Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Season

I miss doing personal posts, especially when I read my friends' personal blogs and I don't see the point in creating a separate blog for my eating out and shopping and random things I take pictures of so I'll post them here and beauty girls can take it or leave it.

Felix for Goodness with Jess (if you're reading, HI JESS!): breakfast parfait pots with seasonal fruit, popped buckwheat granola, nuts and chia yogurt. I got iced hibiscus green tea and she got a green juice.
Jess gave me a couple of teas- the mango black tea was really nice but this berry rooibos one is SO ADORABLE! The little leaf is on a wire at the top of the teabag and it protrudes.

My chia craze continues: chia pudding with extra almond milk, blueberries and maple pecan granola. I've started blending it into my smoothies if I eat a few spoonfuls and don't feel like I love the texture that day. Definitely an acquired taste.

Wash on, wash off.

Getting the festive on.

I have a shopping bag of empty boxes because just in case.

My little sister left for a graduation holiday!

Surprisingly nice strawberry tarts from BreadTop in Sunnybank!

Wrapping my boyfriend an NBA jersey for our 1 year anniversary!

TOMS and Pandora for our 1 year anniversary!

30% off Cotton On and 3 for $30 Cotton On sleep boxer shorts!

If you girls like these posts, I might continue to do them! It's fun amassing the pictures that I take on a daily basis anyway. Provided I'm doing something of interest, that is. Until next time! xx


  1. You and your boyfie seem cuuuuuute ;) Haha, how is Daphne going by the way? She seems like she's having a blast!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Naw thanks Tasha! Daphne's having a great time- she's spending a week in Thailand before going back to Singapore and coming home for Christmas! Doing lots of shopping and I think she did you proud by getting a box set of all the face masks from The Face Shop to make a 15% off deal!

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your boyfriend! I had a shopping bag like yours but I recently threw out about 70% of the packaging. I figured there was seriously no point and it was just taking up space. Looks like you're eating kinda healthily ... I've sort of dropped the ball with that but whatever :p And I'd definitely be interested in seeing these more 'personal' photos more regularly :)

  4. I enjoy your personal posts! :P Those flatlays... ;) My boyfriend is an NBA fan too, haha, and I don't think I can name more than 5 players... I like to keep packaging too incase I want to take pictures and blog about it, although I go into a cleaning frenzy every now and then and chuck everything out without a second thought.

  5. Thanks Mich! It's quite different being immersed in a community that loves NBA- it's opened my eyes to the world of being on the sideline at games with other guys' girls (dare I say WAGs? Oh, the things you pick up in Skins) and fantasy basketball league. Yeah, woah. I'm recycling it all today- I go through culling phases with everything I own and I love the feeling of it!