Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Something Blue

Learning about buntings from my kikki.K Paper Lover's Book. It also includes how to make paper rosettes and gift wrap for giving friends that little bit more love.

I have so much assessment in May and June I just want to curl up and hibernate like a bear until the springtime comes. Also, I'm learning to check my teeth after eating chia seeds. They get stuck in teeth very unceremoniously.

Birthday cake (because they lost my cake order on the day of my real birthday) for a typical Chinese dinner with family and 'sig others'. This is the 'Lenette' from Le Bon Choix, which is made of a brownie and a layer of pear and honey jelly encased in white chocolate mousse. It's delicious.

The day we visited Paddington's Le Bon Choix branch was one of beautiful crisp breezes and sunny skies. Mental note to return to Paddington for brunch one day. That area is just gorgeous.

Can we appreciate how adorable these planters are? I mentioned them in my April Favourites but I didn't really introduce where you can find them. The little chick is from Daiso so it was $2.80 and they have a few other designs like a frog, a bear, a panda, etc. The blue and white ceramic planter is from kikki.K and was about $13 but I used my birthday reward money to redeem $10 off. Both pots have a single drainage hole on the bottom, and the saucer helps to catch any drips. The Daiso pot's saucer is attached to the pot, which is messy and requires some cleaning up since the soil can get stuck, but the kikki.K pot's saucer isn't attached, which makes it all a bit easier.

Sometimes, my work as a student of town planning takes over my life and I get delusions that I really am applying to develop a huge building. A weekly casual coffee group date at BELtop cafe motivates me to attend class on Tuesdays and gives me an hour of quality chill time with friends.

I have no patience for origami. I attempted folding something from my friend's Star Wars origami book and gave up at step 6 out of 30+. In true complementary fashion, my boyfriend seems to love folding things because origami flowers don't wilt and die like fresh ones.

A photo of me wearing Jedi robes and wielding a light saber on a sofa like it ain't no thang. This light saber makes noises when you swing it! This picture was taken a few months ago and I thought it would be perfect for 'Star Wars Day' on May the Fourth.

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