Friday, April 18, 2014

Long Hair, Much Care

My hair is the longest it's ever been (down to my elbows) and while I do like having the length and the flexibility of having swishy girlish tresses, dead ends are no fun and require treatment, which made me realise that I hadn't yet posted about these products, which I've been using for months now. I pour less than a 5-cent coin-sized amount of product into my palm and smooth and pat it into my hair from the point of the earlobe down to the ends. 

Moroccanoil Treatment is probably the singular best-known hair product since Mason Pearson brushes hit the market and for good reason. While it may not be the miracle-worker than some reviews make it out to be, it's a solid performer and helps dry ends revive a bit to look and feel shinier and healthier, and it smells beautiful. It is expensive (I believe I paid around $20 for this tiny bottle), but salons often have 15% off sales now and then and it really is more effective than the budget alternative I suggest.

A cheaper hair serum to treat dry ends is the L'Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum which also contains argan oil and smells lovely whilst working to smooth frizz and nourish the ends. It has a pump, hallelujah, and contains a generous amount of product for the price (a little over $10) and is easily available at L'Oreal Elvive stockists like Coles. I happily alternate between Moroccanoil and the Smooth Intense Anti-Frizz Serum but if I were to repurchase I would go for the Moroccanoil- I'm veering towards the Glimmer Shine Spray, just to try something new with styling properties. 

How does the La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale come into the picture, you ask? The stylist I went to in December last year (who understood when I unhelpfully suggested 'no layers, but a v line, if you know what I mean?' and obliged) said all hush-hush: 'the 5 centimeters off you asked for was perfect, you had really dead ends!'. I told her I was using these two products and she agreed but that I needed to use them on damp ends to help the product penetrate the hair shaft. Apparently using them on wet hair does nothing, and using them on dry hair does nothing. I'm a night shower type so in the morning I have dry, washed hair, which I mist Eau Thermale onto before applying the oil/serum with my palms for healthier, shinier hair mid-length to the ends. Greasy roots and dry ends require a little managing but for the amount of money hair salons charge, it simply isn't worth getting a hair cut. 


  1. I love hair oils, they make such a difference. The Morrocanoil is a really great one :)

    Charming Silence

    1. It is! I tried Argan but I prefer Morrocanoil. :)

  2. woah. elbow length hair. thats so long! lol sometimes i wonder how ppl carry all that hair around on them but i know its just about getting use to it.
    i wouldn't have thought of using the thermal water on my hair...but i also feel weird about by these sort of 'water' products at all.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Thermal water spray is such a treat. I wouldn't buy it regularly but I bought it when I went to China in the Christmas holidays. They're mostly pointless but nice and refreshing. I might go for a chop soon, shorter hair is such a rejuvenating change!