Monday, February 2, 2015

January Favourites

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+
I finished this! I used it up in January after getting two pretty angry hormonal cystic breakouts. Just 2 spots, but they were the worst ones I've had in months. Rosehip Oil always helps when skin's in a rough spot so I applied my last drops of rosehip oil and had the satisfaction of tipping the entire bottle upside down into my palm to get the dregs. Now that the breakouts have gone I need to counter the scarring.

MaxFactor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara
I love this mascara wand- it's great at separation and definition. It's not as waterproof as I'd like- it smudges a bit onto the skin on the lower lashline so I have to take care to check up on it regularly. I bought it Priceline's latest 40% off cosmetics sale and I was so proud of myself to just buy the one thing because I did actually need mascara.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash
I love the scent of this shower gel and I put off getting it for so long but now I have it thanks to Jess and her sneaky staff discount and it's lovely! I use it with a body puff to help lather it and make the most of it and it makes my shower experience that much more enjoyable. The pump dispenser has a locking mechanism, which is very handy and something I appreciate when I'm staying at a friend's house or traveling.

Models Prefer Easy Styler Detangle Brush
I'd been using the same round brush for the past couple of years and it needed replacing so when I spotted the MP brushes in Priceline on sale I had a look. They seemed sturdy enough so I decided to try one that sounded like it would fit my needs. My hair seems to be thinner than it used to be, possibly because it's just long and knotted so detangling would be optimal at the moment so I went for this one and it's changed the hair-brushing game entirely. My hair and scalp feel so much better after using this brush; well-deserved place in my favourites.

T2 Creme Brulee black tea
I love my green tea but this month I branched out and had this creamy black tea more often. I like to drink my black tea without milk and this is no exception- it's creamy without being fatty and has a delicate flavour that is a nice, healthier alternative to sugary juices and corrosive soft drinks.

Sportsgirl Brown Satchel
I wanted a brown shoulder bag for ages and this satchel from Sportsgirl is just the thing. I bought it on sale about a year ago after looking everywhere online for one that suited my needs and this one was a chance find when I was wandering through a shopping centre. I love the size- it's roomy enough to fit a small umbrella and a book and the buckle is interesting because it scoops underneath the bottom of the bag. This past month I used this bag exclusively without realising, just because it's the perfect size and style.

Asian Cup
I went to watch a soccer match for the first time in January (China v Saudi Arabia because they were free tickets from a friend) and half-heartedly followed the Asian Cup tournament in the lead-up to the Australia v South Korea final, which we watched intently. It was such an intense game and extended into half an hour's overtime; truly a new experience because I'm astounded they can keep running for that long. Australia won: patriotically proud, but South Korea did amazingly too.

The Imitation Game
January was the month of cinema for me- I saw 5 movies in 4 weeks, which is very unusual because I don't often go to the movies during the rest of the year. Out of the few that I watched, The Imitation Game was my favourite. We saw the trailer in December and booked tickets for its opening screening and it was such a fantastic movie. Well-written, beautifully portrayed and everything about it set the right tone for its story. I also loved Big Hero 6 and the final installment of The Hobbit.

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