Sunday, January 11, 2015

Summer Holidays

Hello lovely reader! If you were directed here from the usual cherrypickingblog URL, you'll find that I've bought my own domain name and changed my blog name to hihocherie, to match my Instagram. I just feel like it's a lot more 'me' and I can identify with it better than cherry picking. I didn't want to make my readers jump through hoops of figuring out that I changed my blog web address so acquiring a domain to redirect seemed to be the best choice. It wasn't pricey at all so if you're teetering on the fence about it, I'd say go for it!

Kangaroo Point Cliffs with the Brisbane city river view.

Cliffs Cafe serves up a pretty good brunch. Big Breakfasts and creamy iced drinks.

"bring me a donut," I asked. He brought a mixed pack. #keeper #fatty The Christmas tree had a KitKat stuck down the center as the tree trunk and the Snowman was filled with strawberry sauce. 

Possibly my all-time favourite candle scent. I love this so much- I'm burning Manhattan: Little Black Dress from Glasshouse Fragances at the moment and I don't like it anywhere near as much as the red berries candle from IKEA. 

Chia seeds, almond milk, maple syrup and sliced nectarine.

A croquembouche that we made- it wasn't too difficult but I might need to invest in a metal cone mould if we continue to make them.

Lemon drizzle cake using Vivianna's Mary Berry recipe. It was delicious and super easy to make. That crunchy sugar layer on top is perfection.

My brother's girlfriend gifted us with a whole bunch of Disneyland snacks and these cute bread-shaped crackers are coated in sugar and taste exactly like buttered toast with cinnamon sugar. 

Visited Brisbane's first Koko Black at Indooroopilly and tried their Belgian hot chocolate and a couple of their chocolates. They didn't have the whole range available but I liked the Hazelnut Crisp but thought the Raspberry Ganache and the Gianduia Truffle were just alright. I was disappointed the hot chocolate wasn't made with real melted chocolate but it wasn't bad.

I fused my usual chocolate chip cookie recipe with the Ben's Cookies-style double chocolate cookie recipe and the result wasn't too shabby. I'll just stick to my usual recipe but trying these softer, denser, moist chocolatey ones was pretty good too.

Returned for sunset tapas deal at Ole's Sangria Bar on South Bank: four amazing dishes and a jug of sangria for $55. Spicy chicken wings and octopus and potatoes with lemon are the dishes in the photo. Their prawns and chorizo on rice is super tasty too!

Went to IKEA and was struck by inspiration to redecorate my room.

Bought a KALLAX 8-square shelving unit to run along one side of my room and filled it with books and trinkets. 

Repurposed the 2-tier high tea cake stand for my hair accessories and jewellery, used candle jars for cotton buds and cotton pads and bought a cheap hexagonal glass jar for my nail polishes.

If 'where would IKEA store all the random crap that they never show you?' occurs to you like it occurs to me when you're walking through their showrooms, I would recommend utilising the top of your wardrobe and magazine folders to store memorabilia and files. Half my wardrobe is now filled with hanging clothes, while the other half is used to hang bags. 


  1. When I saw your post pop up on my feed, I didn't realise the blog name and didn't know when I followed it haha! Great move to your own domain name though! All the food looks delish! I'm so impressed! Mmm love Ikea for inspiration!

    xx Kat @ Katness

  2. Love your new blog name, and yep, I'm now accessing your website using! ;) Your baking creations never cease to amaze, that croquembouche looks pretty damn professional. Love your idea of using a hexagonal glass jar to store your nail polishes; practical and pretty. :P