Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Keys to the Kingdom

On Monday I turned 21, and although I was supposed to go skydiving, I chickened out and instead, for the first crazy time in my life, I had 5 days of festivities. Whew!

On Wednesday, I met my high school best friend for breakfast and we went to The Hyde Out in Yeronga, near the Brisbane Corso. I got two cinnamon doughnuts which turned out to be gigantic and crisp yet fluffy with vanilla ice-cream with a coffee and she got the croquettes with ham, egg and bread.

On Friday, I went to Westfield Garden City and picked up my birthday reward Witchery online order via Click and Collect. I got a lace gusset top and some cosy socks with the $20 reward they issued. I also bought myself the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as my present from aforementioned high school best friend and dropped by the Noosa Chocolate Factory shop to get a milk chocolate iced chocolate.

On Saturday my boyfriend picked me up for a surprise day out and we had trusty banh mi thit from Scotts Rd and coffee from Dandelion and Driftwood on a trip to Redcliffe. The weather was absolutely perfect. He'd prepared an elaborate gift involving letters of the alphabet and cute little presents like an oven glove because I accidentally burn myself baking and Lindt Strawberries and Cream Lindor balls because I went nuts for them when they were first released. We spent the day exploring beaches and parts of Redcliffe that I used to go to often as a kid. (Those climbing trees opposite Morgans Seafood!) We went to SONO Portside for dinner and had the 6-course tasting menu and it was glorious.

Finishing the story on my Pandora bracelet with the latest addition of the plane charm

Sashimi: tuna, salmon and snapper

Entree: Scampi spring roll and blue swimmer crab cream croquettes

Main: MB7 Wagyu in garlic soy jus with miso soup

On Sunday I went to church and the boys' basketball during the day and tried Hatch & Co at Garden City for dinner with friends. We shared 2 jugs of sangria (Strawbellini and No. 1 Cup) and I had the prawn, chilli and lemon handmade pasta and the flavours were amazing. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, but it was the punchiest, tastiest pasta that I've tried that didn't have sugo (sauce). The pasta was labelled angel's hair but it was definitely a spaghetti because it didn't have the thinness of traditional 'cappellini' pasta. My lovely friends showered me with gifts and it was such a good time that I didn't take any photos. Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves and it was a great restaurant setting with a stunning wall of planters and a gorgeous colour palette of green, beech wood and copper. There's a chance the experience was so good because there weren't many other tables occupying the staff's attention. I read some negative reviews about the portions and the service but those weren't issues on our visit.

On the day of birthday I had a compulsory lecture so I went to University. My brother works as a FIFO miner and couldn't be in town on my birthday so he asked his girlfriend to help put his gift together and when she asked me to meet her she surprised me with a fitbit, wristbands and a card that she had made. I collected my free birthday Boost and listened to 2 hours of how to use nVivo software and how to collect interview data for research before going to Westfield Indooroopilly for birthday ramen from Hakataya. I eat at Hakataya at least once a fortnight so it wasn't a big deal but spending the day alone wasn't half bad either. My family traditionally celebrates with a birthday dinner out and I chose Tartufo, an Italian restaurant in the Hotel Emporium precinct. We had the pescetarian degustation and it was pretty amazing. My parents gifted me a watch and a pendant and my sister had a troll gift that ended with giving me a Pandora charm in the shape of  key.


I was thoroughly spoilt by loving friends and family and received a veritable cornucopia of gifts. It's safe to say I had a lot to give thanks for.

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