Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Divinely Luxuriant Hair

Caudalie is such a luxe brand and I love all measly five products that I've tried from them (post here). When I first got the Caudalie Divine Oil I didn't like it at all- I was turned off by the strong scent, though the ecstasy of trying the Beauty Elixir for the first time might have overshadowed every other aspect of that experience too. I pulled it out again to see if I could find something about it that I liked, and I certainly did!

I like this best on my hair. Dabbling in haircare- whether it's styling or treatment, is a rarity for me. My haircare routine comprises of L'Oreal Hair Expertise shampoo, some conditioner and Moroccanoil, so this is a nice addition to help my ends regain their shine and softness. I dyed the ends of my hair brown and consequently fried them so after getting a dramatic 20cm snipped off, I had much healthier hair to work with. I get my very thick hair cut in a 'V' shape to create subtle layers- it's how I've had it done for the past 4 years and I'm still loving it. Much less regrettable than a side-swept fringe reminiscent of my high school years and easy to care for and style. I decided to revisit dyeing because I didn't like the look of virgin black hair on me anymore and I bleached the bottom half of my hair a natural brown, just for some interest. The Schwarzkopf lightening spray product I used requires some dedicated aftercare so that the hair doesn't dry out so I conditioned it a lot more often than I usually do, and while it's still damp I run about a 10-cent piece sized amount of the oil through the lower lengths and tips of my hair. This leaves it smelling nice and feeling luxuriously soft and nourished. I think the scent is quite woody, chocolatey and fruity- a little bit like orange or citrus. Applying oil products to damp hair is essential because it penetrates the shaft better. That's what my stylist told me last year. I think it's proven quite true.

My verdict on converting to sls-free haircare after a year: I don't think converting to sodium laurel sulphate (SLS)-free haircare has made a huge difference to my hair, but it has been much healthier for my scalp. Overall it's been a good experience and I think it's completely worth it because my scalp and hair feel a lot better than when I was using Pantene and Herbal Essences. On the other end of things, realise the importance of hydrating and conditioning your ends before it's too late! I've never had split ends before, but dry and dead tips can be prevented. Limiting shampooing to the scalp and treating the ends with hydrating products will go a long way.

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