Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Golden Hour

Firstly, please do go watch the movie Kingsman. It's a great movie. As is Paper Planes, for you Aussies. (Dylan! DYLAN!) The next one on my list is Chappie. Secondly, I'm sorry for not posting much. I've got a favourites post on the way, and possibly an everyday makeup routine post as well, because I've found some awesome combinations. Thirdly, I've learnt that faux leather shorts are extremely cumbersome in the ventilation department. Steer clear. Fresh start at University- and don't we all love a chance to start over; a new time to shine?

My first purchase from H&M on home soil: a jumper that says my name and my year of birth AND has a pretty perfume bottle in silver sequins. 

Love Koko Black. I've been back for the Belgian Spoil (a sort of tasting plate that had a serve of chocolate ice-cream, chocolate mousse, their Chocolate Alchemy Cake, their version of the Arnotts Royal and 2 chocolates), which I didn't take any photos of because they took forever to take our order and I was fed up with waiting so I just tucked in when it arrived, and this salted caramel iced chocolate, which was the bomb diggity. Both the Belgian Spoil and this iced chocolate had a scoop of awesome chocolate ice-cream, and the chocolate mousse on the menu is pretty amazing too.

Love/hate being back at Uni. Mostly hate. 3-month-long summer holidays were pretty sweet. But I have a gorgeous campus to roam, which is a silver lining, I suppose.

Learnt to repot cacti into glass jars (this one's from Doritos salsa) for my sister because succulents are 'in'. (Love Lemony Snicket's way of putting the concept of 'in' and 'out'.)

I pressed some roses and they turned out lovely, except I left them sitting in the open for a while and they lost all their colour so I had to throw them out.

Attended the annual Women of Purpose conference at City North Baptist Church and just like last year, they provided the sweetest packed lunches! The speaker this year, Robyn Bain, was so insightful about the gospel and it was a great day overall.

Remember me saying I wanted to make coffee scrolls and cinnamon buns? WELL, dodgy coffee scrolls on the left, and much more successful cinnamon buns on the right. Extremely helpful page about baking the perfect cinnamon bun here and the source of my recipe here

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