Monday, June 9, 2014

Etsy Sampler

In a getaway from celebrity release stigmas and extravagant price tags on fragrances, I tried out the novelty of homemade perfume oils by dabbling in a sample pack from an Etsy seller (link here!). I chose 5 different varieties because I wanted a duplicate of one of them to gift to someone. I have experimented with wearing the first three described below but the wear time is very short on me and it dissipates after about 2 hours. While the pick 'n' mix aspect was fun, I don't think I would purchase the full size simply because it fades so quickly.

White Peach
This is light and sweet- not sickly sweet at all but clearly fruity and peachy.
Blackberry Sage
Chosen for its resemblance to Jo Malone's Blackberry Bay- the sage is stronger than the blackberry, which is more of a tang that comes through right at the end. 
Dust After Rain
Another name for it is petrichor which fans of Doctor Who will connect with. It's very sweet and a little grassy but not as much of a novelty as I thought it would be. Jo Malone have recently released some rain-inspired fragrances which might be truer to the smell of rain and petrichor.
The Cake Is A Lie
This genuinely smells like chocolate brownie batter. I also passed this on to someone because I know I won't wear it and it's just a curious find.
Amaretto Tiramisu 
This was short-lived. The amaretto comes on strongly and the tiramisu is lacking. This went into the bin.


  1. I love fruity perfumes and peachy too!? Yes please. And I wouldn't wear chocolate-smelling scents either , even though I love to eat it. xD

    Btw, after re-following you on GFC, your posts show up now! yay!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. I didn't know they didn't show up previously! Thanks for letting me know Sheri! And thanks for tagging me to do the Lip Product Addict tag!

  2. Perfume prices get gtfo because ITTY BITTY BOTTLES COST ROUGHLY THE PRICE OF A WEEK'S GROCERIES MAN I JUST WANT TO SMELL GOOD. I really should just dabble in oils since they are relatively cheaper, but I really haven't found one I like. White Peach and Dust After Rain sound up my alley though BUT IT'S A DR WHO REF. I DON'T RECOGNIZE ;-;

    1. I totally agree- Chanel Coco Mademoiselle has been on my wishlist for over a year but the price is enough to make anyone choke from disbelief. It's from the 'the Doctor's Wife' episode! :D It's part of the password to open up the door. I know some oils last ages, but these don't.

  3. Those samples look cute! I think I'd love the peach one. I can't believe the scent faded so quickly I thought essential oil would last longer than the ones in malls.

    Raincouver Beauty