Saturday, September 6, 2014

Clump Meister

After my very good experience with the Kiss Me Heroine Make mascaras I thought I'd branch out and try some more Asian mascaras. Majolica Majorca is a sub-brand of Shiseido's and I've heard good things about their mascaras and purchased one from MyCube to try out. I'll cut to the chase: I didn't like this mascara at all. The Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister mascara just wasn't very me.

The formula is quite wet and the plastic comb is double-edged. It pulls out of the tube with a lot of product on the wand and I usually counter this problem by removing it with a tissue, and while this method works for bristle brushes, it doesn't do anything for plastic combs and too much product ends up on the lashes. I find it's quite clumpy, which some people (like Jenn Im) like but I'm more partial to clean separation, then length, then volume, in that order. This mascara contains fibers, which help elongate the lashes, and like how I felt with the Make Long and Curl mascara, I'm not very keen on the fibers. They were too much for me to deal with. Give me the Make Volume and Curl mascara any day.
I could try a different formula from the range, as I quite like the packaging and the branding but overall I think I'll continue to repurchase the Make Volume and Curl (or if the MaxFactor Clump Defy or CoverGirl Clump Crusher was available in a waterproof formula I'd try that too!) which is my failsafe favourite and one I've purchased three times already.


  1. I've only tried the Lash Expander Frame plus and I really loved it, though gee that was like a year ago! I don't remember the formula being overly wet though, and I'm pretty sure the fibres weren't as long as those! I will admit though, the comb applicator was a bit weird, and I always had to go in and separate my lashes with a spoolie. I'm still yet to open my Heroine Make mascara (I got the Long and Curl), so hopefully I will like it. I tend to like fibres because my lashes are so damn short.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. They didn't have that one when I looked in Watsons and Sasa last year so I think it might be discontinued. These fibers are longer than the Make Long and Curl, but even then I preferred the fiber-less Volume and Curl. Volume and Curl's diamond-shaped wand is easier to use on my eyes as well, because the long curved brush of the Long and Curl and this MM one work best with long lashes, which I lack.

  2. Lucky I'm not the only one who didn't like this. Everyone seems to just love MJ mascaras and this was the first one I stumbled across. Not only was it too wet, mine was like goo and it just clumped like mad!

  3. I just realised I bought this in Japan ... and yeah, I am not a fan at all. It's terrible! Firstly, it does nothing for volume, curl, lengthening or darkening the lashes. But most annoyingly, the fibres get everywhere. They're like eyeshadow fallout if you put them on your lower lashes. And they poke my eyes when I try to do my upper lashes. Seriously, my eye was in pain for a whole day. This mascara sucks, lol.