Saturday, August 2, 2014

June and July Favourites

A monthly favourites post is two months owing and I've actually loved using a few products- some new, some old. June was spent on swotvac and exams so when I wrapped up exams, I finally got some time to allow some time for skincare. July was, in contrast, an incredibly relaxed time to kick back and enjoy cooking, baking and lounging around with trashy TV shows and countless movies. 
I need your help advising me on whether I should invest in buying a Canon EOS 600D secondhand from a friend, so please please comment below if you have anything to say about that!

EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Cleansing Sponge (full post here)
My skin has been painfully uncooperative for the past couple of months and after all the water and green juice I've been consuming you'd think I'd have some clear skin to show for it, but no. Dammit. Nevertheless, a few new additions to the skincare routine have helped and I've been using this for a couple of months now (time to get a new one!) and it's been a nice change to cleansing with a flannel or fingertips. It helps to cleanse the larger pores and to remove the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask from my skin effectively and gently. 

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion
This has also come in really handy in treating any blemishes that I've self-induced by stressing or indulging in sugary or salty good food. I haven't fully gotten used to applying a liquid treatment onto spots but they clear up in a couple of days, which is faster than they normally heal without any treatment products.

Antipodes Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum
I bought the Antipodes Anti-Ageing minis from Priceline on sale a while ago and boy have they been good. I've loved using this serum. It shows immediate results and is perfect for winter-worn skin. It's so silky and leaves the skin feeling fed and hydrated without a trace of residue or grease. It has a funky smell, but I'm getting used to it. I normally apply 2-3 drops along with 4-5 drops of Trilogy Antioxidant+ Rosehip Oil and this combination has been working fantastically, though I've tried both individually and they work great on their own as well. Functionally I prefer the Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone-Correcting Serum because it treats hyperpigmentation and acne scarring but this serum has been amazing for treating my skin where it's at right now.

Antipodes Pear and Avocado Nourishing Night Cream

I never fully understood the difference between day and night creams (and I still don't) apart from the obvious difference of SPF, but this cream is delightful. It's rich and truly nourishing and non-greasy and the driest parts of my combination skin have been drinking this up and I wake up to happy, well-fed skin.

Body Scrub

Winter in Brisbane is windy, sunny and dry and it's not uncommon to see people rocking denim cutoffs in the middle of July. Exfoliating can be weirdly fun and I've been loving body scrub in general, whether it's a repurchased Dirty Works Buttery Salt Scrub or a DIY coffee and oat scrub that I made when I was bored. (Frank and Fig + Yarrow coffee scrubs are wildly popular but I thought I'd experiment with my own for a while to see if I could warm to the fact that I'm paying for coffee grounds to splash around my shower stall.)

Dove Summer Glow

The sun doesn't hide for long in Brisbane, even in winter, but our season is dry so I've been using a number of body lotions and good old Summer Glow is a nice alternative to regular moisturisers from The Body Shop. It doesn't smell as nice as most other moisturisers but the gradual tanner element isn't bad and the colour payoff and moisture that this imparts is really nice. 

L'Oreal Expertise EverSleek and EverStrong

I've loved using the shampoos from these lines but we have to address that the EverStrong line (green packaging) has been discontinued. *cries* I had a sinking feeling when I saw it discounted to $3.50 but thankfully the EverSleek line works for me too (I've finished 2 bottles of their shampoo) so I'll be repurchasing that.

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray

I've been straightening my hair a little bit these past two months and this heat protectant has been great- I haven't felt like my hair has been suffering for having more heat applied to it than normal. I'm contemplating doing some brown balayage kindof "ombre" to my undyed elbow-length Asian-black hair and if I don't like it or if it dries my hair out like crazy, I'm happy to trim it to shoulder-length. I say this because I'm thinking of experimenting with one of the L'Oreal Wild Ombre kits, not paying a couple of hundred dollars to have it done professionally. Please advise. 

Film cameras

It started off with a $5 disposable camera and getting them developed which took 2 weeks, but I've since dug up our old film camera (circa 2001 or earlier) and bought some traditional Kodak film and it's been really fun. Realistically, having an inkjet printer and stacks of photo paper means I don't have to go to the trouble of paying to have photos printed out at Kmart but it's weirdly nostalgic to take photos that you can't immediately review and delete and I'm treating myself to something that I grew up with and ironically have no clue about. I had to call in my dad to help me figure out this 'new' technology.

I made plenty of time for holiday reading this past month and I've been churning through books. Noteworthy titles have been The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz, which is a spin-off of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle's Sherlock Holmes books, Jane Austen's Persuasion, and Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Next up is Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy!


  1. The Dirty Works scrub is also a repurchase of mine aswell! I hope Coles isn't clearing the Dirty Works line as a number of their products were heavily discounted :(

    1. I think they might be clearing the range- I got mine for less than half price I think! I wouldn't mind trying other brands but this Glow Girl! Buttery Salt Scrub is so good for the price!

  2. I first thought your home-made coffee scrub was a little tub of chilli oil. :P I've still got my bottles of Loreal shampoo and conditioner in my shower... They're quite good, probably my favourite from the drugstore, but I have since switched to Tsubaki (Shiseido branded) shampoo (red bottles) that my mum picked up in Malaysia. Tsubaki have quite a following if you Google it!

    I no longer follow normal uni timetables but my rotation is coming to a close as well and I have a one week break after next week so snuggling in bed with a book sounds awfully good to me. I've started re-reading 'One Day' after having not picked up a single book for many months... xx

    1. Hahaha chilli oil. I based it off Estee's DIY Coffee and Cardamom scrub and it's fun to make but less fun to use. I haven't found anything better than the L'Oreal sulfate-free line, though I think I've heard of Tsubaki before! Might have seen it in Watsons in Singapore.

      Have fun on your break! Have some quality time relaxing. xx

  3. I've never done anything with my hair in terms of colouring it so I wouldn't have a clue about that! Sometimes I think about dying it but it's more the maintenance aspect that puts me off. In terms of whether it's worth investing in a DSLR secondhand, I guess it depends for what purpose you're using it. I don't think it's necessary to buy a DSLR for blogging though it can generally improve the quality of your pictures. Most DSLRs are pretty heavy so there aren't really practical to carry around on trips and things. I avoid it most of the time and prefer to take around a small digital still.

    I'm glad you're liking the Antipodes set, the serum is nicely absorbed and really silky and hydrating, and the night cream is super rich for me. Must try mixing the serum with rose hip oil. My Sukin one is so ancient, I don't even know if it is potent/effective anymore but I'm really wanting to finish it up. I have a Trilogy one as a standby (the antioxidant one) which I wonder would be materially different/superior.

    1. I think I might find a use for a DSLR when going on holidays but I've been using a Canon SX150, which has some manual capabilities, though I really crave the complexity that the lens of a DSLR can lend.
      I thought about getting the day version of the Antipodes set just for the sake of trying it but I wouldn't need the Divine Oil and I don't really use day cream. I quite like the Trilogy Antioxidant+ and I personally think it did more for me than the Sukin. :)

  4. I wish I could've gotten my hands on the nighttime duo from Antipodes, shame they are LE! I really need to try a body scrub, the Dirty works one sounds good for the price. I always end up putting off purchasing one though because I decide I don't need it (or am too lazy to use it), but hey, if it's repurchase worthy...

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. I think the value of the Antipodes sets works out to be more worthwhile than the standalone bottles, even on sale! I quite like body scrubs- I find them quite therapeutic. :P They can be pricey for what they are though. I think Sanctuary Spa included one in the Priceline Skincare bag a couple of months ago.

  5. I love the smell of Dirty Works products! Everyone keeps going on about Antipodes hm... And the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion really worked for my cystic pimples.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Dirty Works' regular line smell just like Soap and Glory's signature scent! Antipodes is really good- I recommend the Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone-Correcting serum and the Pear and Avocado Nourishing Night Cream! The Juliet cleanser is good for oily skin and the Joyous Protein-Rich Replenishing Night Serum is good but quite similar to regular facial oils. I'm increasingly satisfied by the Buffering Lotion- it's proven worth the money. :)

  6. I bought the Antipodes Mini set during Priceline's 40% skincare sale and boy am I loving it! Wish I had bought a few more actually... I ended up only paying $12 for it! The night cream is so moisturising and has made my skin so soft and supple- I'm yet to try the serum though. I've always used the Tresemme Hair Protectant before drying and straightening my hair and I love its scent! Exfoliating is definitely fun, especially in the wintry months (Melbourne is much colder than Brisbane!), and I'm really loving Soap and Glory's Breakfast Scrub :) The DIY coffee scrub is a fantastic idea... I might try that on a rainy day. As for the secondhand DSLR, it really depends how much it is going for, as well as how much use you think you will get from it. DSLRs are definitely fun to play around with, so I'm leaning towards you to purchase it :P