Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ready, Jetset

1L clear plastic bag with in-flight-friendly products 

Two weeks in China again and this time we're going to Quanzhou and Xiamen! As always, packing more skincare than makeup. Bought a new cleanser targeted at blemish-prone, congested skin which I'll try out in an attempt to remedy the ice-cream-induced breakouts. I'm trying out one of Original Source's shower gels for the first time, and I'm bringing a small stash of makeup so that if the occasion calls for it, I won't be unprepared. Sorry for being MIA recently, I'll be back with photos and a monthly favourites post. 


  1. Have a wonderful time in China! You packed fairly lightly in my opinion - when I went to Europe the skin care and makeup I brought with me was definitely not as selective. Though I don't bother with conditioner or bringing full size hair products - I just bring a small travel size of Pantene shampoo. I guess no need to answer my question about which Ren cleanser you bought! Curious to know your more indepth thoughts once you've tried it out for long enough. Fly safe and looking forward to the posts when you return :)

    1. I didn't end up using the conditioner at all! And I didn't use the makeup more than a handful of times across the 14 days. The REN cleanser is still undergoing testing- it's not bad but I'm waiting for results to show. Hope your trip was good fun too!