known to clog pores in acne-prone skin so I'm a little concerned about that but I haven't used many dedicated night creams so I'll try this out regardless. The full size comes in a 60mL pot and retails for $44.99, so this worth $18.75.

After looking into Trilogy's products, I feel the brand's focus and pricing places it midway between Sukin and a higher-end brand like Antipodes or Aesop. Technically the value of these three products is $65.14, not $69.99 but for $35.95 it's not a bad deal. I didn't mean to sound like a calculative nitpicker but I'm just saying, the two minis are worth a lot more than the $3 apiece that they cost!


  1. LOL I love the calculations you did, somehow seems so Asian HAHA :p I say that with affection ;) I would've done the same. The night cream is probably the most appealing to me in this set. I think it's worth it - especially since I find I take a while to use a 15-30ml tube of anything, unless I use it every single night/day. I tend to not do that since I like to shake up what I use pretty regularly, if only to alternate on separate days. I have the day moisturiser and it's okay ... better than the sensitive one but still not my favourite.

    1. Hahaha I didn't want to say Asian so I said nitpicker instead! I don't have many moisturisers in my collection anymore- so these two smaller sizes are great. They seem so little but since they all expire in 6 months it's just as well. I mostly stick to serum -> Effaclar Duo, and in winter I mixed in rosehip oil into the serum, so the moisturisers are needed for Chinaland. :)