Friday, December 6, 2013

Blushing and Charmed

Priceline's house brand Models Prefer has never appealed to me but their latest catalogue sale places a hefty discount on the range so I decided to give it a chance. I opted for the Models Prefer Mystique Multi-Tone Bronzer in Charmed; a boxed powder which bears a striking resemblance to Benefit Hervana

The powder's pinwheel design has 8 segments made up for 4 different shades: a pearly highlight, a pale peach, a pastel cool pink and a warm golden bronzer. Separately they don't look very complementary but swirled together the brown of the considerably more-pigmented bronzer blends with the pinks to create a rosy tan that could lean more towards a sculpting blush or paler pink depending on which shades the swirling is concentrated. All four shades have the same dulled satin finish, which is more manageable than shimmer but a little lackluster for a rather generic blush shade. The formulation of the powder is not outstanding- while decently pigmented for the price, it's more powdery than I'd like and kicks up excess powder at the touch of a brush. It also takes a while longer to blend than other blushes I've tried. Benefit boxed powders are known to smell nice, but Models Prefer has gone to no such lengths- this one has an unpleasant chemical scent. The 9 grams given is generous, but the packaging is similarly bulky and made of cardboard, with a small mirror in the lid.

l-r: all shades swirled together, highlight, peach, pink, bronzer

The feeble attempt at a copy of Benefit's $51 boxed powders is plain as day, and the design of the packaging is uglier than their regular sleek black-themed line. A sales assistant mentioned these Mystique boxed powders were being discontinued, which is why they were discounted to just under $4 each in the sale. All in all, it was cheap to buy and fun to try, and I do see myself using it but I have no qualms about discarding it in favour of a more superior alternative if I happen to find a similar shade.


  1. They're being discontinued huh? I guess they didn't take off as hoped :p Despite the blatant Benefit packaging copying. I think I know what you mean by dulled satin finish - I kind of feel that way about Rimmel Santa Rose. Just not a huge fan. The pan totally reminds me of Hervana though (as I'm sure was the intention). Which Benefit blush are you most drawn to?

    1. I really like the look of Rockateur, because Coralista's too silvery, Hervana too pink. Hoola looks great too but I can't decide what strikes the perfect balance in a bronzer. Rockateur reminds me of Santa Rose, funnily enough, but it looks more shimmery.

    2. I am tempted by Rockateur but it just seems sooooo generic, like I'd already have at least 5 very similar shades in my stash already. I've generally been pretty pleased with Benefit blushes and find them to be super wearable, so I'm sure it wouldn't be a downright disappointment/regret if I did ever cave (but I won't, or at least I don't foresee myself doing so any time in the near future) :p